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{{wikify| This is a work in progress. We are running this in a campaign. Changes will happen as we balance.}} {{needsbalance|Is this still being worked on or has it been abandoned. It's not usable in its current state. I don't know how half of the features work. It doesn't explain how this works with creating encounters (what CR monsters make an "average" encounter for someone with 20 mortal levels and 1 god level or more?) Gives ability score bonuses that make no sense considering the player cap is still 20 and the absolute maximum is 30, and leaves many things "to the DM's discrestion".}} {{delete|19:49, 18 September 2017 (MDT)|This race could potentially be made into 3 separate classes, if they were not outright broken and nonsensical. The race is currently in a unusable state and it does not look like it will be fixed any time soon.}}

Explanation of these Races[edit]


This race is a evolution based race. Meaning you will start the game as another race and class, as per the normal 5e rules/homebrew rules.

At Class Level 20 (Mortal Level) you can become a god. To become a god yourself, you need to feast on a God's blood. Now, experience earned is put into God level; once your god level reaches 20, you can try to ascend into the heavens. You keep all perks gained during your travels in the mortal plain, and now focus on strengthening your god form. Precisely how you find god blood and ascend to the heavens, is left largely to the DM's discretion.

At God Level 20 you can become a Leviathan. To become a Leviathan you must slay a Leviathan. Once the Leviathan has been vanquished, the players remain at Mortal level 20 and God Level 20, yet gain as well, Leviathan levels, which must reach 10 before they can ascend into the Leviathan's plane. Similarly to the home of gods, the Leviathan's realm of grasslands colored like starless night, and seas the molten hue of liquid glass, contains creatures native to Faerun, each of whom could easily demolish city's without effort, yet with your new found power could crumble before you. Again how you get to and from here is up to the DM.

At Leviathan Level 20 you can become a Titan. To Become a Titan this is left up to the DM largely as most who become this powerful, become twisted and power mad. They have lived for millions of years (Many time jumps must happen in a campaign to get this far.) and think very little for those below them. A very select few Titans are good in any nature, less the 1%. Due to the large amount of time spent killing to become this strong, and most fall to the memories of what they have done. However, when you do become a Titan you keep all the levels in Mortal, God and Leviathan.

Experience Required[edit]

Experience points required.jpg


Mortality has no challenge for you; your soul is strong and resilient; the seed from which a mighty god shall rise. You need now only the proper catalyst, and into the heavens, a grand stair shall bear you.

Physical Description[edit]

Gods resemble their mortal forms in many ways; their skin has taken on a vernier of gold, and their eyes shine like cracked diamonds. Strength all but radiates from strong arm and swift stride as the new gods ascend to their rightful place at A.O's side; or as many intend: at his back, with dagger in hand.


Long has man sought the means by which he could ascend to the heavens; his restless soul ever scouring the cosmos for whatever answers it might so fiendishly hide. Now, man has at last found that for which he had long suffered: shards of divine blood split when the gods fell to the realm of men. Hungrily, the desperate feasted upon God's strength, feeling his body distort, and his soul turn dark as coal, or light as the sun itself.


Adventures in the gods' realm, are similar to those upon mortal lands, save for this: mortals fighting gods, cannot hope to destroy their soul completely, and thus avoid their future ire, yet as gods themselves, mortal turned gods can now destroy the lesser creatures that fill the emptiness of the planes. Creatures like those of Faerun, yet much stronger; a single if fallen to the stones, could easily demolish entire cities, yet now they shall easily fall before your power.

God Names[edit]

Male: Mortal turned god names often are the same as their mortal names, bearing the suffix 'The Divine'.

Female: Much like their male counterparts, female mortal turned gods bear the suffix 'The Holy'.

