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Very few people know that the mysterious Wumbo exists, and even fewer dare to try to study it. Those sages that do know of the Wumbo widely regard anyone that studies it to be reckless, and the general consensus of the wise that have studied Wumbology have, for all intents and purposes, lost their mind, though there is some debate if this is caused by the study of Wumbo, or a requisite to study it. Needless to say, anyone who claims the title of Wumbomancer is often treated with great caution and suspicion by even the most powerful wizards and mages, due to the sheer danger of their field of study. Very few Wumbomancers exist, and even fewer are in a condition capable of teaching it. The study of Wumbo is a closely guarded secret amongst Wumbomancers, with even the most insane Wumbomancers refusing to talk about their studies, even in their ramblings. These few master Wumbomancers often pick their pupils based on strange properties, and there seems to be no “standard” pupil.

Creating a Wumbomancer[edit]

Each Wumbomancer has his or her own unique properties, and the backstories can vary widely, though it seems to be a general consensus that a person cannot be a true Wumbomancer and still have a perfectly sound mind.

Class Features

As a Wumbomancer you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Wumbomancer level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Wumbomancer level after 1st


Armor: Light, Medium
Weapons: Wumbo
Tools: Wumbo
Saving Throws: Wumbo, Wumbo
Skills: Wumbo


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • One Trinket of Choice
  • Wumbomancer's Staff
  • Dice
  • Oversized Helmet

Table: The Wumbomancer

Level Proficiency
Features Wumbo-dice Cantrips Known Spells Known —Spell Slots per Spell Level—
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st +2 Wumbomancer's Luck, Insanity Traits, The Spoon of Transmutation, Evangelist of Wumbo, Wumbocasting, 1d4 3 2 2
2nd +2 Redirection 1d4 3 3 3
3rd +2 The Scrolls of Summon.... Town... 1d4 3 4 4 2
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 1d4 4 5 4 3
5th +3 ---- 1d6 4 6 4 3 2
6th +3 Are You Feeling Lucky? 1d6 4 7 4 3 3
7th +3 1d6 4 8 4 3 3 1
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 1d6 5 9 4 3 3 2
9th +4 1d6 5 10 4 3 3 3 1
10th +4 1d10 5 11 4 3 3 3 2
11th +4 1d10 5 12 4 3 3 3 2 1
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 1d10 6 12 4 3 3 3 2 1
13th +5 ---- 1d10 6 13 4 3 3 3 2 1 1
14th +5 1d10 6 13 4 3 3 3 2 1 1
15th +5 1d12 6 14 4 3 3 3 2 1 1 1
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 1d12 6 14 4 3 3 3 2 1 1 1
17th +6 1d12 6 15 4 3 3 3 2 1 1 1 1
18th +6 1d12 6 15 4 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 1d12 6 15 4 3 3 3 3 2 1 1 1
20th +6 2d12 6 15 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 1

Wumbomancer Features[edit]

Wumbomancer's Luck[edit]

You are a Wumbomancer, at least you think you are? After each long rest, you will roll your Wumbo-Dice to determine your Stats until you reach your next Long Rest. Your ability scores will be determined as follow: set up your ability scores as if it were a normal character, or as directed by your DM. Once the scores have been rolled or set, assign each ability score a number (example: if you have assigned an ability score of 18 to strength, then the score of 18 is numbered) Roll 1 d6 6 times, once for each ability. Each ability is assigned the number that is rolled until the next long rest. When increasing ability scores, simply make the addition or additions to any of the assigned numbers. For reference, an example is given at the bottom of the page. Your saving throws will be determined as follows: Roll your d6 Wumbo-Die twice, 1 is Strength, 2 is Dexterity, 3 is Constitution, 4 is Intelligence, 5 is Wisdom, 6 is Charisma. If a duplicate is rolled, re-roll that die until a new number is obtained. Your skill proficiencies will be determined as follows: Roll your d20 Wumbo-Die eight times, 1-Acrobatics, 2-Animal Handling, 3-Arcana, 4-Athletics, 5-Deception, 6-History, 7-Insight, 8-Intimidation, 9-Investigation, 10-Medicine, 11-Nature, 12-Perception, 13-Performance, 14-Persuasion, 15-Religion, 16-Slight of Hand, 17-Stealth, 18-Survival. Any 19 or 20 roll allows you to pick one skill of your choice. duplicates will NOT be re-rolled and will count as null and void. At the Beginning of each Combat Encounter, before initiative is rolled, Make a Combat Wumbo D20 roll. (See Combat Wumbo Rolls below)

Insanity Traits[edit]

Remember when I said that it *might* be a requisite to be insane to study Wumbomancing? Well, I lied, it is a definite requisite. At the beginning of your campaign, you must choose one, and only one, of the following feats to be part of the...personality...behind your character. Although I said you may *choose* one, I *STRONGLY* recommend you you roll for it. Because that is just simply more fun and random! Which is the point of this class! In addition, I recommend that you discuss these potential attributes with your DM before hand to eliminate any s/he thinks would not fit the environment of the game they are building. So without further discourse.. Here are your options, or even better, the potential results of your die roll. Good luck!

1. You are obsessively compelled to collect hats, weirdo! In addition to the items listed for your class you start with a bag of holding...with an “H” on it. The “H” stands for hats... not holding. This bag of holding may ONLY contain hats and may NOT be sold. A hat will be defined as any article of clothing that is fashioned to be worn on the face or head. Jewelry is not to be considered a hat. Masks, helmets, bandannas, head wraps, and...hats... are all considered hats. If question exists, discuss it with your DM. Once you come into contact with a hat style that you have not already collected, you must make every reasonable effort to obtain that hat. The more that the hat is worth, the greater your compulsion is to collect it. If your character is neutral or evil, you must take reasonable evil efforts to try to obtain it, such as stealing. It is to be considered unreasonable to kill a player character or NPC to obtain a hat, although this may still be done. If you encounter a hat style that you already have, but is a different color, you are still very interested in obtaining it, but not compelled. Once your bag of holding contains 100 hats, you gain the feat “Hat Trick” Hat Trick- Any hat that is worn by you may be used as a weapon during combat as a bonus action. This hat deals 1d8 + Wumbo (Roll your d6 Wumbo-Die and use the modifier for the corresponding skill above) per level of Wumbomancer after the 1st. BALANCE? You may only use one hat per combat encounter, and to use this ability again, the hat must be picked back up.

