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DISCLAIMER I have always wanted a more classic kind of tank for a D&D group so I made my homebrew Phalanx Archetype. If you do not want a more classic-style tank in your group do not use the Phalanx Archetype. If someone could add some flare to this text that would be great, I am no good at this stuff. Enjoy, edit, add, comment, help yourselves. Thank you!

Top 2 Ability scores 1. Constitution 2. Strength

Fighter Martial Archetype: Phalanx The best offense is an impenetrable defense. For the sake of increasing your defensive capabilities you throw aside your use of simple and martial weapons in favor of a second shield.

Hit Die: Sacrificing offensive abilities, your training focuses on increasing your durability and sturdiness. Instantly gain +10 hp. Hit die increases to 1D12 + Con mod + Phalanx level.

Armor: You become proficient with all armor and shields and gain the ability to wield two tower shields at once with no penalty. AC of offhand shield is halved to a minimum 1. Your physical training has paid off, you no longer suffer from armor penalty checks and movement increases to 30ft. While wielding two shields you automatically grant partial cover to allies adjacent to you and total cover for allies directly behind you.

Weapons: The shield in your main-hand now doubles as a melee weapon dealing 1D6 bludgeoning damage. Damage increases to 1D8 at lvl 7, 1D10 at lvl 10, 1D12 at lvl 15 and 2D10 at lvl 20. A phalanx who uses a simple or martial weapon receives a -5 penalty to attack rolls.

Anchor Howl You let loose a ferocious howl that draws the attention of enemies. Starting at 3rd level you may force all foes within 30ft to direct their single target attacks and actions at you as a bonus action. All targets affected must make a Wisdom saving throw. The saving throw DC equals 10 + your Constitution modifier. Enemies who fail the saving throw take 1d6 psychic damage. Damage increases to 1d8 at lvl 10, 1d12 at lvl 15, and 1d12+con mod at lvl 20. You can use this a number of times equal to half your Phalanx level rounded down (minimum 1 time; maximum 5 times) before needing to take a short or long rest.

Spell Shatter Starting at 7th level you may use one of your shields to immediately interrupt a spell from being cast by an enemy within a 5ft radius. You interrupt the spell caster causing it to be focused on you for that turn. Attacks and spells by the target made against you during this turn are at a disadvantage. Spell shatter cannot be used on the same target twice in a row or more than once during a round. Target takes your shields melee damage and is silenced for the round.

Intercept You rush to the aid of your allies at alarming speed. Starting at 10th level you place yourself in harms way using both shields to absorb half the damage +Constitution modifier and provide cover for your allies. Intercepting an ally moves them back (or over) 5ft as you now occupy their space. You may move a maximum of 30ft during Intercept. Double tower shields grants cover in a 15ft cube behind you, all other shields provide 10ft cover cubes. This is considered an immediate action and can only be used twice before needing a long rest. Using both intercepts in a single encounter slows movement speed to 20ft until a long rest is completed.

Extreme Training Your continuous training has yielded amazing results. At level 15 choose one of the following:

Legendary Shield Master: Your shields have become an extension of your own body. You may now use the full AC of your off-hand shield and gain the ability to put one of your two shields on your back without penalties. With a shield on your back only half of that shield's AC is added, but you may no longer be victim to sneak attacks or disadvantage from behind. When holding both shields you may add the full AC of your off-hand shield. With a shield on your back you prefer to use two hands to swing your main-hand shield; using both hands adds your strength modifier to your shield's damage.

Spell Shield Master: You have recognized your weakness to magic and have spent countless hours training to withstand the toughest spells. With the help of powerful mages you have succeeded in finding a way to use your shields to negate and resist magical attacks and effects. Your shields become immune to one type of magic and resistant to all others. This effect ONLY works if you have vision of, or are facing, the caster. In addition when a caster attacks you with a projectile spell your shields are immune to, you may use an immediate action to attempt to reflect the spell back at the caster or another foe. In order to reflect a spell the spell must come from a direction you can see.

Vampiric Shield Master: Your shields have absorbed the blood of countless foes and have gained a vampiric effect. Melee attacks against you cause your shields to do 1d8 + con mod vampiric damage. You instantly heal for half of the vampiric damage rounded down. Attacks made against you that fail are still subject to take vampiric damage. Attacking with your shield also adds vampiric damage and health regen. Melee attacks made against you from behind do not receive vampiric damage. Effects only work vs melee attacks.

Undying Rage At 18th level you call upon your God(s) to grant you the strength to protect your allies. As long as you are in good standing with your God(s) and as long as your God(s) can hear you, your God(s) grant you immense power. A lightning bolt strikes down from the heavens where you stand, now glowing with the aura of your God(s). You gain 50 temporary hit points, the ability to immediately use an Intercept and Anchor Howl for free, deal double damage with shields, and make all attacks and spells against you disadvantaged for the duration. This ability lasts for 1 minute + half your Phalanx level rounded down or until your hit points reach 0. If your hit points reach 0 before the end of Undying Rage, you immediately regain half of your max HP + Phalanx level and the effects of the spell end. You lose 1 turn as you recover from the immense strain this ability has put on your body. On your next turn movement speed is halved. Movement speed then returns to normal on all following turns. If your time runs out before your hit points reach 0, the spell and all its effects end. You then lose your next turn as you recover. Your movement speed is halved on the following turn and then returned to normal on the turn after that. During your recovery turn attacks and spells against you have advantage as you struggle to keep yourself from dropping to the ground. This ability can only be used once per 24 hours.

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