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I am Rorix the White, a wild mage in a 3e campaign I run who has a knack for making anything under (or over, in, and around for that matter) the sun. He has five different aliases (some known for their evil actions) and is chaotic neutral. I know the 3e (not 3.5) rules extensively (I could answer questions in my sleep, sometimes I do) and have a collection of about 30 books from all editions. I also play AD&D 2nd and know enough about 4e to play (AD&D is the best system in my opinion).

I am also on and Lichess, where I am in the clubs D&D Players, Pathfinder Society, and The Knights of the Blue Axe. D&D Players is a pretty great club, The Pathfinder Society seems like it has been dead for a while, and the Knights are just getting started, so anybody on or Lichess, please join!

And on a Wiki-type note, I also have a Wikipedia account, and a Forgotten Realms Wiki account (I made this one first though), you will find the link to my user pages below.

Forgotten Realms

Wikipedia User Page Profile

D&D Players

Pathfinder Society

Lichess Profile

The Knights of the Blue Axe

Discord Links

D&D Wiki Tavern (-GaimerAim)

Tenkar's Tavern


D&D Play by Chat (-Me)

Thanks for reading!


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