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Lone Walker[edit]

Lone Walkers...

Experimental warriors from a place far away from these lands. These creatures fought in an war only they remember with weapons only the were meant to use.

After their war ended, they were banned and detested for using such deadly weapons, because their families and friends were scared of them at that time.

So they started to walk a new path without knowing where it will take them nor if they would ever come back. As they were slowy spread all across the worlds,

they showed everyone the power of their exotic weapons, from Gunblade to a Whip.

<!-Introduction Leader->[edit]

Creating a Lone Walker[edit]

Quick Build

You can make a <!-class name-> quickly by following these suggestions. First, <!-Ability score-> should be your highest ability score, followed by <!-Ability score->. Second, choose the <!-background name-> background. Third, choose <!-elaborate on equipment choices->

Class Features

As a Lone Wanderer you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Lone Wanderer level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Lone Wanderer level after 1st


Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor
Weapons: Simple, Martial and Exotic Weapons, Shields
Tools: Blacksmith tools
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Wisdom
Skills: One based on dexterity, one based on strength and perception


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) A long sword or (b) Two daggers
  • A map of your home region
  • (a) Blacksmith tools or (b) 20gp
  • (a) Light armor of your choice or (b) Breastplate

Table: The Lone Wanderer

Level Proficiency
Features Rigor Gale Frenzy
1st +2 Path of the forgotten one - - -
2nd +2 Bullet crafting, Enhancing - - -
3rd +2 Archetype feature - 10 1
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement - 20 1
5th +3 Extra Attack - 20 1
6th +3 Archetype feature - 30 1
7th +3 Detested style - 30 2
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement - 40 2
9th +4 Archetype feature - 50 2
10th +4 Rigor 1 60 3
11th +4 Extra Attack 1 70 3
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 1 80 3
13th +5 Archetype feature 1 90 4
14th +5 Windwall 1 100 4
15th +5 Detested style 2 100 4
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 2 110 5
17th +6 Archetype feature 2 120 5
18th +6 Extra Attack 2 130 5
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 3 140 5
20th +6 Fate´s call 3 150 6

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Path of the forgotten one[edit]

You were always wandering around the world and avoided humanity for so long that you know the world better than the society.

You will also easier forget people you encouterd.

You gain +1 on all investigation and nature rolls but you recieve a -1 penalty on all insight rolls.

Ammo Crafting[edit]

With the beginning of the 2nd level you are able to craft ammunition of any kind twice as fast.

You often also require less money (material cost and that sort of things) to be able to craft it. (The amount is up to your DM)


At level 2 you can now enhance weapons and armors you are proficient with.

If you choose to enhance a weapon for the first time roll 2d10 and afterwards 1d4, both without any modifiers.

The d10 decide how much gold is required for the enhancement and the d4 sets how much hours are needed for you to complete it.

After you rolled the dices the gold must be paid to start otherwise the enhancement price will remain on that weapon for you.

If you choose to enhance a weapon, roll 1d12 which applies one of the following effects:

1-2: Add 1 to the attack roll

3-4: Add 1 damage of the used damage type to the weapon (If this effect is on an armor all of your currently equipped weapons gain this bonus as long as you wear that armor)

5-6: Reflect 1 damage to the attacker

7-8: Add 1 to the weapons critical bonus damage (If this effect is on an armor all of your currently equipped weapons gain this bonus as long as you wear that armor)

9-10: Reduce incoming damage of a damage type you choose by 1, while wearing the weapon/armor (Bludegoning, Slashing or Piercing)

11-12: You regain 1 hit point upon killing a creature

If you choose to enhance an already enhanced weapon even further the dices are as follows:

Price: 2d10 * times the weapon has been enhanced

Time: 1d4 * times the weapon has been enhanced (Maximum is 48 hours)

At level 15 you roll 2d8 instead 2d10 and reduce the time by 1 hour per 1d4 you rolled (Minimum is still 1 hour).

There is no enhancement limit on weapons and your DM may let you decide what enhancement you get if you had to pay a relatively high price (if he is kind enough).

Extra Attack[edit]

At the beginning of level 5 you can attack twice during your turn.

At level 11 you can attack up to three times during your turn and at level 18 you can perform up to 4 attack actions.

Detested Style[edit]

With the beginning of the 7th level and 15th you develop a fighting style which is as unique as cruel. (You cannot choose the same fighting style twice)

Whenever your detested style effect triggers all allied and injured enemy creatures within a 25ft radius around you have to perform a charisma saving throw.

DC for allies is 10 - your proficiency modifier and DC for injured enemies is 12 + your proficiency modifier.

If a creature fails the saving throw it becomes feared from you for 1 minute and gets immunity against this feature for 2 minutes. The immunity even takes place for creatures who succeed the saving throw.

