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These people, and kindred look like all sorts of other races, and they are. Drawn together to a single hub of a metropolis of technological marvel. This metropolis is almost as big as a planet itself, futuristic and advanced, yet it seems just out of their reach as it is always their companion in their dreams. In this city, they are attuned to the machinery that travels throughout the city, and sometimes the mounts as if the they and the machinery or mounts are one in mind. Together they benefit from one another and if one hurts, so does the other.

Physical Description[edit]

They come from all sorts of basic races and this "Rigger" Aspect is added to their racial traits, with both the benefits and consequences of their form or joining. Rush of speed, fills them with exhilaration etc. When there is something wrong with the non Rift Riggers mount the riggers feel it the same.

There is one exception; and to this creature that is short and wide and more similar to a semi metallic mechanical golem or elemental than any other race. They are from tiny to huge size, and have large disc like shields attached to each leg and each arm. Their general frame is semi squared off and their wide heads almost match their shoulders on their nearly no neck. They have wide bands of armor going down their entire body or that equivalent to plate. Granted they are slow when they try to walk, however their main mode of transportation are their disk that act like 'wheels'. The Higher ranking Riggers of this sort may have multiple disk on major joints, and decorative disk like shields for 'hats' and other purposes. These Riggers are somehow connected to the dreams of those other humanoid Riggers. So far the only speculation is that they help Non golem like Riggers keep their rigger dreams with out breaking. Its as if they are able to assist non golem Riggers to dream better of this place. The medium sized are to bulky in general to ride the general horses and mounts of the common type, and even of the rare types cannot handle the weight or bulk.

The smaller Riggers that come thru the Rigger Rift are tiny or small in size and focus on all out speed and agility. Very rare ones have very minimal land speed and instead have flight capabilities.


The Golem Riggers fall through a rift in time and dimension into this world, and maybe stirring Rigger Awakenings in other races.


The Golem Riggers are respected by other non golem Riggers, as if they know something, just not sure what. They are all drawn to some large metropolis that they don't understand. They sometimes spend years in certain cities trying to find out more, while serving as carriage masters or other forms of transport systems.

They enjoy pulling and pushing things in general as this increases their endurance and strength over time, while some opt for moving faster and becoming more agile and over time increasing the over all speed and agility. They love testing their skills against other riggers and hardly recognize the city laws that prohibit such activities.

Competitive Challenges[edit]

Point to Point: This is a race starting from a known location and ending at another location. Getting their by any means necessary is usually the rule of the day and harming others and too much destruction is frowned upon and often considered cheating.

Navigation: This is a race designed to test the general wisdom and knowledge of the Rigger. They start out at one position and must make there way to an UNKNOWN location that they know very little or nothing about, as all they have are a set of instructions and receive further instructions once they reach a certain point.

Flat Drag: Upon a flat and straight surface this is a short race based on acceleration.

Some of these races can end up being endurance challenges as well as pulling and pushing challenges on hard or soft surfaces. From civilized areas to simply rough terrain.


They are judged by;

Acceleration: How fast they can reach a certain top speed.

Agility: How well they can maneuver around obstacles and enemies.

Drift and Grip: Their ability to either stay in control and attached to the surface or ability to smoothly slide off or around it.

Top Speed: Their overall top speed during a race.

Halting: Their ability to halt from starting halt position the actual no movement.

They are given rewards based on over all Style and Performance, and can win sponsorship from nobles and kings alike, as well as guilds who want to procure their services for expeditions and safety.

Rigger Names[edit]

Excuse the lack of creativity, as it is almost 5 in the morning and I haven't been able to sleep.

Male: Ford, Chevy, Pinto, Mustang, Ram, Dodge,


Rigger Traits[edit]

Initially inspired 3 things; a type of dwarf, type of fighter, and a class from the Shadowrun Game.
Ability Score Increase. +3 to Strength OR Endurance OR Agility OR +20 Movement
Age. 130 Years so far. As long as they can maintain their health/parts...
Alignment. any
Size. tiny to huge
Speed. Your base walking speed is based upon your non Rift Rigger race. Rift Riggers base walking speed is 15 at medium 20 at large and 30 at huge. Tiny and Small Rift Riggers walking speed is 5 and 10 respectively. While rolling their speeds are dependent upon their function and load.
Rigger Rift Dreams (a). Non Rift Riggers are compelled to Large Cities to hopefully find the town in their dreams, The Rift Riggers Metropolis. This compulsion also drives them to compete in various races as the racing acts almost like a bardic inspiration.
Rift Rigger Dreams (b). Actual Riggers dream of the metropolis from which they came with such vigor that it ebbs out in waves effecting other humanoids who already have the propensity for animal handling or ridding some mode of transportation, inspiring them in their sleep.
Rigger Symbiosis(a). The only distinctive trait a non Rift Rigger gets is the empathy toward a specific mount/mode of transportation. These becomes like an familiar or spirit 'pet' for general mechanics. This takes a week of bonding with the particular source to become active. If the 'pet' is injured the rigger suffers likewise. If the 'pet' is enhanced, the rigger is likewise enhanced. For added general mechanics, the source 'pet' in question responds and reacts better than average, doing nearly impossible things that most others can do without the connection. Ships are faster and turn better. Horses drive on harder and recover better. Are just a few examples.
Rigger Symbiosis (b). Rift Rigger Symbiosis can only apply to something they can actually ride on and not be a burden. So this may limit it to airships or sea ships, etc. They are already in tune with themselves. This grants them proficiency bonus to their primary function of transport, and can easily translate into "Athletics" or strength check bonus's for hauling.
Shield N Roll. Rift Riggers main movement is rolling on shield like disk. This grants them movement 30 in Idle mode and Movement well above 30 in race mode depending on their agility. Per 1 point above 10 dexterity they gain an extra +10 movement applied only when in roll position. They can as a free action go into this mode and/or tumble out of the way, ready themselves for escape, charge or attack. Some times they simply do this maneuver just to move quicker in non combat situations in order to get into rolling position.
Combat Modification. They generally limit themselves to fighting with their fist or Their shields. Some can use other weapons like a long bow or long swords and such however they cant gain special features with these weapons granted by class with the exception to duel wielding types.
Limited Healing, Golem Like Immunities.. Healing spells seem to have limited effects on them as does potions, Even thou they are considered golem like, they do need water as this is part of their fuel source when they choose to expel oxygen. They are immune to diseases and poisons however. They necessarily don't need air. They expel oxygen and use hydrogen as a base source of fuel, currently, when they so choose to open up the internal recycling chambers to oxygen air or water out.
Languages. Non Rift Riggers speak the languages already associated with them, while Rift Riggers only speak their own language initially.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a <race name> character, you can use the following table) of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these table in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Pull and Push, I like to pull and push things.
2 Faster faster I must go where I stop, I wont stop don't you know!
3 Carry, Carry that's my job, that's what I like to do.
4 Adapt and observe, adapt and observe.

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