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Ring, Epic (Ring of Luck, Ring of Luck+1), Legendary (Ring of Luck+2, Ring of Luck+3), Mythic (Ring of Epic Luck) (After the Wearer finishes a long rest that character rolls a d20. When a 20 is rolled The ring becomes active, if inert or increases its level by 1 up to +4 or Epic Level if active. When a 1 is rolled of it becomes inert if active, or decreases its level by 1 to a minimum of level 0 if inert. If a 1 is rolled while the ring is inert and is at level 0 the ring shatters and is unretreaveable. Ignore Effects of the ring for this attunement roll.)

While active, The Ring of Luck Gives +1 critical chance. Whenever you roll a d20 you do so with advantage. The Ring of luck +1, or +2, or +3 Increases Critical chance by that much extra, You roll that many more dice with advantage and ignores disadvantage. If you criticaly hit ignore all effects that reduce damage excluding immunity on the target of the attack. When one of your effects or spells causes a character to make a saving throw they do so with disadvantage and ignore advantage. For +1, +2, and +3 they roll that many additional dice and choose the lowest of the rolls. The Ring of Epic Luck gives Enhanced Critical. When you critcally hit a character, ignore all effects that reduce damage excluding immunity on the target. When you roll any die, unless the die is a d20 and a 1 was rolled you can ignore what was rolled and treat that roll as the maximum that die can produce. If any character would make a saving throw, skill check, or attack roll, you can ignore that roll and treat it as 1 unless a 20 is rolled. Inert Rings of Luck have no effect and do not influence rolls on any character.

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