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Basic Info[edit]

Member Since: June 2007

Hello I am a player of D&D since about the year 1999 and a DM since about the year 2001, I am DM a few games one is Paizo's Shackled City with some friends and the other is a hombrew called Islanaris: A World of Water on and during this time have been creating classes, races, and other such player and NPC useful material and would love if anyone had ideas that they would like to see me try and create (I love to create and try new things)

Contact Information[edit]

Primary E-Mail:

Secondary E-Mail:

Contact me any time, I am open for ideas and discussions.

D&D Contributions[edit]



Melee Weapons[edit]

Weapon Enhancements[edit]



Dark Feats[edit]


Variant Rules[edit]


Ivalice: Final Fantasy[edit]


d20 Modern Contributions[edit]

Variant Rules[edit]

Heroes Campaign Setting[edit]


Power Skills[edit]

Power Feats[edit]


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