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Nature Champion

Nature's Champion is a class meant that is a mix between a druid,the Avatar( Avatar the last air bender.) , and a Buddha. Being able to take advantage of the abilities of creatures ,example being rather than morphing into a tarrasque you would remain as your character ,but have the tarrasque's Reflective Carapace or its Siege Monster trait.(Legendary actions,reactions,and abilities are included.) Also you basically become the Avatar by being able to control All the elements (Air,Earth,Fire,and Water.) but also in later levels you gain Sub branches of those elements (Metal,Wood,Light,Dark, etc.).

Having been wandering the worlds for more power the barbarian Dragonborn found herself standing before an ancient totem of the old Gods. Wishing for the power to become all powerful and well known the Gods gifted her with the power she wished for but the price was more than she would ever repay.

As the Tiefling Druid meditated on the idea of what it meant to be one with nature he found himself tapping into the essence of nature. When he finally opened his eyes he found that though his body remained the same, a shimmer came about him and a power awoke deep with in.

Creating a Nature Champion[edit]

Quick Build
  • This class may only be taken by non mechanical,construct, or any variant of a robotic/android like creatures.**This class only allows for one Nature Champion at a time, if in your game someone has already chosen this class then no other player may take it. However this is only my game rule you are your own GM DM/player so you make your choice.*

You can make a Nature Champion quickly by following these suggestions. First, Wisdom should be your highest ability score as it will be used to cast elemental abilities, followed by Strength for attacks. Second, choose what ever background fits your character as this class is meant for any. Third, choose one simple weapon, one Martial weapon, and one exotic weapon and Armor pies.Champions Ac gains a +12 because of natural armor and it also applies to any AC additions you'd get with any armor. Your Speed starts at 60 ft and increases by 20 at level 6 and again at level 10 by 40 ft.

Class Features

As a Nature Champion you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d12 per Nature Champion level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d12 (or 7) + Constitution modifier per Nature Champion level after 1st


Armor: All armors
Weapons: Simple weapon, Martial weapon
Tools: Any
Saving Throws: Strength, Wisdom
Skills: Chose 3 from skill list.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) Simple Weapon or (b) Martial Weapon
  • Magical Item and Exotic Weapon
  • Exotic Animal Companion.
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have Six d8 multiplied by 10 (max of 480) in funds.

Table: The Nature Champion

Level Proficiency
1st +2 Natures awakening,Elemental Understanding, Elemental immunity.
2nd +2 Elemental weapon link, Elemental devourer, True Nature Polymorph
3rd +2 Nature fusion,Winds of change.
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, Place in the universe, Cosmic Elements
5th +3 Nature's wrath,Fate vision, Cosmic Beast, Universal life link.
6th +3 Nature heal,Essence reversal.
7th +3 Companion link, Eternal eye.
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement, Creation,Cosmic Reincarnation.
9th +4 Cosmic time,Universal chakra,
10th +4 Universal birth, True Avatar, Avatar State.
11th +4
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5
14th +5
15th +5
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6
18th +6
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6

<!-Class Feature->[edit]

Natures Awakening
AT first level you feel a new power awaken deep inside as the elements awaken your champion powers. You gain knowledge of all known elements and the ability to control those elements at will. All Element attacks gain your Strength modifier added to the attack,no energy is used as all energy is given to the champion by the universe.However at first level you can only use on and bend one element at a time, by level 3 you can bend four at one time, and again at level 10 you are then able to fully control and bend six elements at one time. You also gain the ability to use the elements as a breath weapon which deal one d12+Strength at first level and multiplied by Strength modifier at level 4. You have one elemental breath per class level,and they are recharged after a short rest. The champion also gain Natural earth armor that adds a +12 to your AC in addition to any armor you wear.

+20 Strength +16 Dexterity +18 Constitution + 14 Intelligence + 18 Wisdom +12 Charisma Nature champion poweres can not be copied by any means, either they are given by the champion or the class is taken. Any attempt at copying the powers will result in the complete and instant annihilation of the creature attempting to do so.