You gain one of the following detested styles:

-> Vampiric side

Whenever you attack the same opponent for the third time you gain equal to all damage you deal to that creature with that attack as temporary hit points for 1 minute.

Additionally every 3rd attack against the same creature will absorb some of its life energy and will let you regain 1d4 hit points.

(The healing is triggering the first part of this feature)

-> Cutthroat

If a creature is performing a ritual or cast a spell which uses voice within a 5ft radius around you, you can use your reaction to perform a melee attack against their Dexterity if you are able.

If the attack hits the spell or ritual will be canceled. (Spell slots will still be consumed)

-> Death penalty

If a creature has currently a quarter of its maximum hit points or less you double all damage you deal to them. You can only do this once against the same creature.

(Every empowered attack causes the first part to activate)

-> Bravery

Whenever a battle begins, choose an enemy creature. This creature deals 1 damage less for every level it is above you and for every other enemy creature within a 25ft radius around you.

(Whenever you recieve damage from that creature you activate the first part of this feature)

-> Thorns

Whenever you are hit by a melee attack you redirect as a reation one quarter from the recieved damage back to the attacker. (Rounded down)

-> Equilbrium

All creatures which have less hit points than you deal less damage to you equal to your proficiency modifier and those who have more hit points than you

recieve more damage from that damage type from your melee attacks equal your proficiency bonus. (The first part activates only when you score a hit)

-> Ruthless

Whenever you deal damage to a creature you can choose to consume normal or temporary hit points. By doing so the consumed (temporary) hit points will be converted to

magic force damage against that creature. This damage cannot be evaded.

If target creature dies because of this feature you will regain half of the spent hit points. (Rounded up)


With the 10th level you are able to pierce partially through the enemy armor. Whenever you perform a slashing or piercing attack against an enemy he has reduced AC against you equal to your Rigor points.

You gain 1 rigor every minute, but you lose all rigor if you or an allied creature within a 25ft radius of you loses hit points. (Temporary hit points excluded)

(Rigor maximum is shown in the classfeature table above)


At level 14 you can create a windwall in front of you which destroys the first projectile colliding with it.

If a projectile collides with the windwall it will be completly erased unless it is bigger than the windwall. The windwall is 1 inch thick and 15ft wide and is created in front of you (it is 10 ft high).

Creatures who try to pass it treat it as difficulty terrain. If a creature (except you) passes the wall or a projectile collides with it or 3 minutes have passed the wall disappears.

You can use this feature once after perfroming a short rest. Summoning a windwall requires the use of a bonus action.

While using this feature you remove all fog around you in a 40ft radius.

Fate´s call[edit]

At level 20 you are able to slam your sword into the ground to create a shockwave that unravels the earth beneath it. (This is a action)

The shockwave is 5ft wide and travels 300ft in a straight line unless there is a magical barrier that would block it. The width increase to 15ft if you have 10 hit points or less.

You consume all your frenzy and gale points while performing this feature (These bonuses don´t apply to the attack). This attack deals 3d6 force damage and 1d8 fire damage to all creatures hit,

creates difficult terrain along the way which lasts for 1 hour and knocks all creatures hit prone if they are sized large or smaller. You can only use this feature once after performing a long rest.

Lone Walker Archetypes[edit]

Way of the Wanderer[edit]

Focuses on wind


At the beginning of the 3rd level you now gather 5 gale points for every 10ft you move. Out of combat your gale is always at maximum.

Whenever you recieve damage from any source all of your gale will be consumed and you will gain 1 temporary hit point for 1 minute per 10 gale.

As long as you have maximum gale your jump strength is doubled.

At level 14 you gain 5 gale points per 5 ft you move.


With the beginning of the 6th level you are able to critically strike much easier. You now critcally strike at: 20 - your proficiency modifier.

Your critical strikes bonus is now also halved (Rounded up to the next die, but 1d4 will be replaced with +2). This feature only applies to melee weapons.

While wind blade is active your critical bonus will deal full damage.

Eye of the storm

When you are level 9 you seal your wounds by air for a short time. Whenever you would recieve damage that reduces your normal hit points you gain afterwards as much temporary hit points for 1 minute,

up to a maximum of your current level/2 rounded up + 1.

This effect can only occur once after ending your turn in battle or after a fight ends.

If it is your turn and you have any temporary hit points you consume all of them caused by this feature and from Windshield.

Your next melee attack will deal bonus magic damage equal to the consumed hit points or you gain additional movement speed for this turn equal to consumed hit points * 5 in feet (Maximum of 20ft).

Wind blade

At level 13 you are able to create a wind blade by using your action to empower your weapon (has to be a melee weapon).

You deal 1d12 force damage + your normal weapon damage against all creatures in a 5ft wide and 25ft long area in front of you.

