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Way Of The 6 Hidden Ki Barriers[edit]

Truly a forbidden art, this is. Very few have the courage and madness in themselves to even attempt the training of this Martial Art, let alone mastering it. But these few who are curious on how far they can push their very limits, to break their human barriers, will need indomitable grit and willpower.
—Grandmaster Monk, of the 6 Hidden Ki Barriers.

When you choose this monastic tradition tradition you learn the "Way of the 6 Hidden Ki Barriers" technique.

The 6 Hidden Ki Barriers[edit]

1st Ki Barrier
"Barrier of Ki and Soul"

The air around you feels slightly more thick and dense.

  • Your Flurry of Blows no longer require the use of Ki
  • Your AC is increased by 2

2nd Ki Barrier
"Barrier of the Body and Mind"

The veins on your body start to become more apparent, and your muscles grow larger.

  • Your unarmed damage dice is increased by one die step. d4=d6, d6=d8, d8=d10, d10=d12
  • You have Advantage on all Strength,Dexterity,and Constitution Saving Throws
  • On a critical hit,you can attempt a stunning strike without spending a Ki point.

3rd Ki Barrier
"Barrier of Pain and Joy"

Your skin becomes red, and your eyes become white. Your hair, if you have any, starts to flow in all directions.

  • Your Dexterity and Strength scores and max scores are increased temporally by 2.
  • Your Current Movement speed is doubled and you are unaffected by difficult terrain.
  • You are healed for an amount equal to your Wisdom modifier + your monk level each turn.
  • Your deflect Missile ability can now catch ranged spell attacks. It does not affect spells with saving throws.
  • You temporarily are unaffected by levels of exhaustion
4th Ki Barrier
"Barrier of Self Restriction"

Your skin becomes much brighter red, and you begin to steam. The air around you becomes much denser, and now very hot. Your hair, if you have any, flows upwards at a straight angle.

  • Your Dexterity and Strength scores and max scores are increased temporally by an additional 2. Total of +4
  • You have Advantage on all Saving Throws
  • Each of your Unarmed attacks deals an additional 2d6 in force damage.
  • You have Resistance to all non-magical slashing, piercing, and bludgeoning damage types.

5th Ki Barrier
"Barrier of Humanity"

Your Ki becomes completely visible, and your sweat begins to evaporate around you from the heat of your skin. Creating a Red aura around the user. Your hair grows much longer and Starts to turn an ash white.

  • Your Dexterity and Strength scores and max scores are increased temporally by another additional 2. Total of +6
  • Every unarmed strike attack is rolled with advantage.
  • You add your wisdom modifier to the force damage of your unarmed strikes
  • Your Unarmed strikes damage, along with the additional force damage, bypasses resistance and creatures that are considered immune are resistant to it instead.
  • You have Resistance to all slashing, piercing, and bludgeoning damage types.
  • You gain True Sight out to 30 feet.
6th Ki Barrier
"Barrier of God"

A loud Thunderous boom explodes out in a 500ft radius around you. Your hair and body glow a bright white, replacing the red aura. Your veins and eyes are now a glowing bright red. Lightweight objects all around start to levitate from the sheer power you've unleashed.

  • The Thunderous boom is so potent, every creature within a 150ft radius, must succeed on a Constitution DC 18 saving throw. Or be Stunned until the end of your next turn. If they are within 15ft of the Thunderous boom, the Constitution saving throw is made with disadvantage.
  • You gain a flying speed equal to your current movement speed.
  • Your Dexterity and Strength temporarily become 30 if they are not 30 already.
  • When an enemy's HP is reduced to 0 from your unarmed strikes, they are killed outright.
  • Your unarmed strikes now deal 3d6 force damage + Wisdom modifier.
  • You have Resistance to all damage.
  • You have 2 Legendary actions. You may use 1 of these to make 1 Unarmed strike or use either Patient Defense or Step of the Wind without the use of Ki. Only one legendary action can be used at a time, and only at the end of another creature’s turn. You regain your spent legendary actions at the start of your turn.

Monastic Tradition Features[edit]

The Beginning

At the 3rd level when choosing this Monastic tradition, you learn the forbidden art of the 6 hidden Ki barriers. As an action, you may unlock a single Ki Barrier, that lasts for 1 minute,or until closed as a free action. Each Ki barrier will penalize you with a single level of Exhaustion. When you open the next Ki barrier, the timer is reset back to 1 minute. When Opening the Ki barriers, you must do so in ascending order. Also using your main action to activate your Ki barrier counts as an attack action.

  • Starting out you can only open the first 3 Ki barriers. This increases by 1 Ki barrier at the 7th, 10th, and 15th levels.
  • Your ki barriers will close if you are knocked unconscious.
  • Regardless of the additional benefits, exhaustion penalties still apply. Opening the 5th Ki barrier results in 5 exhaustion levels, when the timer runs out. Opening the 6th and final Ki barrier results in outright death when the timer runs out until level 17.
Enhanced Meditation

At the 6th Level, you gain the ability to heal your exhaustion by meditating, as long as you have no more than 4 levels of said exhaustion. To do so, you need to meditate for 1 uninterrupted minute,and spend 2 Ki points per exhaustion level you wish to remove.

  • If you have 5 levels of exhaustion, you must first remove that 5th level of exhaustion normally, as stated in the PHB, before you can use the Enhanced meditation.
  • Additionally, Opening the 1st ki barrier does not penalize you with a level of Exhaustion.

Pushing The Limits

At the 11th Level, you are able to push your body's limits past its safe boundaries, even further than before.Now your Ki barriers can last up to 10 minutes.Additionally you can now activate a Ki barrier as a Bonus action, effectively allowing you to open 2 Ki barriers in the same turn using your bonus and main action. Along with this, you are considered a master of the 1st Ki barrier, allowing you to activate it without using any actions.

  • Additionally, Opening the 2nd ki barrier does not penalize you with a level of Exhaustion.

Master of the 6 Hidden Ki Barriers Technique

Finally, at the 17th level, you have mastered the 6 hidden Ki barrier techniques. When Opening the 6th and Final Ki barrier, you are not killed outright. After the minute is up you take your full hp in damage,and your ki is drained by 10 points. If your Ki goes under 0 in the process you are killed on the spot.If you survive,and become stable you only have faint memories of the experience.If you are brought back to life you do not remember anything about opening the 6th barrier.Afterwards, and even if you were brought back to life, you are left with 5 levels of exhaustion that cannot be healed using your Enhanced meditation feature. They must be healed as normal.

  • Along with this you are considered a master of the 2nd Ki barrier, allowing you to activate it without using any actions,.

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