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Hello all you D&D players out there, the Warder (3.5e base class) is my first contribution to this site I hope you enjoy it. This class was slightly inspired by Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" novels. I have only recently started play testing this class in a new campaign of mine, but haven't gotten very far with it yet. It's a very low magic campaign where keeping your caster alive could be the key to success, and he is kind of designed for such. I am afraid the warder class will be over powered in the defense and AC areas of the game, but that's pretty much what he's designed to do. As the campaign evolves I imagine I will make changes as necessary. I tried to couple the high ac bonuses with the fact that he is immobile when he uses the warder's defense and threats can still take the flank of the one he is protecting. The strict oaths, and alignment restrictions are also in place to couple with this. Otherwise the spell-casting capability is, in my opinion, about the same as the paladin. I like all constructive criticism, good or bad, let me know what you think, especially about the warder class becoming a casters familiar. It has worked extremely well in my campaign and has not been overpowered thus far. Let me know how he does amongst your players or if you tried him out yourself.

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