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This is a personal to-do list for xido, which will include items he must finish on this website, as well as WFR items and concepts and documents for Guild Local Chapters.

WFR / Elftown / RPGA / xidoraven studios To-do's[edit]

  • Guild Member Documents and Application methods
  • xidoraven studios description and business plan proposal
  • Dungeon/Dragon mag submissions - Aleph, Grammaticum, Inath, Fantasy Languages, Draconic Script
  • Representation for content - Randy Richards
  • Network w/ LSU groups
  • Meetup needs
  • Cost needs & info
  • Membership benefits & related discounts
  • Email
  • Guild positions, duties, and Local Chapter volunteer needs

Inath info and stats[edit]

  • Template additions for Inath NPC Descriptions and Character Pages:
    • Energy Path
    • Affinities
    • Inath Caste (and Level)
    • Inath Title(s)
    • Ego bonus
    • Spirit bonus
    • Divine Rank
    • Inath Points
    • Mana Points
    • Divine Traits
    • Skills:
      • Crafts
      • Knowledges
      • Telekinesis
    • Talents / SDA
    • Combat Tactics and Methodology
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