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Okay, avoiding a big fancy annoying template or user page i will just go out on a limb and say i will be keeping this as a progress page.

I'm always willing to chat it up with some one so you can say hi on one of my contact options below! <3

Who is [SDK]Exile?[edit]

I've been doing DND related projects with my friends for about 8 years, /maybe/.

My current project is an entire module for D20. Based on a Yahoo! Chat room i made a long time back. Me and my friends all moved to IRC after a little while and the DND began. With new friends and a new module we are going to begin again. I have tested my desire to tediously wikify my project but i think just editing the whole lot of paper into a word.doc/x would be so much easier, as i have a hard time converting potential awesomeness into a wiki page. In the mean time i will be using this page to try and basically use my user page as a beta section until i atleast get the hang of it all.

I'm a perfectionist, i cant stand people seeing my work in a flawed stage or in a stage i consider less then acceptable by publishing standards. you can easily reach me at any one of the following things.

  • [SDK]IRC:[SDK]Zone
  • Myspace:
  • AIM: sdkexile
  • Yahoo!: sdk_exile
  • MSN/Email:

I'm also a graphic artist with two years of experience at a skate shop and half a year at a tattoo shop.
I used to be a techno "DJ" for many parties and what not. Now days i hold my interests in composing.

The project i am working on has been in progress for about 6 years. More if you count all the years i was thinking it up. Those six years add up to very little when you consider all the time i had absolutely no source books whatsoever. So 3 years of conceptual design and now 3 years of work with a lot of me being busy most of the time some where in there.

Darkwood d20 module projects by [SDK]Exile[edit]

The Darkwood d20 module is a pretty simple idea but has about i'd say 16 custom character classes built for the module alone. The module is highly compatible with your D&D 3.5 core rule books but contains many variants of the rules. Including new character class build options, customized economy, customized feats for firearms and new rules to successfully implement firearms into the module. Since its creation and first 6 runs the Darkwood Classic module has almost always run parallel to the sister module Darkwood Centuries. incorporating time travel and demonstration of the consequence to massive mistakes in the campaign (such as murder of 1st tier NPCs i never intended them to kill. it happens more often then you think) that actively affect the world the players of the sister module are in. (this usually resulted in massive 2nd tier quests to right their wrongs.)

In a chat application it was extremely easy to run these two campaigns next to each other. The focus of my project is on Darkwood Classic. Darkwood Centuries will be built on the style of creation in Darkwood Classic. A third Module titled Darkwood Iron Dawn features two major rolls in the Darkwood Classic and Darkwood Centuries modules but runs independently

The following is a look at what i'm working on right now!
if you use, like or dislike any of these ideas please let me know. i would easily welcome comments of any kind. But most things will not be altered based on criticisms alone. The Darkwood d20 module projects are seriously personal to me, and as much as i don't like the idea of these getting redistributed or altered from my intents and purposes i will submit to the fact that no one's been able to tell me with a straight face what they think of any of it.

Current Projects[edit]

Darkwood's customized economy[edit]

This is otherwise known as Darkwoods Economy Control (ECO CON)
the wikification progress of this item is 30% complete

the aim of the customized economy was to stray from the use of copper, silver, gold and platinum. The actual continent of Darkwood is a large island,(I have no actual size yet as it is nearly impossible to scale at this stage of development but i do have a map) and mining such metals is quite tedious when the entire continent is split into four factions, and one more on the sister islands. So using the spells in the core rule books as reference and a little imagination i decided that druids could easily make a sort of currency system similar to coinage or paper tender with out the major operations of mining to maintain the economy inside the kingdoms.
This changes the overall pricing method of items and weapons in Darkwood and differs from the ones in the core rule books. I also have no actual name for the currency of the continent really and this could use some wiki style formatting but i will get to that later, it takes alot of my time currently.

first we must alter the process of determining how much gold each item costs. this is probably not the easiest way to do it but it ensures a constant price in items from other rule books. keep note that items only costing gold is the final result of this process.

  • 4 copper = 1 silver
  • 2 silver = 1 gold.
  • Add 3 copper to items costing CP(copper pieces)
  • Add 5 silver to items costing SP(silver pieces)
  • Add 10 gold to items costing GP(gold pieces)
  • Treat every 4 copper as 1 silver and add five to the total silver.
  • Round all totals up. the GM may decide to round down for lesser items.

Heres an example

  • 1 Torch: 1cp 1+3cp = 1+5sp = 1gp.

you shouldn't add ten to the final total because it was not originally priced in GP.

  • 1 "Good Meal": 5sp 5sp+5 = 5gp
  • 1 Flask: 3cp 3cp+3 = 1&1/3sp, Rounded up to 2sp = 1gp

When the PCs earn gems or you use an encounter treasure that give the PCs an amount of copper or silver simply add 10gp to the income of the PC if you are using rules in the other modules, and if you so desire you should use the examples above to determine how much they make out of the copper and silver pieces from the loot. I assign loot on a case by case basis on my own however.