2. You love nature! Anytime you are in battle near a tree or in a forest, you are distracted by your concern for the trees, roll a will save at the beginning of combat or your movement is reduced by 10 feet for the encounter. In fact you love nature so much that whenever any rest is taken near or in a tree, you must hold a conversation with it, make sure your companions know you are talking to the trees so they can join in on the conversation! Trees are the best listeners! Once during this rest, during your conversation with the tree, roll your D20 Wumbo-Die. If a natural 20 is rolled, an acorn with a green glow falls onto your head. You should probably go buy a pot and some nice dirt and plant that sucker! The planted acorn must then be tended to for 4 long rests and must be watered at each rest, long or short, or it dies. Using holy water instead of regular water speeds this up by 1 long rest, but may only be done once. Upon the 4th (or 3rd) long rest, the planted acorn grows into an Awakened Shrub. Each time you level up add one more die to its HP and it gains an additional attack dice. These factors are reset when it evolves. Upon leveling up the 4th time after the awakened shrub awakes, it grows into an Awakened Tree, Upon the 9th time leveling up after the awakened shrub awakes, it grows into a Treant. This creature, in any state of growth, will always be loyal to and commandable by you.

3. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?! You are a pretty jittery fellow, aren't ya? Whenever you hear a noise you don't recognize or do not know where it is coming from, immediately ready your weapon or spell and roll for initiative (even if there is no fight). If there is no fight, you're just really...really...odd... looking to everyone else (especially if this happens in a bar!) If there is an actual fight, if your initiative roll is odd, you are so nervous and jittery, you drop your weapon (or forget which spell you are casting [this does not count against your spell slots]) roll 1d4, this is the number of actions it takes for you to find your weapon, or remember your spell. You may use your movement as one action, and your attack as another. If even, you collect yourself and proceed with combat normally. After the 20th instance of dropping your weapon at initiative, your senses become razor-sharp, and you are granted a permanent +2 to initiative rolls.

4. You are sexually attracted to fire. BRING ON THE HEAT BABY! Anyone carrying a light source automatically has +1 persuasion toward you. In addition, anytime you are camped near or around a fire you take 1d4 fire damage and are set on fire. At least you got some pleasure out of it! (I *STRONGLY* recommend you carry multiple water skins, or even buckets) After you have been set on fire 69 times, you permanently gain the feat “Fire Crotch” this feat cuts any fire damage done against you in half and makes you immune to being set on fire, been there, done that.

5. Ears ringing?

6. Shoop Da Wumbo. While most Wumbomancers tend to construct their staves out of strange and questionable materials, you have somehow managed to outdo them all. Instead of using a powerful gem as a focus, you instead choose to use the eye of a living dragon as your focus. The energy channeled through it keeps the eye alive, it even blinks. Most of the time it looks pretty pissed though. As a side effect of using a living focus for your staff, your staff has the ability to store life energy. AFTER each rest you may choose to sacrifice some of your life energy to store into the wand, take 1d6 Wumbo damage and add half of that, rounded up, to the energy bank stored in the staff. The maximum stored energy in the staff is equal to double your Wumbomancers’s hit points. During a combat encounter you may spend one action to attempt to release the energy stored in the focus. Divide the stored energy by 4 and round down to the nearest whole number. Roll that many d4 dice if a hit is made. Anything left over is stored in the staff. Yell “IMMA FIRIN MY WUMBO!!!!!” Roll a d10 Wumbo-Die. On 1-2 the eye swivels around and releases the energy at you. You really shouldn't have pissed that dragon off… Make a will save. If successful, reduce the damage dealt by half. On 3-4 the eye does nothing. Must be tired. On 5-6 the energy is expelled, but you have no control over where it is going! TAKE COVER!!!! Assign each combatant, including yourself a number. Roll a d20 Wumbo-Die until an assigned number is achieved. The energy is projected at that target and must make a will save. A successful will save reduces the damage by half. On 7-8 you choose the target and the full energy is released at that target, which must make a will save. A successful will save reduces the damage done by half. On 9, you choose the target and the full energy is released at that target, they may not make a will save. On 10, the staff becomes overcharged! Roll an additional d10 Wumbo-Die, you take half this damage, rounded down, and the target takes the other half, rounded up. You still have full control over the target, and the neither the target or yourself can make a will save. After 25 successful discharges on enemies have been made, you may now count the focus as a third eye and gain +2 perception whenever you possess the staff. In addition, If the same number is rolled on a d20 3 times consecutively, by any player or players, the dragon is back. And he's pissed. Blue Eyes...Eye... White Dragon immediately flies in from above and is immediately hostile to you and your allies. Treat this monster as an Ancient Black Dragon. HAVE FUN DEALING WITH THAT!

7. Surprise Motherfucker! Sometimes, you're just not where you are supposed to be, you really don't know why… or how. When a combat initiative roll is made, if the number is even, proceed with normal combat, if it is odd, you immediately appear 10 feet behind the enemy that's the furthest away from you, no one ever sees this, so don't ask how it happens! If this does happen, however, roll your d6 Wumbo-Die, if the result is even, you roll with it! Good job, buddy! You are considered stealth behind the enemy. If the number is odd, you appear behind the enemy.. except you are facing the wrong way… and you are upside down...The enemy now knows you are there and has advantage against you on their first attack against you. After this occurs 30 times, you always get stealth, and no d6 roll is required, if you are teleported behind the enemy as a result of this feat.

8. Your grandpappy always said you could do anything if you just put your mind to it and believe in yourself! (Your grandpappy later died trying to walk through a fire, believing he would emerge from the other side unscathed.) And you really took the idea to heart! Ever since you were a little boy/girl/whatever you always wanted to be able to fly. After a long tenure of tedious study (3 days later) you concluded with 100% certainty that the key to flight was weight!....and feathers…. In order to achieve flight you have called upon the power of Wumbo to sustain your body while you starve off the extra weight...and it does...somehow… you're starting weight is 60 lbs and each rest you lose 5 lbs if you have consumed NOTHING. Water is acceptable as long as it is...excreted. Any other consumed material increases your weight by 10 lbs (wow you REALLY screwed up your metabolism there buddy!) This includes alcohol, potions, food, and drink. After each rest you immediately take 1d4 + 2 damage in starvation pains per level Wumbomancer In addition you have constructed a flight suit...out of chicken feathers. It can be worn over armor and takes no damage during combat. Once you have achieved a weight of 15 lbs or less, your movement speed increases by 15 feet, and you can glide twice your movement speed from an elevated vantage. If this weight requirement is continually met for 20 consecutive rests, you no longer take starvation damage. In addition, if you are rolling initiative and skeletal creatures are involved, if you roll a natural 20, they mistake you as an ally until a blow is dealt to any of them by you.

