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See Discussion for More detailed info for those who need it.

When in doubt, blame it on the ID-10-T automaton.

This is race was inspired by biblical fools, fools in our time, and those who seem foolish, and really weren't. They were just beyond our current understanding.

Physical Description[edit]

When the ID10T enters a party for the first time in game play, he takes on a little of each part member, looking like a little of this and a little that conglomerated into a hodgepodge of odd bits of various metal or flesh, party decides.


Step 1: Determine what is the average race of the party. Is it mostly humans, or mostly orcs or something else. That will be the base shape of the ID-10-T.

Step 2: The party decides if they want it metal or organic.

Step 3: Assign a number for each member of the party.

Step 4: Roll The Party affiliation die and a d4 at the same time for each of the following:

  • 1) Aesthetics: the ID-10-T takes on the general aesthetics of the party member on the Affiliation die.
  • 2) Arms: ID-10-T takes on the arms as noted above in *1).
  • 3) Torso
  • 4) Legs


unfortunately, again not much is known here. It seems like one of those stories where too many players made too many fails and this....poor dilapidated creature is the calmative of all those fails.

Mechanically: It winked into existence dazed and confused unable to speak well for a few moments, if at all. They appear only when a party of adventures have made 100 bad rolls including critical fails, misses on to hits and saves by a majority of points, as well as failing skill checks. Once a player appears who wants to play this race, it is noted as if 100 has been reached. If an NPC appears, it may say a certain number of rounds/days/weeks/months... the npc will wink out of existence if it is more than 1/4th mile from party.

There is no known study on this race. It simply seems to be like a steam bubble in boiling mud; it forms when there has been to much back 'luck' and as an out let from the plain of karma pools, it is created. That's the best guess one could hope for. Its reaching, yet the ghastly creature stands before you regardless of where it came from.


unfortunately, they are incapable of having a society of themselves, that anyone has ever heard of.

mechanically: They are incapable of reproducing. They have no concept of reproduction for them, nor can they, as they lack the synaptic neurons and regions of the brain that understand such concepts. They have no sexual drive.

ID10T Names[edit]

If you cant beat em, join em.

Male: Dorkmoron, Bonheadduffus

Female: Blonde, Ditzzy, Cra' Cra',

ID-10-T Traits[edit]

Everyone loves a beat stick, Now here you too can have this beat stick to blame for everything, and it makes them stronger too.
Ability Score Increase. Constitution +1d4, Dexterity +1d4, +1d4 strength, -1d4 intelligence, -1d4 wisdom, -1d4 charisma.
Age. Instant. Created via Karma?
Alignment. Always lawful.
Size. Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Resilience. After taking a blow that is half or greater than your total HP, make a constitution save for half damage. Take advantage on all saving throws.
Symbiotic, Healthy Advantage, Dis. They take advantage when leveling up their health per level, if they have kept party members from taking the ID10Ts total about of Hit points by defending the party.
Symbiotic, Foolish Transgression. When a player makes a bad roll the ID10T can take the roll to hit instead on his turn. This can be done once per short rest.
Symbiotic, Foolish Pride. When a player takes massive damage, the ID10T can take the damage instead, this can be done once per long rest.
Symbiotic, Foolish wisdom. Any time when a player makes a failed save, the ID10T can take the failed save instead and recharge the wait time on one other ability.
Symbiotic, Idiots Favor. Everyone sees to love an idiot at some point in their life, so it is true here. Once per party's long rest the ID10T can mysteriously recharge random persons random ability right after the party agrees to some random bonus/help the ID10T should get. Some ideas may include bonus exp, restoration, healing etc.
Symbiotic, Stupid Indulgence. When a player is intoxicated or other indulgence by some means, the ID10T can take the effects of the player(s) grand total, once per long rest.
Symbiotic Idiocy. Any time one of the players does something stupid, the ID10T gets the effects of it.
Symbiotic Supremacy Similitude. At some level ordained by the story teller, the ID10T can become another players 'familiar', and focus all the symbiotic effects on that person, automatically after which Once a long rest the ID10T can transfer all the ill gotten effects to one enemy at once, that has happened to the master player that has not yet been remedied.
Idiots Freedom. When an ID10T dies and cannot be normally healed, he is resurrected missing levels, yet retaining his current HD, for he is everyone's favorite idiot.
Languages. common

