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I made this creature just for fun, seeing how many templates I could fit into one creature. I could have added more, but some would have been just wierd (the corrupted template from the BoVD could have made it go from undead to aberration) or I didn't like them (symbiotic template...just seems like two monsters glued together sloppily). Anyway, I started with a bugbear, added the lycanthropic template to make it a legendary weretiger (based off of the legendary tiger from the epic level handbook and the SRD). Then I took another legendary tiger and added the winged template from Savage Species. I combined the two monsters with the tauric template from Savage Species. Then I added these templates, in order: half-vampire, amphibious, feral, insectile, spellwarped, half-fiend, half-dragon (black), woodling, anarchic, half-elemental (earth), phrenic, lost (hate), corpse, phantom, swarm-shifter (twice, for two swarm forms), evolved undead. I have the stats worked out, I will add them into the page over time. --Daniel Draco 10:12, 26 March 2008 (MDT)

Starting my second draft even before my first one is fully transferred! This one is the same basic idea, but ends up with more templates and a slightly higher CR (determined using the CR adjustments of the templates). This time, I used the same legendary weretiger bugbear in the tauric template, but combined it with a legendary tiger with the monstrous beast template. Then, the following templates, in order: multiheaded (3 additional heads), amphibious, phrenic, anarchic, fiendish, winged, woodling, feral, half-vampire, insectile, spellwarped, half-elemental (air), half-dragon (white), lost (hate), corrupted, gravetouched ghoul, swarm-shifter twice, and evolved undead. Grand total CR 45, templated 22 times. --Daniel Draco 09:49, 16 April 2008 (MDT)
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