9. Bubble Buddy! You didn't have very many friends as a kid (I wonder why!) So you got into the habit of making your own friends! Most people call your friends "imaginary", but you don't know why... Anyways, you lost touch with most of your old childhood...friends... but your Bubble Buddies stuck around! In addition to your starting items, you also start with an infinite bottle of bubbles and a magic wand. That is to say, a bubble blowing wand. AFTER each long rest, you may choose to sacrifice some life energy to empower the bubble wand with wumbatic energy. Roll 1d4 per level of Wumbomancer and take that much damage. Half of the Roll, rounded up, minimum 1 is the number of bubble buddies you summon. These creatures persist until they are popped (HP reaches 0) or until you release them, though I don't know why you'd do that. These creatures have 1 HP, 0 for all ability scores, AC of 1 and deal 1d2 + 1 annoyance damage. In addition, whenever a bubble Buddy is popped, roll a d2 and call the result. If called incorrectly, you take 1 remorse damage that cannot be blocked. If, at any point, this would render you to 0 HP, instead you will remain at 1 HP and forfeit all actions for the current or next turn, and all bubble buddies are dismissed. If, at any point in time, you have 50 or more bubble buddies under your command, you may choose to try to have them combine into the Bubble Goliath. Roll your d20 Wumbo-Die, any thing 13 and above is a success, and they combine to form the Goliath. Anything 7-12 renders no result. Anything 1-6 results in the destruction of half (rounded down) of the number of bubble buddies under your control. This action may only be attempted once per long rest. The Bubble Goliath has the following stats: HP-50 All ability scores-13 AC-14 it deals 1d20 annoyance damage per attack, and also cannot regenerate health by any means except the merging of more bubble buddies, which heal 1 HP each and must pass a d2 check to merge, and the merging bubble Buddy is destroyed upon failure. Upon the slaying of the Bubble Goliath, you must make a Constitution save or take 1d20 remorse damage that cannot be blocked.


The Study of Wumbo opens up the mind of the Wumbomancer to spells from every field of the magical arts...whether they like it or not... The Wumbomancer can use spells from any school of magic... and even some that lack definition...

Wumbo Cantrips[edit]

At 1st level you have the Wumbo Super-Position, Noisrevni and TEA TIME!!! cantrips. You gain the Flippin' Tables cantrip at 5th level, #5 at 9th level and Every Cantrip is Awesome! canptrip at 13th level.

Spellcasting Ability[edit]

Wumbo (Roll your Wumbo D6 and use the same numbers as above) is your spellcasting ability for your Wumbomancer spells because....Wumbo.

Spell save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wumbo (Roll your Wumbo D6 and use the same numbers as above) modifier.

Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Wumbo (Roll your Wumbo D6 and use the same numbers as above) modifier.

Wumbocasting Focus[edit]

You can use your Wumbomancer's Staff as a casting focus, if you want, I guess.

The Spoon of Transmutation[edit]


You have acquired a sacred relic given to this world by the great Wumbo, The Spoon of Transmutation. This Spoon has the power to transmutate into any weapon of your choosing... The only problem is... You found it on the corpse of another Wumbomancer... and you couldn't convince him to tell you how to use it...

While wielding the Spoon of Transmuation, proceed with all melee combat as normal until a successful hit is rolled, Immediately roll your D60 Wumbo Die and the spoon becomes the weapon assigned to that number. After this, immediately roll a d2 and call the result. If called correctly, you are proficient with the weapon for that encounter, if incorrect, you are not. Proceed with dealing damage according to that weapon and its modifiers. After damage is distributed, the Spoon immediately returns to its inert state... a spoon. At Level 5 you may roll your D60 Wumbo Die twice, and choose from the two options. At Level 9, after damage has been distributed you may choose to roll your D20 Wumbo Die, if a 16 or higher is rolled, then roll your D4 Wumbo Die, the weapon is sustained for that many additional turns in its current form. This spoon may not leave your possession at anytime and is indestructible. If at any time the weapon that the spoon is transmuted into would be destroyed, the spoon returns to it's inert state.

The Scrolls of Summon.... Town...[edit]

Let's just admit it, sometimes you plan poorly and don't stock up on the items that you need. That's okay! We all have problems that we are trying to cope with. But you have found a temporary solution to your forgetfulness! Whilst walking through a desert looking for the ever-evasive desert-snow, you came across a person... at least you think it was a person... it was hard to tell, being that there was a house sitting on top of most of their corpse, honestly all you could tell is that they had a left arm and liked to wear red shoes. Anyways, this dead person-thing was holding a wad of papers in their left hand that you asked if you could borrow, they didn't say anything, so you assumed it was okay. After "borrowing" the papers and reading them, you came to find out that this powerful puddle-of-blood-person-thing had figured out how to take a small town, and bring it to you! It got pretty technical after that point with Rosen bridges and a bunch of weird stuff that you didn't understand, so you stopped reading it! (You make a note to yourself to cast this spell a distance away from yourself) Bad news: they only had three copies of the spell left Good news: they also, and very conveniently, had a recipe on how to make more scrolls IN THE SAME HAND! Is that crazy coincidence or what?! Upon use, a scroll can be used to summon a small, functional town that has 6 inhabitants. 1 shopkeeper, 1 Inn keeper, 1 barkeep and 3 Ancient Black Dragon town guards. All of these characters have 9001 HP and a passive perception of 25. Go ahead. Try and see what happens... the shopkeeper and barkeep sell wares designated by your DM and the Inn Keeper rents room(s) at a price designated by your DM. The town also has one horse, but it is invisible, and very very quiet. Once the last person or animal in your party leaves the radius of the town, it immediately desummons...and explodes. This spell may abso-freaking-luty NOT be used indoors, in combat, or near, on, or inside an enemy. You may only use one scroll per long rest and NOT while in a town summoned by this same spell. In addition, these scrolls may ONLY be used, and crafted, by you. The recipe for making another scroll of Summon Town is as follows: Head of a Boss NPC One gem worth at least 5000gp One piece of parchment One long rest worth of total concentration You quickly realize that other playe....people ... might bother you a whole bunch if they knew you had these powerful arrifacts, so you immediately cast powerful magic on them making them immune to ANY form of scrying. Of course you can tell them that you have them, but that might get annoying.

Wumbjitsu (MFC?)[edit]

The martial fighting style of the Wumbomancer is, as you would expect, a bit strange.


WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! You are not okay with all this "damage" coming your way, if you recall correctly... damage is a.... bad.... thing! Better do something about this... Starting at the 2nd level, you gain the ability to redirect some of the damage your Wumbomancer is taking. Number all the combatants, including yourself... wait what?! Well I guess you'd be taking the damage anyways... Roll your D20 Wumbo Die until an assigned number is achieved. The damage redirected is equal to your Wumbo Die times half your Wumbomancer level (rounded down, Minimum 0.5). This damage is dealt in Wumbo damage to the assigned combatant. Oh, and if you roll your own number, then you do still redirect the damage! That's good! But you redirect it straight into the back of your head! That's Bad! Add an additional Wumbo Die to the damage being dealt to you, by yourself. Should have put the warnings at the beginning of the spell.

