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Large Goliath[edit]

Source: Elemental Evil Guide (DND Expansion)

Physical Description[edit]

Large Goliaths are oversized beasts that barely now resemble Human form, they stand on two legs and show apparent disproportionate. muscular features. Most stand from 9' to 12' tall, and have eyes that are green or blue.


Thousands of years ago goliaths were merely four-legged beasts that largely reminded one of bear forms, A mediocre sample of Giants used these heavyweight beasts as pets to favour them, and to dogfight. The largest of the Goliaths were selectively bred and tested to lengths of "survival of the fittest", leaving only the strongest in the surrounding area alive. Over time a small part of the land that these Giants inhabited was full of a much heavier larger species that contained even more smart individuals of Goliath. Then all over the land, these Goliaths started to walk on two legs, leaving their Giant ownership and starting their own sub-groups and encampments away from the reaches of other races and Giants. Over time these Goliaths became very rare and individual because of their short lifespan and such small numbers, the environments they inhabited were pushed to the extreme because of over population of other races, and so they were forced into dangerous lands with monstrous creatures.


Most of the larger settlements of Goliaths have died out or have been exterminated, so few groups of these Giant Goliaths are left in the world, if a group of them are encountered in the wild there are 12 + 1d12 members. Most adventures encounter solitary Goliaths and as long as they are respectful, Goliaths tend to live and let live. They are generally nomadic and most of the adults will be fighters and or barbarians. There have been recorded sightings of Shamans and Druids. If a goliath shows aptitude for the arcane arts, they are shunned and are driven from the clan. They generally are noticed long before they enter into villages, towns and cities. Goliaths are well known for their destructive capabilities and lack of the higher social graces that are necessary in those civilized cultures. Most Villages and towns consider them dangerous, sometimes they have been exiled from those "civilized cultures" for security reasons. However most minority groups in the world understand the heavy burden that has been thrust upon them and empathize with the Goliaths, from afar of course. Giants and Goliaths do not intermingle and usually come to blows rather quickly when they do come across each other, the reasons or reason for this is still unclear.

Large Goliath Names[edit]

Most names that large Goliaths use come from 2 strong syllables, bolder coming from the male side and lighter coming from the female side.

Male: Hesal, Kregor, Kucos, Sugwar, Cinzar, Viog

Female: Fodrefa, Teigu, Wargi, Frefag, Eldes, Ferah

Large Goliath Traits[edit]

Large Goliaths were inbred with various Giants long ago and live a secluded life in tribes, very rare.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2, and your Strength score also increases by 2 and your Dexterity score increases by 3.
Age. Large Goliaths can live up to 140 years of age, maturing at the age of 20.
Alignment. Large Goliaths are very rarely evil and tend towards neutrality, though they may take chaotic paths.
Size. A Large Goliath is at the very low end of the large range, however, smaller or younger Large Goliaths can be medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 40ft
Oversized Muscles. You have an advantage on Strength checks made to push, pull, lift, break objects or people.
Darkvision. You can see in the dark up to 60ft away perfectly
Fearsome. You can now use your Strength Modifier in place of your Charisma Modifier for Intimidation Checks.
Heaving arms. You gain a +2 hit bonus to all attacks with two-handed weapons in addition to your ability score modifier bonuses, and a +2 damage bonus with two-handed weapons also.
Rare Fitting. All armor and clothing that you buy will cost at least twice as much as it would usually cost because of its increased size, and you are unlikely to find any of this armor/clothing type currently in stock at any blacksmith or tailor, and so you will usually have to make a deal with these shops to craft/smelt yourself your own special armor/clothing type to fit yourself.
Ungainly weight. Because of your large bodily structure you cannot easily ride another creature as a steed, You can only ride creatures your size or larger with a strength score of at least 10. This also means however you can easily carry other creatures, letting other creatures at least one size smaller than you being able to stay atop your shoulders (or atop your back if you are walking on four limbs) for extended periods of time depending on their size
Languages. Common and Giant
Subrace. Collosal Destroyer or Natural Tendency (shown below)

Collosal Destroyer[edit]

Ability score improvement. Your Strength score is increased by 3.
Siege Strength. You gain resistance to bludgeoning damage, and all melee attacks by you gain an additional +1 hit bonus.

Natural Tendency[edit]

Ability score improvement. Your Dexterity score is increased by 2.
Wild adaption. Your base walking speed is increased to 50ft
GreenBorn. You gain proficiency in nature and survival skills.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
8′ 0″ +d4'+d12" 900 lb. 10 x (2d10)lb.

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