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Greetings, and welcome to my userpage. My name is Siubijeni (SYOO-bee-ZHEH-nee)—call me Siub for short.

I'm a bit of a lore enthusiast, and I love world-building as a creative exercise. I'm an aspiring author (about halfway through my first novel) and, with some friends and my older brother, video game designer. I'm currently functioning as both a coder and our primary artist, though I am by no means a real artist; I'm simply the closest we have to one.

We're working on stories and games related to a sort of connected multiverse we call The Manifold. Since I DM for a group including several of my co-conspirators and some other friends, we have decided to base our adventures (from time to time) within one of the worlds populating this multiverse. This means I make a lot of homebrew. I thought it might be a good idea to begin putting some of the more developed stuff onto this wiki, both as a convenient and universally accessible reference for my players and for anyone inclined to use them in their own campaign settings. These settings are sometimes a little... odd to adapt to a d20 rules set, but I shall attempt to thoroughly cover everything that might need adaptation or at least awareness.

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