Evangelist of Wumbo[edit]

The Great and Mighty Wumbo has seen fit to make you an evangelist of its Power, to go throughout the world and speak of its wonders! (That's usually as far as most Wumbomancers get before they get beheaded, so you're doing pretty good!) To assist you in this process Wumbo has given you the gift of Tongues, literally. You start with a bag of tongues, one for each language spoken in the world. In order to speak any other language than common you must swap your tongue out for the appropriate one in the bag. Don't ask how this is done because you don't want to know. The only problem is this batch of tongues is especially testy. In order to swap your tongue out, you must first convince the tongue to cooperate. You must pass a DC 15 Charisma check, if you succeed, you successfully convince the tongue, and you swap them out. If you fail, you piss the tongue off, and may not try again until a rest is taken. You do not need to pass any checks to swap back to your normal tongue. Once you have passed a check with a tongue, you may use that tongue until your next Long Rest without passing another check.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of you choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Are You Feeling Lucky?[edit]

Upon activation, you are reduced to 1 HP for 2 rounds, you can add your life points to your next attack by dividing it into d4's rounded up. For the next two rounds, you cannot be healed by any means. If your next attack kills the opponent, you are fully healed and not subject to any healing restrictions. If you are killed in the next two rounds, you may not be stabilized or resurrected. This may only be activated once per long rest. This may only be used during combat.











Wumbomancer Spells[edit]


Wumbomancer Cantrips[edit]

Wumbo Super-Position[edit]

Cantrip level Wumbocation. Casting Time: 1 Bonus Action. Range: Self. Components: S. Duration: Instantaneous

You intertwine your body with the power of Wumbo. You're movement speed is doubled for this combat round, however, the Wumbo is too unstable to predict, it could be that you didn't actually move at all when you thought you did. When you move to a new position using the extra movement afforded to you by this spell, place another marker on the battlefield to represent this potential location. At any point in time after this marker has been placed, if any damage would be dealt to or by either instance of you (your marker or the potential marker) or if any important interaction takes place that would require the knowledge of which position you are in, roll a D2 (indicate which location would be which outcome) to see which location you are actually in. If an enemy attacks a location where you are not, the damage is null and void. Likewise, if you attempt to do any damage from a position you are not actually in, that damage is null and void. Once a measurement has been made and your real position is established, remove the temporary marker from the battlefield until again needed. Any damage or actions made invalidly will be forfeited.

Noisrevni (neh-jerv-nee)[edit]

Cantrip level Wumbocation. Casting Time: 1 Round. Range: Room or World-Radius Components: S,V. Duration: 1d4 Rounds

You just noticed that you put your tunic on upside down...again... well... there's only one logical way to fix this problem... You begin to channel the power of Wumbo through your body, focusing on your tunic, willing it to be turned right-side up. Finally, you release all your energy and find...You were successful! The tunic is now properly oriented with the rest of your clothes :) Except it wasn't the tunic you turned upside down... It was the rest of you! No... Wait... That's still not quite right... OH!!! You turned the whole ROOM upside down EXCEPT for your tunic... Well... That works too! :) The floor is now the ceiling and the ceiling now the floor. If this spell is cast outside, you react quickly enough to know that this is a serious game-breaking problem, and quickly revert the orientation of the world back to normal. Phew. That would have caused some SERIOUS problems! If that happens... just.. treat the effects as the same, and when it comes back to your turn to return everything back to 'normal' just....flip everyone that isn't readied on their heads for fun anyways. >:) When this spell is began to be cast, the castor, if s/he so chooses may or may not (Trolololo) warn other player characters that s/he is about to perform this spell. Any character may then spend their movement action to 'ready' themselves for the change. Once the spell is complete all targets in the room (or...radius) that are not 'readied' must make a Dexterity saving throw or they are knocked prone for one round. >:) and receive 1 Wumbo Die of damage. After the appointed number of rounds pass and it is again your turn, the room will revert to its normal orientation. This time, all enemy targets with Passive Perception of 14 or higher may also ready themselves for the change. Upon reverting, all 'unreadied' targets must make a Dexterity saving throw or they are knocked prone and receive 1 Wumbo Die of damage. OH! and your tunic was on right the whole time to begin with!! Silly you! If combat ends while the room is inverted...well.. just wait for it to pass I guess.. Might be useful to explore the room upside down? This cantrip may only be used 4 times per rest, and may not be recast if the spell is still in effect.

TEA TIME!!![edit]

Cantrip level Wumbocation. Casting Time: 1 Action. Range: EVERYONE! combat Components: S,V. Duration: 1 Round

Boy this fight sure is boring... you casually check your pocket watch, if you don't have a pocket watch, just use an item in your inventory and pretend it is a pocket watch. *Sigh* Okay, back to fighting... Wait a second! IT'S TEA TIME! Calmly, but firmly, explain to all combatants that they are not savages, if they actually are savages, you convince them that they are not savages (idiotic savages!), and that tea time is a noble tradition that must be observed. If you are in combat against creatures, One ration per creature must be sacrificed in order to placate them temporarily, or tea time is ruined and the spell fails. All combat immediately halts for one round, and the only actions allowed are talk, eat, drink, and smoke. during this period of time, you Summon a modestly nice dining table and chairs according to the number and size of combatants. All combatants, friend and foe, sit at the table and may choose to eat or smoke a pipe. You energize the food/tobacco of yourself and allies with the power of Wumbo, and foes if you really want to, and this allows them to restore one of their hit dice plus Constitution modifer. All food drink consumed by the Wumbomancer during this spell is considered to contain no calories. When combat returns to you and you have finished your drink/food/pipe, you desummon the table and chairs and normal combat resumes. This spell may only be used once per day (twice if you or anyone in your group is 4 feet and 6 inches or shorter, but may not be used twice in the same encounter.)

Flippin' Tables[edit]

Cantrip level Wumbocation. Casting Time:' Reaction. Range: 120 feet. Components: S, V. Duration:" 1d4 Rounds

You see an arrow headed straight for your ally's knee! You need to stop that arrow or it'll be a terrible, terrible joke for the rest of your game! When an ally is declared the target of a ranged attack, you immediately summon a dining table and flip it in their general direction, hoping for the best. Roll your d6 Wumbo-Die. On 1, the table lands on your ally and does 1d6 Wumbo damage to them, and renders them prone for 1 turn. On 2, the table spins out of control and lands somewhere on the battlefield, at random (try rolling a dice and seeing where it lands.) That table now counts as half cover. On 3, the table lands near your ally, but not close enough to completely shield them. Reduce the melee damage by 1 Wumbo Die + Dexterity. On 4, the table lands pretty well! Your ally is now immediately in half cover and incoming damage sustained from this attack is halved, or reduced by Wumbo Die plus Dexterity, whichever is higher. On 5, the table lands right as the attack is about to strike the table, and is nullified completely. Still treat this as half cover. On 6, the table redirects the damage being done toward the nearest enemy but is reduced by half.

Cantrip #5[edit]

0th level Abjuration. Casting Time: 1 Action. Range: 120 feet. Components: S. Duration: Rounds equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Words go here.

Every Cantrip is Awesome![edit]

0th level Wumbocation. Casting Time: Variable. Range: Variable. Componenets: Variable. Duration: Varaible.

