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About me[edit]

Well hey there, I am RedHawk007 or Mark whichever one you prefer. I am 19 years old and have about 6 years of dming experience. I tend to be somewhat of a minmaxer and approach balancing with this mentality, if I can use it to brake the game. Its not balanced enough. But it goes the other way around as well, as for most fighter archetypes here, if the battle master, champion, or samurai have a higher damage output or in general are better then it at what it significantly does needs some reworking.

My Characters[edit]

Now to the important part, I have a couple of characters that I truely love to play and you may ask me about them any time.

  • Ga-Dar Vo-Kal, a level 5-3 Barbarian/Sorcerer. He is a variant Golaith. His size is large. But he wouldn't hurt a fly unless he is stabbed in the back, at which point he will not focus on anything but killing the target
  • Kai Landers, a level 5-3 Monk/Fighter. He is a plain old human and is not the brightest of my characters. But what he does know is how to disarm an opponent and use their very own weapon against them.
  • Seebo Turen, a level 3 cleric and an evil bastard. He is a gnome and has a big family, some of which I have also played as a character in either a one shot or as a replacement character. He is by far my most evil character and only cares about making money. He is a criminal by heart but has a soft spot for kids in poverty and tries to help them along the way.
  • Histor Turen, a level 8 ranger. Seebo is his uncle but the two are nothing alike. Maybe they both care about money but Histor also cares that the animals he trains get a home they would feel comfortable in.
  • Viresto Moonvigor, a level 8 hexblade warlock. He is a noble and a pretty cocky one at that. He wields a flametongue greatsword called widowmaker, soul of the daywalker.
  • Skra, a level 3 bard. She is a kenku and has a twin sister called Ting, two birds one egg.
  • Thal'ean Eytherndaerre a level 7 Horizon Walker Ranger. An elven sage in the pursuit of creating a network of information.
  • Melsei, A 3-4 Warlock Mystic, A yuan ti trickster abandoned by her people
  • Volka, A level 4 Human Fighter, With one arm and the mindset of an orc his power is overwhelming

What am I working on now?[edit]

Well so far nothing, as I have yet to post something on the wiki. But i have a view subraces and classes that I might want to add.

What Have I done so far?[edit]

  • The Oath of the Horseman [1]
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