Inflation Modifier:
I use inflation to make prices differ once a week on items. Simulating a "supply/demand" economy in some ways by adding a dice roll to the total decided by what sort of item it is.

Roll the dice to add Inflation to the final cost of items.

  • +1d4 to Common Goods (Meat, Drink, Bags)
  • +1d6 to Items and Wares (Barrels, Cloth, Pots & Pans)
  • +1d8 to Common Crafted Items (Chain, Oils, Spyglass)
  • +1d10 to Weapons, Armor and Gear. (Shield, Sword, Tools, Instruments)
  • +2d6 to Master Work items, this replaces the original Inflation Modifier (such as the 1d10 on swords)
  • +5d00 to Magical Gear (Rods, Wands or a +3 sword). (This might seem quite high, but it is standard in Darkwood)
  • +3d12 to Services (Blacksmiths, Masons, Brewers)
  • +5d8 to Magical Scrolls. (Scroll of shield)
  • +5d4 to Magical Potions or Oils. (Alchemist's fire)

The over all effect of these variables makes it possible for the PCs to feel like they need to work harder for money or at least think about how much they will have to spend in one week. In my campaigns this was always a successful variant.

Other module items under construction[edit]

Here are some items i am working on for the Darkwood Module

These classes need a serious overhaul before i can release them.

Carrien Dawn d20 character classes[edit]

  • Enforcer (90% complete)(Digital, nonwiki)
  • Antagonist (60% complete, i think)(Digital, nonwiki)
  • Vanguard (65% complete)(Digital, nowiki)
  • Steel Smyth (50% complete)(Digital, nowiki)
  • Tech Priest (5% complete)(Digital, nowiki) (can i even use that name??)

Iron Sun d20 character classes[edit]

These classes will leave conceptual design stages when i have finished atleast two of the Carrien Dawn's classes. This becomes an effective class name list in that case.

  • Defender
  • Chosen
  • Wraith
  • Carnalmancer
  • Blood Priest

Darkwood Classic d20 module stock classes.[edit]

These are classes i've made that are universal for the entire Darkwood realm. (by technicality)

  • Advocate (100% complete)(Digital, wiki-testing)
  • Mercenary (100% complete) (Digital, nowiki)
    • additional classes in conceptual state

Darkwoood Classic d20 module items and rule variants[edit]

these are things like weapons rules, variant tables and the like.

  • Firearms rules variant (80%complete)(Digital, nowiki)
  • "Lest Coast Orcs" race variant and creature template (90% complete)(On paper)
  • Darkwood's ECO-CON (100%complete)(Digital, wiki-testing)
  • Necro-Sennis creature template (96% complete)(On Paper)
  • "Ma'kou" Race, creature type. (100% complete)(On Paper)
  • "Dark Water Beast" creature. (100% complete)(On Paper)
  • "Testra's Circle Of Force" Spell (100% complete)(On Paper)

Darkwood's "Nine Elder Dragons" NPCs[edit]

This topic is broken up into a few sections

  • The Nine Elder Dragons (this includes their backgrounds and related information)
  • "Dazeroth" Black Dragon NPC (60% complete)(On Paper)
  • "Cyntept" Red Dragon NPC (100% complete)(On Paper)
  • "Ventak" Silver Dragon NPC (80% complete)(On Paper)
  • "Me'Kyre" Lich Dragon NPC (Conceptual stages)
  • Other dragons still in conceptual stages (Nameless)
  • Other items on this list are still under conceptual stages

District, City, Regional and Continental maps[edit]

Continental Atlas of Darkwood: Complete
but not digital.

Maps Completed[edit]

The mapping progress of Darkwood is on hold until i can find a decent program for the job, or when i have more time to do it on my graph paper!

--City Maps: City of Darkwood
The city over view is complete, but not digital. (Still on graph paper)

--District Maps:

  • Industrial District /Sewers level 1-1
  • Residential District / Sewers levels 3-3
  • Azure District
  • Town Square
  • Garden District

Maps Remaining[edit]

I've mostly been working on encounter maps accessible in the first three levels of the campaign so i've got a few of these on hold.
--District Maps:

  • Azure District: Sewers level 1-1
  • Darkwood Academy (Not started)
  • Mage's Quarter(Not Started)
  • Lynx Sky Bridge (Not started)
  • Gnome Shire (Not started)
  • Market District (Not started)
  • Grand Cemetery / Catacombs ?-? (Not Started)
  • Dormitories District
  • Minor Docks (Not started)
  • Naval Base (Not started)
  • Residential Docks (Not started)
  • "Gang Land" (Not started)
  • Drow District (Not started)
  • Ma'kou Strip (Not started)
    • Various housing districts are not listed here*

--Random Areas

  • Rutt's Clocktower (50% complete)(Paper)
  • Carien Dawn Temple

City Maps:
Maps for the cities of Ravenoak, Rose, White Willow, North Willow, East Willow, Worm Wood, Ar'kivaria, Dre'mure, Lest'tan and their respective districts have not been started.
It's really hard enough to find the time to finish with the Darkwood city maps to begin with. It's a one man crew here! ugh. (ha ha!)

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