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Keeping a log of all the changes I would make to pages on the help portal, in the event that a consensus is not formed saying I shouldn't.

First two pages were locked to prevent editing from non-admins, second one was unlocked but by the time I got to it, my previous changes were undone and Quincy had ruled that no changes were to be made until consensus formed.

Help:Logging In -> User:Varkarrus/Help:Logging In

In the Common Issues section: Him/Herself -> Themselves

Help:Behavioral Policy -> User:Varkarrus/Help:Behavioral Policy

"his or her page" -> their page (come on that just straight up is less of a mouthful / is less clunky)

Help:Requests for Adminship -> User:Varkarrus/Help:Requests For Adminship

Two small fixes throughout.

All changes past this point were made by me then undone, and are also available in the page's history.

Help:Glossary of Jargon -> User:Varkarrus/Help:Glossary Of Jargon

Numerous he/him/his pronouns -> singular they pronouns. Changed nothing involving named characters. I was half tempted to change Captain Hobo into a woman because captain isn't a gendered title, but I didn't want to push my luck.

Help:Deletion Policy -> User:Varkarrus/Help:Deletion Policy

numerous "his or her" -> their

Help:Spirit and Intent -> User:Varkarrus/Help:Spirit And Intent


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