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Punishers are fearsome four armed beasts that exist to bring ballance in universe.

Physical Description[edit]


Punishers are huge four armed humanoids of any colour built to bring chaos or peace in the planet they have travelled.They are searching for new home after destroying their planet from their fights over good and bad.Their muscles can protect them from almost everything as they are strong enough to counter any pain and any threat that stands in their path.Their endurance and strength are all they need.If it happens to see a Punisher try to avoid him for your own good or else you are going to have an ugly experience of your encounter...if you live to remember it.


Punishers used to live in a galaxy far away from our one.The two brothers sons of the King of their planet were having arguess since they were young.After their father died in a Overgalaxian battle the could not choose who would be the new king.They started fighting over the throne.The kingdom seperated in 2 smaller ones.One representing the good and the other the bad.This battle had as a result their planet getting destroyed after millions of battles.They now seek for a new home far from their own.

Punisher traits[edit]


Strength,Constitution(+10),Dexterity(+3),Intelligence(+1),Wisdom(+2),Charisma(+1).(You have no maximum or minimum for these stats.)


Punishers live until the die or whe they get destroyed.If not they can leave for ever finding new planets to live.


Punishers can be any alignment depending on what they learnt by their experience from creatures and cultures they've come to help or vanish.But mostly neutral.


Your size is huge starting at 20ft and reaching at 30ft and weighing 15-20 tons. You can also be large starting at 10ft and reaching at 15ft and weighing 5-10 tons. You have immunity to any intimidating check (but you are prificient.) or fear.You have disadvantage in any hiding check(stealth).


Your base walking speed is 90ft for huge and 40ft for large.Climbing and difficult terrain don't affect your speed.


Your darkvision is 180ft as your normal vision.You can see anything in little to no light.

Hard made[edit]

Your skin is so hard that makes you really tough and your AC gains a +4.(Doesn't matter if the player is wearing armor).You have resistance in bludgeoning damage.

Overwhelming strength[edit]

You have advantage in every strength check (Your current carrying capacity is your strength x240 and your check for push,pull,lift is x480 in kilos).In case of grappling a creature it has disadvantage on the saving throw to your grapple with a DC10+your strength mod.(If you decide to grapple the creature with one extra hand the DC is a +5 for each hand leading to a total of DC20+your strength mod).


When you are attacking you do it with everything you have.When you are attacking you use all four arms in which you are proficient.Your unarmed strike is: (1-5:1d4) (6-10:1d6) (11-15:1d8) (16-20:1d12) .You can wield four weapons including shields.

Overwhelming grip[edit]

Your hands are made to crush mountains.You can wield a heavy,two-handed weapon with on hand and an oversized with two.If you choose to hold a weapon with two hands you can choose with which hands you want to hold it.Also if you hold a weapon with two hands you add your Strength mod twice.If you hold a weapon with all four you have advantage on the attack roll and add 4 times your strength mod.


When you get down to 0hp you gain x2your constitution mod+your current level(once per long rest).You can grow back all your limbs (if cutted) over time.

Who needs them?[edit]

Punishers don't drink and eat(or sleep)(but they can if they want if they do so they can eat ANYTHING & EVERYTHING).Punishers are immune to poison.


You speak and write common and another 4 languages of your choice.

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