Immediately following a long rest, you may pick any cantrip to use in place of this cantrip. Sounds pretty neat, huh? Well… it is. However… they do say that practice makes perfect… and you’ve never even *heard* of this cantrip until now… so… you imagine you’ll be pretty great at this! When casting the cantrip designated to hold this cantrip slot, you flail your arms randomly in the air and hope for the best! Roll 1d2 and call your roll, if called correctly, proceed with the spell as normal. If called incorrectly, you take 1d4 per level Wumbomancer and the spell fails. After three failures, the Wumbomancer decides… maybe this just isn’t a good spell for him/her, and can no longer use that cantrip. (A new one may still be chosen after the next long rest.) Ooooh, And the Wumbomancer gets bored REALLY easily… So you can never use the same cantrip twice. If you somehow manage to run out of potential cantrips, Start the list all over again. This spell may only be used at the DM’s discretion, as to both whether you can use this cantrip, and as to whether you can use a particular cantrip.

Wumbomancer Spells[edit]

And The Kitchen Sink Too![edit]

Special. Casting Time: 1 Action. Range: 40 Feet. Components: None Duration: Instantaneous.

WOW! This battle must be really hard! Last time you checked, you had at LEAST one spell left… Although you don’t remember how long ago that was… Be that as it may, it appears that you no longer have anything left to throw at your enemy… Then again, your grandpappy always told you to give it all you got! (You also remember that your grandpappy was a chronic lazeabout that never held a job for more than two weeks.) It’s time you pulled out all the stoppers. You summon a VERY large basin of… some… sorta... liquid? You then proceed to hurl this basin at an enemy of your choosing. The basin itself does 1 Wumbo Die times half your Wumbomancer level rounded up (Minimum .000001) in bludgeoning damage. In addition, roll 1d6 this will determine the liquid inside the basin. 1- lukewarm water 2- acid 3- alchemist’s fire 4- GoGo Juice (heals target by 1 Wumbo Die) 5- Tar (Movement Speed Halved) 6- The Darkness (Target is blind for 1 round). This spell may only be cast when all of your spell slots are exhausted, and may only be cast once per long rest.

A Sandwich[edit]

-1st level Wumbomancer. Casting Time: None. Range: Self. Components: None Duration: Instantaneous.

I know what you’re thinking.... You’re thinking this is a spell. This is not a spell. It’s a sandwich. What would make you think otherwise? Upon casting this sandwich, you look down into your hands, and there is a sandwich. It’s really that simple. This sandwich may be used once per day, and does not exhaust a spell slot (Because it’s a sandwich…)

Wumbo Disentanglement[edit]

1st level Wumbomancer. Casting Time: 1 Action. Range: 60 feet. Components: V Duration: Instantaneous.

Choose two targets engaged in combat, and politely ask them to stop fighting, it is getting to be really loud. They must make a Wisdom saving throw, or else they disengage combat for one combat round.

I Wumbo, You Wumbo, He/She/Me...Wumbo[edit]

1st level Wumbomancer. Casting Time: 1 ActionRange: All combatants within 120 feet. Components: S,V Duration: 1d4 Rounds.

You project your appearance onto all combatants within range. When observing a potential target that has been effected by this spell, any character must pass a Perception check of 15 in order to identify the target, or else that target is assumed to be you. This is for both enemies and allies. In addition, when this spell is cast, the DM may, at his/her discretion, assign generic tokens to represent combatants, and shuffle them on the field of battle. (Note that the DM must keep track of which tokens represent each combatant) If this is the case, each player character will be identified, in secret, which token represents their character, and may not disclose this information until an ally successfully perceives them. The same goes for communication between enemies.

Wumbatic Whistler[edit]

1st level Wumbomancer Casting Time: 1 Action Range: Self Components: S, V Duration: 1d4 rounds/combat

Boy, combat sure can be boring sometimes... Unfortunately, you left your games and books on the wagon, assuming you have one… in fact… you can’t even remember if you own either games or books.... or if you can even read! Anyways... what’s a Wumbomancer to do? Why, whistle, of course. All Wumbomancers have a unique knack for whistling, or so they have been told. Upon casting this spell, the Wumbomancer instantly starts whistling. Roll 1d20 to determine the quality of your whistling. On a roll of 1-9, you start to whistle, you're enjoying it, and that's all that matters! Although... that angry beast charging at you doesn't seem to agree. Roll 1d4. The animal is aggressive *only* towards you for that many rounds, maybe your whistling insulted its mother, jerk. If not slain, at the end of the last round it simply runs away. On a roll of 11-20, you start to whistle and it is far better than average, and the beast charging at you seems to agree, you must have insulted its mother (good thing it hates its mother!). Roll 1d4, the animal befriends you for that many rounds, and is loyal to and commandable only by you. You can command the animal to undertake the following actions: help; dash; disengage; or attack. At the end of the last round, the animal gives you a look of love and respect before running off. :’( On a roll of 10 you start to whistle, and apparently you are whistling battle hymn of some sort. All of your party members seem to be becoming excited and motivated. All party members get +2 to all rolls for the rest of this combat encounter. Who knew whistling could cause so much trouble? All animals summoned by this spell are chosen at the DM’s discretion, following these guidelines. The animals must fit into the natural landscape the party is currently in. The player must roll 1d6 and that determines the CR of the animal summoned. 1- CR ⅛; 2- CR ⅙; 3- CR ¼; 4- CR ½; 5- CR 1; 6- CR 2. Whenever a friendly animal of a CR of 1 or 2 is summoned, the Wumbomancer is required to make an animal handling check to control said animal, DC 14 for CR 1, and DC 16 for CR 2. If failed, the animal is not hostile to you… but it might think that your allies look pretty tasty too… The DM now controls the actions of the animal and all combatants are considered hostiles to the animal except for you.

You Can't Get There From Here![edit]

1st level Wumbomancer Casting Time: Reaction Range: Uh... Components: S, V Duration: Instantaneous

An arrow?! Where?!?! Oh… that arrow! You see an arrow flying at you, man, you must have a good eye and a lot of brainpower to see an arrow mid-flight, and have enough time to think about what you should do about said arrow! ...Well you guess that you could just move out of the way… but these shoes are brand-new (you think…) and you really want to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear on them. Let's see… GOT IT! Instead of moving yourself out of the way, let's just make it so the arrow can't get to you! Making the room a bit longer should do the trick! As a reaction to any ranged attack directed at you, you instantly increase the length of the room by 1000 feet centered equidistant between you and the enemy performing the ranged attack. and then decrease it back to its normal length immediately after the projectile hits the ground, or the spell fizzles out. This spell may only be used once per combat encounter.

