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Physical Description[edit]

Maverick Hunter X, one of the most famous Reploids of all time.

where from 5 to 10 feet tall and weigh anywhere from 150 to 2,000 pounds depending on their design. Reploids have no means of sexual reproduction and artificially produce "offspring". Reploids can identify as either male, female, or nothing at all. Interestingly, all Reploids share two physical characteristics; armor plating on the entire body below the head, and audio-sensory panels where ears would normally be on a human. As they are artifical being, their skin can be any color they have the dye or paint for. The same could be said for their hair, if they happen to have any.

Form and Function[edit]

In the early stages of their creation, Reploids were solely built for singular tasks with their designs reflecting that purpose. For instance; a Reploid constructed for heavy lifting may look wildly different than one built for nursing, maritime tasks, etc... The resulting variety of design options proved just how capable a Reploid could be if designed right. As time went on, many Reploids were made simply to live life as they see fit. They would usually opt for more human appearances, in stark contrast to their more mechanical or beastly numbers.

The Story So Far[edit]

Reploids were made as both a replacement to their robotic predecessors and as the next evolution of the human race. Many issues arose from this, causing decades of almost Earth ending wars. As it stands today, Reploids are simply one race trying to coexist with everyone else, though there are notable extremist groups.

War, Peace, etc...[edit]

Reploids bear even greater resembelance to their creators than was once thought. Just as a human might become a danger to themselves or others, so do Reploids. A dangerous Reploid is called a "Maverick". A Reploid could become a Maverick for a number of reasons, whether is being viruses, errors, reprogramming or their own free will. A common trait among Mavericks is their desire to prove their superiority over other races through incredibly harmful acts. Some go so far as to wage war and try to exterminate other races to this end. With Mavericks comes Maverick Hunters, altruistic Reploids dedicated to disposing of Mavericks and keeping the peace. Maverick Hunters tend to excel in combat, having access to weapons and equipment a normal Reploid wouldn't.

Reploid Names[edit]

A Reploid can name themselves just about anything they want, but traditional naming conventions do exist in Reploid Society.

Humanoid Reploids tend to have only a single name and stick to the theme of music.

Humanoid: Rock, Roll, Bass, Treble, Alouette, Riff, Scale, Jam, Noodle, Jazz, Blues, Drum, etc...

Non-Humanoid Reploids they tend to choose a descriptor followed by the name of the being they were based on.

Non-Humanoid: Chill Penguin, Aztec Falcon, Armored Armadillo, Magma Dragoon, Jet Stingray, Neon Tiger, Blast Hornet, Tech Kraken, etc...

Reploid Traits[edit]

A comparison of a Non-humanoid Reploid (Left) and a Humanoid Reploid (Right). Note the size difference

Reploids are designed to be better than their creators in most facets. They have a wide variety of abilities at their disposal.
Ability Score Increase. Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution increase by 2.
Age. Your Reploid won't pay attention to their age as it doesn't really affect them. A Reploid is built to be an adult in the prime of their life. With proper maintainence, they tend to stay this way for indefinitely.
Alignment. Anywhere along the spectrum.
Size. Medium to Large
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet. You do not suffer an movement penalties when wearing heavy armor.
Optical Sensors. Your "eyes" and "brain" handle information a lot faster than most organics. Your vision cannot be obscured by any non-magical means. You also have advantage on saving throws against any missiles you can see.
Artificial Internals. Your body is high tech metals, polymers, and ceramics instead of mere flesh and blood. Poisons and Illnesses have no effect on you. You also have no need for food or drink, only about 4 hours of rest a day is needed for you to function properly. You also suffer no damage from losing limbs or other body parts, save for not being able to use them if they aren't connected to you. As long as your head remains intact, your body can be repaired and reassembled.
Circuit Breakers. As your body relies on a carefully designed system of circuits, any influx of energy would cause untold harm to you. should you be hit with a lightning based attack, it deals double damage to you and you are forced to roll a constitution check. If you fail, you are unable to take action for 1 turn.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.


Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Size. You stand at any height a human would and weigh about 50 pounds more than a a human at the same height. Your size is Medium.
Variable Weapons System. You can incorporate most weapons you find into your body. A weapon incorporated in your body can be deployed and stored in an instant. Any weapon incorporated into your body weighs nothing when stored. When deployed, any incorporated weapon is counted as an extension of your body, similar to an extra limb or appendage. You can have a max of 3 weapons incorporated into your body. You cannot unincorporate a weapon from your body once it is incorporated.


Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 1
Size. You Typically stand anywhere from about 6'-9' tall, weighing anywhere from 400lbs to 2000lbs. Your size is Large.
Utilitarian. You come with a set of aritisian's tools or a single weapon of your choice pre-installed in your body. A weapon or set of tools installed in your body can be deployed and stored in an instant. Any weapon installed in your body weighs nothing when stored. When deployed, any installed set of tools or weapon is counted as an extension of your body, similar to an extra limb or appendage. You are proficient with any weapon or artisian's tools installed. You cannot uninstall your tools or weapon.

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