Elemental Understanding
With elemental understanding you become proficient in all elemental knowledge. Elemental attacks gain intelligence and Strength modifier to attacks. Element attacks are multiplied not added.
Elemental Immunity
While using any element(s) you become immune to that element. AT level 10 you become fully immune to Four elements of your choice.
Elemental Weapon Link
At second level the Champion is able to bond with any weapon they come in contact with. You are then able to re-create any weapon you have come in contact with and recreate it as an elemental version of it or you can summon said weapon to your side at will , and with the weapons effects magical or non magical. If the weapon already belongs to someone and bound to them in anyway it is still summoned to you and is considered friendly towards you , but will only be summoned for one attack and can not be summoned again for 24 hours.You also get the option to soul bind any weapon that is not already soul bound to another creature,weapons that are already soul bound can't be soul bound to you. If weapon is recreated it gains elemental properties and gain your Strength modifier to it as normal and its attack is multiplied by Strength and intelligence .Champion also gains an extra attack per class level. The extra attacks work in the way that one successful attack would gain the rolls of levels in class per attacks and still count as one attack roll.
Elemental Devourer
You are able to absorb any element used against you. If a new element is used and you absorb it you then learn how to create and control said element at will.However absorbing and element does take a full turn, and doing so will give no negative effects towards you. While you do learn how to create and use new elements at will it does require a full day to learn and master.
True Nature Polymorph
You are now able to fully Polymorph into any creature you have encountered or seen as a passive, along with alter self as a passive ability and not a spell.
Nature Fusion
After having had practice with polymorph Nature's Champion is now able to remain as themselves and rather than morphing into a creature you take the creatures abilities instead.Selected abilities are permanent until the champion chooses to drop the ability. There is no limit to how many you can have at one time.
Winds of change
Much like a breath attack you may use an action to blow a gentle wind towards a single target,a groups of targets, or the battle field in general. Winds of change affects only those you choose it too. Winds of change ravages your enemies and removes any abilities that would make them immune to any type of affect, unable to be grappled, unable to die from mass damage, etc. Any abilities or feats that may give any positive effects to the target then is given to you for a d12 roll about of hours,and are in turn removed from the target(s) for the same about of hours. You roll the DC and it is 12+ Strength, Wisdom, and Constitution. On a success they become immune for 24 hours.
Place in the universe
You are now aware of what it truly means to be Nature's Champion. You become aware of who the previous Champion was gain their abilities. Selected one/two class[es](can be various equalling 20+) and race (can be a mix of two races.) of your choosing and and add their bonuses twice, abilities,AC,Speed,HP, racial abilities, and any know spells to your champion. Ignore any prerequisites in a class or race you select ,and you gain the abilities and spells that they would have at max level ( level 20+ max.).These are gained through a bleed effect and are permanent to the Champion. Spell have DC 12+proficiency multiplied by Will.You can now also speak,read,write,and understand any and ALL languages.

Please take note that if at any point the Nature Champion class is taken/removed from the character said character is instantly killed. Their body is turned to dust and they are unable to be brought back by ANY means. Removal of the nature power is like removing the soul from their body and no body lives without a soul.