God Traits[edit]

When you take the step to godhood you can now have followers who worship you, or followers who even fear you. How you gain these and how they influence the world, is largely up to the DM.
Ability Score Increase. Pick two scores; these you increase by 1d12+6. (All limits to stats as per the core 5e rule set, has been lifted for you once you ascend to godhood)
Age. Gods are ageless, and live until they are destroyed.
Alignment. Mortal turned gods will remain aligned with their earthly path.
Size. Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed +25 to your mortal form.
Divine Sight (Level 1). Gods are granted True-sight to 80ft.
Divine Might (Level 1). Gods are immune to mortal effects including exhaustion and hunger. If you are to be killed by a mortal, you instead are pushed back to the Godly realm to regrow. This takes 24 hours and you are then pushed back to the last safe location you were.
Divine Speed (Level 1). Gods are granted an additional action each round.
Divine Fabricate (Level 1). When you become a God you can now cast the Fabricate spell at will as an Action. The size restrictions are removed for this, however it is up to the DM whether you can do something. As you level up as a god this becomes more powerful and you will be able to create much larger things. Your Fabricate can also now affect and create magic items. The need for proficiency in the tools are also removed, as it is not so much a skill to create something more the imagination as you are willing this new object into creation.
Divine Power (Level 1). Choose one damage type. With this Damage Type you always deal max dice damage with it. (EG. Choosing Fire damage makes a 10d6 Fire spell with this deals 60 damage.)
Prayers Become Answered (Level 3). You can now hear and can reply to your followers prayers.(You can now have Paladins and Clerics in your order.) When one of your Clerics or Paladins call for your aid, you can choose to help and how.
Divine Step (Level 4). You can now cast the Teleport spell at will. To take you, and your party, to a place yourself or an Ally have been before. (You can now also Teleport Across Plane to get to a Followers cry for help, if you so wish.)
Divine Sight (Level 7). You gain True Sight, for your full range of view.
Bestow Boon (Level 10). Once per day, you can bestow a single Boon to one of your followers.
Summon Avatar (Level 14). You can now summon a Level 20 Mortal Class once per day (Made however you wish) to fight for you for as long as you wish. These are not whole images they flicker with radiant energy.
Languages. All previous languages + Celestial.

God's Attack/Skills[edit]

When you become a god you learn these Attacks/Skills.

  • Divine Aura (Reaction, 100ft Range, once per short rest)

Target: When a enemy attacks you and lands a hit. You can use your reaction to negate damage and fire it back at the enemy with the enemy taking full damage. This works for area of effect abilities, only works on damaging spells. If a damaging effect has a side effect EG. Knocked prone. This effect happens to the attacker as if being hit by the spell.

  • Gods Wrath (Action, 150ft Range, DC26 Dex Save, once per short rest)

Target: All creatures in a 20ft area are struck with divine light, that strikes down from the heavens.

Fail: Targets take 10d12 Radiant or Necrotic damage, knocked prone and stunned until the end of each of their turns.

Save: Targets take 6d12 Radiant or Necrotic damage.


Another plane some paces above the gods, is home to those even gods need fear. Creatures clad in silver scale and sabre talon cast eyes like smouldering lanterns across Faerun. Fear, for perhaps the first time, fills the blood of gods with frost and flame. The strength of gods has been challenged, and few are brave enough to answer its call.

Physical Description[edit]

Leviathans skin becomes it's armor there skin turns to scales of sterling and cinder; their talons sharper than any steel, and their blazing voice stronger than any breath of Faerun's dragons. The Leviathans start man sized, yet the more ancient ones can become as large as cities, or even worlds if so they choose. However most do not grow this large in the mortal realm as it draws far to much attention. (Not that some don't like that.)


Leviathans are the original creators of the most familiar planes: Mortal, Abyssal, and Aetheral. Often do those who first sowed life among these stars return to harvest the fruits of their labors. Gods fear these monsters, as any sane creature would; yet those who rose from mortality to godhood, place far more faith in their abilities and might. Fighting Leviathans is nearly impossible as a mortal yet as Gods, the Leviathan is far the more simple to vanquish. Yet still a huge challenge many myths have been made about a single Leviathan being able to kill large numbers of lower gods alone.


Leviathans take no small amusement in the construction of new planes and worlds, which then promptly invade, partially in an assessment of their combat prowess, yet largely in their endless search for greater power, which each consumed soul grants in prodigious quantities.

Leviathan Names[edit]

Leviathans take neither pride nor shame in their titles, yet each is no less reflective of one's power and skill; a name, in these ashen lands from whence the bringers of darkness hail, names are more than marks of birthplace and bloodline; they are as clear a moniker of prowess as a warrior's polished sword, or fighter's powerful arms.