Additional Traits; Behaviors resulting in Bonus's and Penalties[edit]

This is race was inspired by biblical fools, fools in our time, and those who seem foolish, and really weren't. They were just beyond our current understanding.

Full List:

Repeated offences of foolishness will not be repeated here.

> will be the mark showing how many times similar foolishness was repeated and researched with the word "fool" therein.

  • If pressured too much they will flee with out common decency to say good bye. This may keep them from further danger however. Genesis 31 KJV
  • They tend to speak against God given chosen people. They will contract leprosy for doing so. Numbers 12
  • They forget the Blessings they have and resort to chaotic self serving ways. Therefore the blessings is removed from them, and Gods wrath of others will stir against them. They loose the racial traits and become the focus of aggression. Deuteronomy 32 >
  • Fools are greedy for position and hurt others who are just trying to help while ignoring the will of the kings and commanders. 2 Samuel 3
  • Fools take in ignorance outside the law what would be given to them anyway by the law and are punished, eventually. While in the mean time that sort of foolishness spreads because of ignorance and fear. 2 Samuel 13

It seems the variances of foolishness is like a great ocean. The number of stupid things that people do is endless and nothing new in todays time verses way back then. So with all this research, I will make a short work of it, for it surly grieves me to no ends.

So I will wrap it up saying in this. The dichotomy of Wisdom and Foolishness is Mechanically Thus:

  • Lawful Good characters Must be Paladins, Clerics, Druids or the like.
  • Chaotic Good characters can be anything but Paladin, Cleric and Druid Types. With level limitations to 15
  • Neutral Characters can not be Paladins, Clerics. They can only reach level 5 in Druid.
  • Evil characters are restricted to barbarians, fighters, mages and rouges and are restricted to level limitations of 10.

Non Good:

  • The non Good characters have no god that they believe is real.
  • Wrath and Envy, Pride/Ego kills the evil fools, eventually.
  • They cant be in holy places. It turns them away almost like an undead.
  • They take penalties on resisting diseases and curses as well as negative consequences of their actions.
  • When they die, all their belongings go to others they would not want it to go to, if resurrected they must start over with new equipment.
  • In wickedness, they get x2 gold, items etc. (Blood money and items)
  • A Fools intelligence and wisdom is limited to 15. They cannot perceive the deep things. And they have no desire to progress further and all skills, feats and even magical items that have these effects will do the no good.
  • Threshold for shameful failures are increased. IE 1-5 on a d20 to hit instead of a 1.
  • They depress their family and rarely have close friends. They take no bonus's for having high charisma.
  • They are occasionally forced to serve wise people. They have a higher chance to be captured and enslaved vs others around them.
  • They willfully are neglectant and destructive to their own dwellings.
  • When trying to use speech checks, they automatically fail, except to other fools.
  • When a fool can hold his peace and shut up, refrain from doing evil then their is hope for him. Player must make wisdom check to do this. Each time this is accomplished, they get one point. For every 8 points they may earn one point of "Lucky" as it were. After consecutively doing good their alignment changes, by one bracket. However one willful mess up and they must start ALL over again from the bottom until they reach good. At this point they must seek atonement in the local church or be drawn back to foolishness. This rule applies for the beatings he gets also while in prison; each for each lost of 5 hit points, they can roll a wisdom check and gain one point as noted.
  • They can hold no place of honor, or respect.
  • They will not be trusted with passing on messages.

Ok I am addicted to research....I am going to have to rework this race I think. I cant stop myself from wanting to learn more and more, even if it grieves me. LOL

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