We'll Make it Great Again![edit]

2nd level Wumbomancer Casting Time: 1 Action Range: 10 feet (in front of you) Components: S, V Duration: Ad Absurdum

As you casually look around the room, you can’t help but notice how...plain… it looks. I mean.. this style might suit *some* people… but they clearly didn’t go to Treant's Regal University for Magnificent Partitions® What this place needs is more WALLS! A new set of walls will make this dungeon great again! Upon a successful hit, roll 1d10. Multiply this number by 10. This gives you the length, in feet, of the wall that you have just erected 10 feet in front of you. This wall is made of solid stone and contains no openings. Draw a line that many feet directly in front of your character’s line of sight. The wall is 5 feet thick and 30 feet high (unless prohibited by the ceiling, in which case it is its maximum height minus 10 feet). Note that if the wall makes contact with the wall opposite the Wumbomancer, the spell knows to respect other’s boundaries (BUHAHAHAHA!) and immediately stops there. Should any combatant be directly in front of the Wumbomancer when this spell is cast, they must make a Dexterity save or they are knocked flat by the wall surging up in their face, and take 1d4 per level of Wumbomancer and be knocked prone for 1 turn. This spell cannot be used to block doorways. Don’t be a dick. Have fun creating your terrible nuisance, though!

Shut Up and Take My Money![edit]

2nd level Wumbomancer Casting Time: 1 action Range: 81 feet Components: S Duration: Concentration, up to 500 days

People too far away to jab your spoon at? Need a quick diversion? What's a crossbow? I have the perfect solution for you! As had been proven time and time again, most (all) problems can simply be solved by throwing money at it! You can't see any reason why this logic wouldn't apply here... so let's try it! Luckily for you, you are the obsessive type that unfailingly sorts his/her money by demonination! Roll 1d4. 1 is copper, 2 is silver, 3 is gold, and 4 is platinum. If you are using electrum in your game then roll and extra d1 and throw it out the window, because no one uses electrum. Seriously. If you pick a bag with no coins in it, the spell fails because you are poor. Now roll 1d10. That is the number of coins you grabbed from the respective coin purse. You then energize the coins with Wumbatic energy and hurl them at your enemies. Roll 1d2 for each coin being tossed, indicating which result will be a success. All failed rolls result in coins failing to hit any mark. After the number of successful coins is established, number each combatant in an 81 foot cone in front of you, roll your d20 Wumbo die until all successful coin throws have been designated to specific marks, note that one mark may be the subject of more than one coin strike. The target must then make a Dexterity saving throw, if passed, the damage dealt is halved. Copper coins deal 1d2 +1 damage, silver deals 1d4 +1, gold deals 1d6 + 1, platinum deals 1d8 +1. Electrum deals 1d144 damage + 1 to yourself and all your allies. In addition, gold and platinum pieces cause any NPC that is in a 40 foot radius of a fallen coin that is a money-focused NPC (theifs, assassin's, mercenaries, any greedy NPC) to become distracted in their efforts to collect the coins and lose one action for the current or next turn.

Wumbo (Dis)Illumination[edit]

2nd level Chronomancer Casting Time: 1 action Range: 280 feetComponents: S Duration: 1d4 Rounds

Man is it bright in here! You wish you had brought your sunglasses with you... wait... what are sunglasses? Anyways, we have to do something about all this light! You Summon The Ancient Darkness in a 280 foot radius around you, removing all sources of light from the battlefield. Any further attempt to light the battlefield will anger the God of Darkness and it will deal 1d4 damage to the castor/lighter and immediately snuff out their light. Only combatants with dark vision or true vision can still see, but their sight is reduced to a 30 foot radius.

Man is it dark in here! Take off what? What are sunglasses? Anyways, we have to do something about all this not-light! You Summon a small star 50 feet above you that shines with blinding radiance in a 280 foot radius. All combatants that are looking in your general direction immediately take 1d4 radiance damage and are rendered blind for one turn. For some reason it doesn't seem as bright to you as the others complain it is...

See You, Space Cowboy[edit]

3rd level Chronomancer Casting Time: 1 Action Range: Any target within sprint range. Components: S, V Duration: Instantaneous

It’s a good thing you brought your sunglasses, because without wearing them, this spell wouldn’t look nearly as awesome. You look down and light a cigarette, when you look back up, you are wearing your sunglasses. You take a long drag, and then throw your cigarette at your enemy. While they are distracted, you sprint in towards them. They catch you out of the corner of their eye, and they lunge at you. Roll a Dexterity Save. If failed, the opponent gets an attack of opportunity, and the spell fails. If succeeded, you slide in under them, feet first, and form your hand into the necessary shape for the spell, two fingers extended with your thumb pointing out. You point your fingers up and into their chest, just barely touching them. As you are sliding to a halt, you exhale, blowing the cigarette smoke up into the face of your enemy. “See you, space cowboy.” You activate the spell by lowering your thumb back down to your hand…. a few moments pass… wait for it… your enemy begins to laugh at you and/or mock you. Then, they go soaring into the air. Roll 1d20 to check the power of your hit. Multiply your roll by 10, this is the amount of distance, in feet, that the target is catapulted. For every 10 feet the enemy travels in the air, they take 1d2 times half your Wumbomancer level, rounded up (Minimum 0.5). Should enemy impact a wall when catapulted, they are knocked prone for 1 round. If the enemy weighs between 300lbs and 1000lbs, the distance catapulted is halved (Rounded down). If the enemy weighs more than 1000lbs the distance is quartered (rounded down). If the enemy weighs less than 100lbs, the distance is multiplied by 1.25 (rounded up), if they weigh less than 50lbs the distance is multiplied by 1.50 (rounded up). If the roll to hit or this roll is a natural 20, then the enemy, no matter the size, is immediately ejected into outer space. You figure they won’t be a problem anymore. No damage is distributed, but the enemy is in outer space, so you figure it out. If this spell is used indoors and a natural 20 is rolled, then the enemy is launched into the ceiling, cracking it. They are reduced to 1 HP and rendered prone for 3 turns. If anyone asks why you form.your hand that way for the spell, tell them it looks like a gun. When they ask what a gun is, you are confused and don't understand what they are talking about… how should you know what the hell a “gun” is…. Crazy people.


3rd level Wumbomancer Casting Time: 1 Action Range: All Combatants Components: S, V Duration: Combat

Since an early age, the Wumbomancer was taught the importance of proper stretching and warming up before participating in rigorous activities. To his dismay, he finds himself in battle, like always, and he has yet to stretch today. This simply can not happen, the last thing the world needs is a Wumbomancer with a pulled hamstring. The only logical solution is for the Wumbomancer to stop what he/she is doing, and lead everyone in a rousing round of calisthenics. At this point, everyone in combat must decide whether or not to participate in the class being provided. Players and NPC’s (at the DM’s discretion) are welcome in the class, because the Wumbomancer does not want to see anyone get hurt in the wrong way. Once the class as assembled, even if it is just the Wumbomancer, s/he begins to lead everyone, or no one, in a rousing round of stretches and cardio exercises. Roll a d100 or percentiles to determine the efficiency of the Wumbomancer as a gym instructor. On a roll of 01-30: The wumbomancer realizes that s/he is a terrible teacher, and instantly loses the attention of the class. Rather than doing proper stretching and cardio, the class erupts into a push-up contest to determine who is the most naturally fit. Due to the strenuous nature of the contest, and having not properly stretched before said contest, everyone in the class takes -2 to all attack and damage rolls for the rest of combat. (If the player relies on dexterity for their weapon such as an archer their range is decreased by ¼, however, their damage remains the same since you cannot shoot an arrow harder, you think...) On rolls of 31-85, the Wumbomancer does a very average job instructing his/her class how to stretch. No one gets hurt, and everyone is better off having limbered up. Everyone who participated gains +2 to attack and damage for the rest on combat. On rolls of 86-100, the Wumbomancer has properly studied the way that bodies work and know exactly what muscles to loosen up and which cardio exercises to do so that people can successfully breath. He is like the Richard Simmons of D&D. All participants get +3 or 4 to all attack and damage rolls for the rest of combat. See how useful it is to stretch first?