After creating the windblade you have an increased "melee" attack range by 20ft for 2 minutes after that the windblade slowly starts to fade which decreases your melee attack range by 5ft every minute

(Until your old melee attack range is regained). You can use this feature once after a short rest.

If there a creatures in a straight line between you and the creature that you want to attack you can either additionally attack them, too, but with disadvantage or

you can regain 10 gale for every one of those creatures.

Walker´s Law

With the beginning of the 17th level you can consume all of your remaining gale as an action to summon magical wind chains.

An enemy creatures in your line of sight up to a range of 40 feet has to succeed a DC18 dexterity saving throw. Upon a failed save those creatures will recieve 3d6 force damage and its

movement speed will be reduced to 0 for its next turn.

Additionally you let windspears rise from the ground in between you and the targeted creature in a direct line.

If a creature other than you touches a spear it will break and deal 1d6 force damage to that creature. (1 spear "covers" a 5x5ft area)

The spears will disappear all at once after 3 turns.

You can use this feature once after stunning, disarming or killing a creature.

Way of the Edge[edit]

Focuses on using his blade


With the beginning of the 3rd level you fall into bloodlust whenever you deal the killing blow to an opponent or it dies within the same minute when you damaged it.

If that happens you gain 1 stack of frenzy that last for 3 minutes.

For every stack of frenzy your melee attacks deal 1 additional magic damage on hit.

Whenever you deal non-magical damage to a creature, the duration of all frenzy stacks refreshes but if you take damage from any source all frenzy stacks will instantly expire.

(The maximum frenzy stack are listed in the classfeature table above)

Gaping Wound

At level 6 your melee attacks with slashing or piercing weapons will inflict a delayed wound onto the enemy. When you attack a creature it gains 1 stack of gaping wound.

Every stack of gaping wound will reduce all healing effect on that creature by 1.

You can sheath your weapon as an action to activate all stacks of gaping wound on all creatures inflicted with it.

All inflicted creatures must make a constituion saving throw against 5 + your proficiency modifier + your dexterity modifier.

If they fail they recieve 1d4 slashing damage for every stack applied to them, otherwise they recieve half the damage rounded down.


At level 9 your melee attacks now inflict bleeding. Whenever you hit a creature with a melee attack it has to make a constitution saving throw against:

DC: 5 + your proficiency modifier + dexterity modifier + all the bleeding stack the creature already has.

If it fails it gains 1 stack of bleeding (The saving throw won´t occur if the target is already bleeding) if the creature is physically able to bleed, otherwise this feature won´t have any effect.

Each stack of bleeding deals 1 damage to the inflicted creature at the beginning of it´s turn.

All healing or cleansing spells will remove 1 bleeding stack (It doesn´t matter if the bleeding is trying to be cured or not).

Bleeding will not reduce the targets hit points below 0, but a bleeding creature will die if it is bleeding for 1 our after it has fallen unconscious.

If the wounds are taken care of physically it takes 1 minute to treat all of them and it takes 1 minute for every wound if you are treating it with magic.

If you score a critical strike you inflict 2 stacks of bleeding.

Blade dance

At the 13th level you can use your main action to perform a melee attack against every enemy creature within a 15 by 15ft area. The center of the area can be set up to 15ft away from you.

After performing this attack you reappear at your starting location if possible otherwise in the nearest unoccupied spot.

These attacks deal half damage (rounded up) if there are 4 or more creatures in the target area (They still apply gaping wound).

You can use this feature once after performing a short rest.

If you have the maximum amount of frenzy you can use this feature regardless of the "remaining uses" by consuming all of your frenzy stacks. If you use this feature by consuming frenzy you apply

an additional stack of gaping wound to all creatures within the target area before the attacks take place, you also can´t gain any frenzy stacks for 1 minute after performing this feature this way.

Last breath

With the beginning at the 17th level you can blink at any given time on top of a creature which is stunned, within in the air or is performing a reaction attack against you and renders that target creature

suppressed for 2 additional minutes. You deal 3d10 slashing damage against target creature and 1d6 slashing + 1d4 force damage against every other enemy creature in a 10ft radius around target creature.

You can use this feature once after performing long rest. The blinking range is 50ft.

(A suppressed creature is not able to use attack in its turn, its dexterity will be reduced by 10 and strength by 5, all attacks against it gain a +3 bonus to the attack roll

and all other creature may pass through it treating it like it would be an unoccupied space where the suppressed creature is standing. If the suppressed creature uses a feature or spell which has a

certain DC to resist the incoming effects reduce the DC by 3)


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the <!-class name-> class, you must meet these prerequisites: you must have a sex of 13 and a wis of 13 or higher Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the <!-class name-> class, you gain the following proficiencies:

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