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I am Rorix the White, a wild mage in a 3e campaign I run who has a knack for making anything under (or over, in, and around for that matter) the sun. He has five different aliases (some known for their evil actions) and is chaotic neutral. I know the 3e (not 3.5) rules extensively (I could answer questions in my sleep, sometimes I do) and have a collection of about 30 books from all editions. I also play AD&D 2nd and know enough about 4e to play (AD&D is the best system in my opinion).

I am also on and Lichess, where I am in the clubs D&D Players, Pathfinder Society, and The Knights of the Blue Axe. D&D Players is a pretty great club, The Pathfinder Society seems like it has been dead for a while, and the Knights are just getting started, so anybody on or Lichess, please join!

And on a Wiki-type note, I also have a Wikipedia account, and a Forgotten Realms Wiki account (I made this one first though), you will find the link to my user pages below.

If anybody is ever in western New York State and needs something I'm here to help!

Forgotten Realms

Wikipedia User Page Profile

D&D Players

Pathfinder Society

Lichess Profile

The Knights of the Blue Axe

Discord Links

D&D Wiki Tavern (-GaimerAim)

Tenkar's Tavern


D&D Play by Chat (-Me)

Thanks for reading!


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