Every Spell is Awesome![edit]

3rd level Wumbomancer Casting Time: Variable Range: Variable Components: Variable Duration: Variable

What!? NOT SATISFIED WITH WHAT I’VE GIVEN YOU!? Of course not, people are greedy and always want something new and fresh. Well fine. Go ahead then. Go find another spell you greedy bastard. Casting this “spell” is going to cost you though. In order to cast this spell, the player must choose two spell slots to exhaust, at least one of them must equal to the level of the spell that you are choosing to cast. The spell selected is cast with the same exact effects, so good luck finding any long-thought-out and refined flavor text there. I hope you feel terrible about yourself. This “spell” may only be cast once per long rest, and only at the DM’s discretion, as to whether you can use it in general, and if you can use the particular spell you selected. You better not take up too much time looking, or the other players are going to start getting pissed.

Yo' Momma So Fat...[edit]

4th level Wumbomancer Casting Time: 1 action Range: 120 feet Components: S, V Duration: 1d2 Rounds

People sometimes call you a dummy. You are not a dummy, however. Dummies are made out of wood. Idiots. You used to believe them, however, and that’s why you learned how to throw your voice. (You may choose to use this spell literally, if you really want, just pick a target and shout into your hand, close it, and throw the shout at them, upon a successful hit, the shout bursts into a really loud and annoying noise and does 1d6 annoyance damage and the target is deaf for 1 round. [if you use the spell this way it still consumes the spell and its slot]) After passing [INSERT CHECK HERE] you successfully position your voice upon the target of your choosing, within range. You may now shout vulgarities at any other person and they must pass a [INSERT CHECK HERE] or they immediately become hostile to that target for one round. [WEAK?]


4th level Wumbomancer Casting Time: - Range: - Components: - Duration: -



4th level Wumbomancer Casting Time:- Range: - Components: - Duration: -



5th level Wumbomancer Casting Time: - Range: - Components: - Duration: -



5th level Wumbomancer Casting Time: - Range: - Components: - Duration: -


I Have a Dream[edit]

5th level Wumbomancer Casting Time: 1 Round Range: One Target Within Sight. Components: S Duration: 1d4 Rounds

You may say I'm a dreamer… and I am…. Because I have dreams… weirdo... Dreaming is often the best part of your day! Who wouldn't want to dream at any time of the day?! Even right now! Upon a successful hit, you extend your mental influence into the targets mind, and cause them to go into a dream state. You then project a picture of happy ponies and butterflies into the mind of the target… at least, that's what you meant to do until you got distracted by a stray thought about what you should eat for dinner (Roast beef sounds good!). Instead, the target enters into a nightmare where they are battling their worst nightmares. Whoops. Roll 1d4, this is the number of rounds that the enemy is trapped inside the battle that you have spawned (accidently) in their mind. Roll 1d6, this will determine the challenge rating of the enemies the target spawns in their mind. 1: CR ⅛ 2: CR ⅙ 3: CR ¼ 4: CR ½ 5: CR 1 6: CR 2. Finally, roll 1d6. This is the number of enemies spawned. If the CR is 1 or 2, subtract 2 from the result, minimum 1. The target will be flat footed until the effects of this spell end. The battle will follow the normal procedure of combat, with the target and his “enemies” rolling initiative, etc… All damage sustained by the target in this “battle” will be dealt directly to them as psychic damage and cannot be blocked. The spell will be ended after any one of the following criteria are met. The number of rounds rolled for the spell expires; the target defeats all “enemies”; the target is lowered down to less than 15% of their total HP; the target successfully passes a Perception check. At the start of each round, the target automatically, and without cost of action, makes a Perception check. If the target succeeds a DC 18 check, they realize that they are in a dream state, and will themselves back to reality.

Sans Vie[edit]

9th level Wumbomancer. Casting Time: 3 Rounds. Range: Any Visible TargetComponents: S.

Ah… it's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, enemies like these should be… BURNING… IN… HELL! You look toward your enemies and they see blood running down out of your eye sockets, and your eyes are black and unforgiving. Your skin pales to a ghostly white and all your foes feel their sins crawling on their backs. On the first round after this spell is cast, a ominous feeling forms over the whole of the battlefield and all enemies must must a Constitution save or they lose one action for their next turn. On the second turn after you cast this, you begin to hover in the air. You raise your hands toward the sky/ceiling and swing them back down, causing lightning to strike where you directed it to. Each enemy must make a Dexterity save or they take 1d6 per level Wumbomancer each. The spot where the lightning strikes leaves a scorch on the ground that reeks of sulfur. On the third turn, the ground underneath your enemies begins to shake as they witness the souls of those that you’ve sent to the grave clawing their way out of the ground where the lightning struck. After one has crawled out of the abyss, then another, and another, soon they are coming out in hordes. Finally… they are all there… standing limp with their heads facing the ground. You can hear their groans of agony and despair. The sound rattles the bones of your enemies and makes their flesh crawl. Finally… you look up on your enemies and raise one hand, and snap your fingers. The agonized souls then begin to run toward each of your enemies, coming at them from every direction. They have nowhere left to run. When they reach each one,you delight in seeing the souls of the dead begin to claw into the souls of your enemies, slowly trying to rip each of their souls from their bodies. You hear your enemies screaming in pure agony as the souls of the dead dig their nails into their very souls and begin to rend the soul from their body... After enough clawing, and ripping… and tearing… their soul is finally ripped from its host and the body of your enemy falls limp on the ground. You watch as the dead drag their soul back into one of the pits that they rose from… and they start to climb back in… dragging the soul of your enemy...kicking and screaming in agony, into the pit. You watch as your enemy’s soul digs its nails into the ground, trying desperately one last time to free itself, as it is drug into the ground, with its nails dragging along the ground toward the pit, until finally its hand disappears, and everything is quiet now. You Smile. What. A. Beautiful. Day. Indeed. These “enemies” are now just empty husks, shells that contain no soul. All enemies are immediately reduced to 1 HP of a maximum of 1 HP, may no longer take any actions, and are prone indefinitely.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Wumbomancer class, you must meet these prerequisites: You must be dead :)

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Wumbomancer class, you gain the following proficiencies: Lots of headaches.

Combat Wumbo Rolls[edit]

1-3 You close your eyes and pretend that the fight is not a problem, you are at the bottom of initiative and immediately pass turn with no held actions for the first round of combat, re-roll your Combat Wumbo Die again at the start of the next round of combat.