Cosmic Elements
Your prowess with the elements has taken you to a new level. All elemental attacks are multiplied by a d12 and gain your Strength modifier which is also multiplied to attack. You may choose any size category for your choice. Anything of large or grater size rolls a d20 at a max of 4. At smaller levels the die becomes a d12 but you add 2 die per class level.
Nature's wrath
Much like the barbarians Nature's Champion may enter a state of mind the reduces all attacks by half.(physical or magical) In addition while in this state the Champion does not suffer or can be made to suffer any negative effects. This state can be activated once per champion level, and is activated and deactivated at will.This ability also give your attacks an additional bonus by allowing you to crit on a 19 or 20 at level 5 and 17 at level 10 and you now multiply you attacks by 2 for the first attack you make on your turn.
Fate vision
This allows the champion to completely avoid any two attacks no matter how impossible it may seem. This may only be done once a day and only after a full long rest.
Cosmic beast
All polymorph and fusions attacks are multiplied by a d12 and intelligence and Strength.
Universal life link
This gives the Champion immunity to any negative effects made by any (friendly or not.) creature that the Champion deems as an enemy(being temporary or as a permanent enemy). Poisons are dealt at half damage.
Nature heal
The ability to heal yourself or any companion with the powers of nature. You heal any poison effects,exhaustion, and hp they may have lost. Roll a 4d12 and add intelligence modifier as points healed. If the champion heals him/her self the roll then becomes 3d20 and Strength modifier.
Essence reversal
You may choose any one creature that is considered an enemy and is attacking you or a companion and change their will to fight you into the will to fight for you. Targeted Creature must make a Will save with a DC of 12 multiplied by Con,Str, and Wis. On a fail the creature stops any attack instantly and will fight for you for a period of 24 hours. Target creature may not make any attack against you or any of your companions, and may not be taken out of this state until 24 hours pass or until the champion wills it. On a success the target creature is immune to these effects for 48 hours and becomes aware of future attempts made on it.
Companion Link
you may choose to share your powers with a companion of your choice for a time period of your choice or give your companion the choice of becoming a follower of the nature champion. If the choose to become a follower you may choose to make the link permanent, but you may also choose to take back the power at any time as well even if your companion has chosen to become a follower. Number of followers may not exceed 5 companions. Companion gains elemental bonuses,all stats,HP,SP,AC and powers for time selected by champion.Creature must be willing to accept these effects of ability or it does not work on them.While linked you know all thoughts your companion is having and become aware of any attacks they may make towards you giving you advantage on all attacks and saves made towards you. This power can only be given by the champion and they can not be forced to give this power by any means as this is also a gift by nature.
Eternal Eye
You gain a third eye on your forehead allowing you to see any on coming attacks made towards you. This gives you advantage on all attacks you make and disadvantage on attacks made towards you.
You are now able to create any one thing out of seemingly nothing be it thought , wish, will, or physical cation. This may only be used three times a month and recharges after a moth of being activated.
Cosmic Reincarnation
When you drop to zero rather than going unconscious you roll a d20 multiplied by your Intelligence modifier,and heal number result as nature's energy heals you.This may be done two times and is recharged with a long rest.When you reach zero HP a blast of elements spreads to a radius of 40 feet around you, and it deals 4 d20 worth of damage. Creatures in this radius must make a Dex save or they are petrified in place. On a success they are blind for one round.
Cosmic Time
Time no longer flows the same way for you as it does for the rest of the world. You gain timeless body and are now able to fully control time to your will. No time effects can stop or hold you, and you can move freely through time even if it is stopped. You are able to make a creature or item age rapidly be it forward in time or backwards in time at will as well. Targets must make a DC CON save of your Con times your Wis. On a fail you control their fate and may do as you wish, but on a fail they become immune to this ability for one month.
Universal Chakra
You are now able to share the powers of the elements with any creature you deem worthy or take away any elemental powers from any one creature/item you deem unworthy. When removing elemental powers targets must make a DC Will and Con save of multiplied by your Will, Intelligence, and Con. On a fail they loose one of their element(s) for 24 hours of your choice and any abilities and bonuses they would have from their element. They may re roll after 24 hours to a DC Will save of 10 plus your Will and Con,but after three fielded rolls the element is lost to them for one year. On a success the target gain advantage of all element related rolls and become immune to this ability for half a year.This may only be done once a year and you gain two points of exhaustion.
Universal Birth
You are now one with the universe around you and are now able to multiply all rolls by strength,Constitution,and Will. All attack die are upgraded to one dies level above it with a die max of d20.
True Avatar
Nature has selected its true champion. All elemental attack go through AC and are multiplied by one d20 Constitution,Will,Intelligence, and Strength in addition to any modifiers previously gained. If any elemental attack you make is absorbed by a creature or item, it must make a DC Strength save of your Con,Strength, and Will modifiers multiplied together. On a success they gain knowledge of the element for 48 hours and are able to control it. On a filed roll they are instantly obliterated and may not be brought back by any means for 48 hours,an the DC in creases by two for said creature. As the true Avatar you are now the guardian of the elements. Your Natural armor has now changed from stone to a light but powerful metal that is not visible to others. you gain an additional + 12 to your AC, and your speed is now 4 times what your current speed is. As the true avatar you are also now able to teleport instantly to any known location or in combat any where with in your speed range. While in combat you may only teleport with in your speed range, and you are not able to teleport more than four willing creatures at a time. Out of combat you my teleport only teleport 10 willing creatures at one time and all creatures make a dc Will save of 20. You may not die by massive damage, or magical effects.
Avatar state
Much like the ability Natures's Wrath you are now able to multiply your attacks, however this time you are multiplying all attacks (physical or magical) by 2 along with the multipliers given by Nature's Wrath. In addition your spell DC also gains this times 2 multipliers to it along with your Spell Attack. This ability my be activated at will and last until the Nature champion chooses to end it, and only when he or she chooses to end it. They may not be forced to ended it by any other means but theirs.. This ability does stack with any other abilities that may grant any bonuses. In this state the champion will not suffer from any negative effects same as in Nature's wrath,also including death effects, mind effects, or any effect that causes any negative effect to the champion.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 3rd and 4th level, and again at 7th,8th, and 10th you can increase two ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase three ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

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