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Weapon (Great mace), legendary (one week to attune must be neutral good/lawful good)

This massive mace was carried by a long dead goodly hill giant named Volg the Stalwart in defense of a halfling village in the dale lands where he fought off a rampaging horde of his evil kin and their orc and ogre allies mortally wounded he carried it away with him vowing that it would find a new hero to protect those in need. It appears to be made from a small tree of some shining wood it has a flanged head each side is made of a peasants plow it feels warm to the touch and sends deep calm through the wielder as if guided by the ancient hill giant himself. unless the character is of large size it is an oversized 2 handed +4 great mace dealing 2d12 damage once a day it can be activated after attunement to turn up to five enemies weapons into heavy plowshares and their armor into simple leather tunics of farmers. It also allows the wielder to only need rest half as long (4 hours) and can produce a cooked meal for all party members once per long rest.

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