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Hi, I am the creator of the DnD twilight (3.5e Variant Rule) character point system project.

You can find it here

Stuff I made here: Seelie/Unseelie

A close friend is running a campaign setting with variant rules that he and I have developed! Check out

I have played many RPGs including the VTM/Werewolf/World of Darkness series, Shadowrun, GURPS, AD&D, Alternity, M.I.B. RPG, d20 Modern, d20 Future, and more.

Of all of them, d20 D&D has been the most fulfilling. But it's not complete yet!

What is missing?

Some way to combine classes, races, feats, and spells from many d20 sources into a single campaign!

This is why I am working on D20 Twilight. It's a non-profit project for combining d20 games. As an extra, there is an optional campaign setting and variant rules but you don't have to use that too if you don't like it.

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