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Lowell High School Forgotten Realms Campaign: 2009-2010[edit]

Hello fellow Denizens of The Forgotten Realms! This is your Vice President and Dungeon Master, Tug. I hope that life is treating you well. I have created this page to help my players in understanding what will be expected of them during this campaign, and to fill them in on anything they don’t understand... or that they might have missed. *Glare* At any rate, if you have any questions pertaining to weather I'll allow anything (such as a new Template, or a new chari), or if your planning on purchasing a rather exotic item (EG: anything that’s not in the PH or anything Custom or from any Homebrew) then it would be best to PM me or talk to me in person beforehand, so as to save the little time we have together each week for playing. Also, Please reserve any discussion of this campaign to the Discussion of this page, NOT my talk page.


I will eventually put a synopsis here, but i am currently too lazy.

List of player classes already claimed[edit]

(I only allow one of each class most of the time)

Party XP[edit]

28,800 XP (making most of you level 8)

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