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I am a awesome editor,whose about to dump his fantasy universe in D&D,there will be awesome,there will be godliness,and there will be VIZITON. hope you'll enjoy my page :]

About Me[edit]

Real Name:Gavyn


Editions Played: 4th (I started playing about a two months ago)

Character's Name: Marrock

Character's Race: Lythari Elf

Character's Class: Blood Warrior

Races Created[edit]


Races in Progress[edit]

Toa, Lythari

Creature Created[edit]

none yet

Creatures in Progress[edit]

Vizison Blademaster

Classes Created[edit]

none yet but one is almost done

Classes in Progress[edit]

Blood Warrior,

Paragon Paths Created[edit]

not even touch that yet

Paragon Paths in Progress[edit]

none yet

Epic Destinies Created[edit]

none yet

Epic Destinies in Progress[edit]

The Vizison King,

Powers Created[edit]

Battle Ready (4e Power),Battle Wrath (4e Power),Defensive Stand (4e Power),Duelist's Assault (4e Power),Mobile Blade (4e Power),Nimble Position (4e Power),Steady Position (4e Power),Power Strike(4e Power),Blood Mark (4e Power).

Powers in Progress[edit]

working on all the powers for the Blood Warrior


if you want to ask or tell me something, go to my talk page

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