4-6 Normal Combat Conditions

7-9 You feel invigorated by the power of Wumbo! Add 1d4 Wumbo damage to all damage done by you in this encounter.

10-12 You start to daydream about the awesomeness of Wumbo. Roll with Disadvantage for all damage done by you in this encounter.

13-15 You think you are in a play! And you, my good sir, are the best actor of the bunch! Roll with Advantage for all damage done by you in this encounter.

16-18 Sometimes you forget which end of the weapon is the pointy one... Deal 1d4 Wumbo damage to yourself every time you deal damage.

19-20 Perfect Wumbo

Perfect Wumbo Rolls[edit]

1-3 You spin around in circles and light shoots up from the ground! You Summon <Roll from Wumbo Creature list>...... and it likes you! :) Creature summoned is commandable by you and is neutral to allies. It is desummoned at the end of combat, or if it's HP reaches 0.

4-6 You spin around in circles and light shoots up from the ground! You Summon <Roll from Wumbo Creature list>...... and it doesn't like you! >:( Creature summoned is aggressive toward you and allies. It is desummoned when it's HP reaches 0

7-9 Normal Combat Conditions....GREAT YOU BLEW IT! HAPPY NOW?! THOUGHT NOT!

10-12 You feel split when making decisions.... wait.... there actually are two of you! Another copy of yourself forms and is placed at the bottom of the initiative list. This character is an NPC controlled by you and has all the same abilities as you and is desummoned when it's HP reaches 0 or combat ends. (This character does not make a Wumbo Combat Roll [that'd get too crazy right? There could be like 3 of you or something!])

13-15 You remember that there is a really good book that you NEED to catch up on in your satchel. Skip every other combat round beginning with the next one, with no held actions, and inform your allies what you are reading about, surely they would be just as interested as you are!

16-18 I bet you were expecting something reeeaaaallly good here right?'re actually right...Kinda.... Your mind floods with all the information about your enemies (All stats must be provided)....But your eyes start to bleed... really badly... All allies and enemies are numbered. Anytime you cast a spell or do damage, roll your d20 Wumbo die until a designated number is achieved the effects of that spell or that damage is done to that target... no matter how far away they are. This effect ends when combat ends.

19-20 Epic Wumbo...You are quickly realizing that things are getting out of hand very quickly...

Epic Wumbo Rolls[edit]

1-3 In nervousness you decide to eat something, eat one ration, if no rations are available, eat one of your items at random (don't worry, it might come out later... if you survive) Your mother always told you to chew your food... You immediately choke and your HP is reduced to 0. Let's hope someone is nearby to stabilize you!

4-6 You immediately begin to scream in agony as you grow to twice your size. Your HP is doubled, along with all modifiers and damage and you are treated as a troll for the rest of combat. (I hope you read up on the wiki about trolls!) You are still in control of your character

7-9 You hold out your hand and summon a giant fireball at the most powerful enemy and they immediately disintegrate into dust! At least, that's how it went in your mind... A small non-combat animal of your choosing materializes in front of you, this is permanent and is loyal to you and has all the normal stats of that chosen animal...and normal combat conditions... Still pretty much blew it....though at least now you have a pet! :)

10-12 You grow another arm and immediately become proficient in dual wielding..err... triple wielding..This is now a permanent feat.

13-15 (Are you noticing a trend?!) You think your arm is a snake!!!! YOU HATE SNAKES, you think at least... You cut it off in a mad frenzy! You now have one arm and immediately become proficient in solo wielding This is a permanent feat.

16-18 Maybe you like what you see, time for a test drive! Number each player character, excluding yourself, Roll your D20 Wumbo Die until an assigned number is achieved, You switch bodies with that person until the next long rest.

19-20 LEGENDARY WUMBO If you got this far you are either one lucky dog, or you are cheating! You Should REALLY start getting nervous now.


1-3 You try to teleport away from the enemy, (wait you can teleport... I guess so?) and accidentally teleport into a solid wall. Whoops. You are DEAD. Yup. DEAD. As in a door nail. Six feet under. Hope you have a back-up character made!

4-6 You Achieve Oneness with Wumbo. You can no longer die, you do not have to eat, drink, or sleep. In addition, you are immune to being stunned, paralyzed, poisoned, burned, or frozen. Whenever your HP reaches 0 and you are not successfully stabilized or resurrected, you awake at the next long rest of the group. This is a permanent feat.

7-9 At the beginning of each combat encounter, number each enemy present, Roll a D20 Wumbo Die until an assigned number is achieved. That enemy is dead. If there is only one enemy, it is immediately reduced to half HP. This is a permanent Feat.

10-12 Whenever combat starts, an exact copy of the most powerful enemy in the encounter appears. YOU ARE UNLUCKY AND HATED BY THE GROUP! Sorry... This is a permanent Feat

13-15 You stare at the nearest weapon, wondering if weapons feel pain too? You stared too long... your soul became confused and is now infused with that weapon... good luck figuring that one out DM!

16-18 You hiccup and a soul stone falls out of your mouth. You were wondering were you put that! If you declare so upon killing an enemy, that enemy's soul is now trapped in the soul stone and may be summoned and desummoned at your leisure. It's always nice to have someone to talk to. The Stats remain the same and can be summoned once per combat and is loyal to and commandable by you.

19 ...Well things really got out of hand quickly, now didn't they? Each player character is numbered, including yourself. Each player rolls a D20 to establish the rolling order. Once the rolling order is established, each person in order rolls a D20 until an assigned number is achieved. They are now that assigned character, permanently Repeat this for each player character has rolled an assigned number, if duplicates occur, re-roll. Things are just going to be confusing now... aren't they?

20 Normal Combat Conditions. I guess too much luck can be a bad thing...

Example for Ability Scores[edit]

At character creation, you have rolled, assigned, or been assigned the following for ability scores: Strength: 20 Dexterity: 19 Constitution: 18 Intelligence: 17 Wisdom:16 Charisma:15

You must assign each of these scores a number. The "20" score will be designated the number 1, the "19" score will be designated the number 2. The "18", 3. The "17", 4. The "16", 5. The 15, "6".

After a long rest, you will roll your d6 6 times, once for each ability (strength, Dexterity, Constitution, intelligence, Wisdom, charisma) and you will assign that ability the score according to your roll. For example you are rolling for Strength, and you roll a 4, this would assign your strength ability the number "17" as 4 was the number assigned to it. You would repeat this process until all abilities receive scores, and any duplicates must be re-rolled. Upon reaching the last ability, the last remaining score will automatically be assigned to it.

When leveling up, you may simply add any ability increases to any of the scores. For example, if you choose to increase a score by two, you may designate any score and the effect takes place immediately. This is to say, you do not increase your "Strength" ability by two, rather, just the score currently associated with it.

All modifiers are reset to the new ability scores after each long rest. Any items, spells, etc... that depend on having a particular ability score or modifer to use must check against the new values after each long rest.

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