Leviathan Traits[edit]

Leviathans are proud and almost all powerful, With there following they gained from godhood. They have taken a step to a new level of power.
Ability Score Increase. Gain +20 to 3 stats and +10 to the other 3.
Age. Leviathans' typical age start around the one million years mark, and live until destroyed.
Alignment. Leviathans tend more toward evil than good, however this is largely due to what they did in Godhood and there mortal adventures.
Size. Medium however you can now control this to become as large as you wish. (Making yourself too large will make you a target though.)
Speed. You gain additional walking speed of +30 feet.
Armored Hide (Level 1). Add half your current Dex Score and Con Score (Not Modifier) to your base AC.
Ancient Hunger (Level 1). You can feast upon the living, consuming their life and soul to empower your own. All attacks against living creatures an additional 10d6 damage; so long as you consume another life within 1 week you keep this bonus. (Note: using this turns your character Evil if you consume a person.)
Searing Cry (Level 5). You can now make the Searing Cry attack once per short rest. At Level 10 this becomes at will.
Leviathan Tendrils (Level 8). During Combat you can use a action to sprout 4 Tendrils from your form. On your turn you can take a single action with each of these tendrils.
Traveler of the Planes (Level 10). You've learnt well from the might of other races; perhaps their strengths can bolster yours. Choose any creature you have encountered whether in this plane, that of the gods, or that of the mortals, and so long as its level is less than or equal to yours, summon it to your side. Can be summoned once per month and is loyal to you until it's death. At the end of the month you can try and convince it to stay or it will leave in search of newer pastures (You cannot summon a God with this power)
Languages. All Previous Languages and Leviathan at level 10

Leviathan Attacks[edit]

  • AC: You gain a additional +2 AC for every creature in a 20ft area.
  • HP: You gain a additional +100 maximum HP for every creature in a 25ft area.

A Leviathan can us one Devastating Slash and then take it's action. Or Searing Cry as it's Action.

  • Attack: Devastating Slash (attack action, 5ft Range, +34 vs AC. Target: all creatures in a burst 2). The Leviathan lunges onward, its armored fist passing cleanly through armor and flesh as if nothing more than dampened parchment stood between its fist and the air beyond.

Hit: 3d20 + Str or Dex and DC 30 Str save or target is knocked prone.

  • Attack: Searing Cry (This action uses both your action and bonus action, DC 35 Dex Save. Target: all creatures in a 100ft cone). The Leviathan leans backward, breath hissing between its parted lips. No shield of man nor god could block the tempest of flame and lightning that erupted between its armored jaws, and buried all before it in a tidal wave of excruciating agony.

-Failed Save: The target takes 5d20+50 Force damage and falls prone.

-Successful Save: The target is knocked prone.


Over Leviathans, Gods, and Men reign the Titans, their plane of swirling ash and choking mire a hell like no man dared imagine, and none could long withstand the mental image. Creatures of pitch and shadow they are, manlike constructs whose eyes shine like lanterns, and whose gaping maws spill pale orange life into the void beyond. Shimmering wings of deep scarlet outlined in fringes of silver, adorn their slender backs, and long, backward curving spurs of bone jut from powerful forearms; ivory blades between which a webbing of lavender lightning flickers and writhes. Needless to say staying in this Realm in not fun even for Titans themselves.


The Titans rose from the darkness before creation, and spilled life among the stars. Like their children before them, and the children of their children, the Titans often return to feast upon their long tended crops. Theirs is the strength from which life was born, and before which, life shall fall.


Titans lurk in the darkness between galaxies, and the emptiness between planes, ever watchful, ever observing the fate of those they forged from nothingness. Theirs is the place to create, and destroy, their true purpose unknown even to many of those among them: temper the planes in preparation for a war like none any have ever beheld, one that will raze all to ashes, and turn even the strongest to cowards.

Titan Names[edit]

Names mean nothing to those as old as the Titans, yet mortals risen to stand beside their creators, often elect to retain their former titles.

Primordial Titan Traits[edit]

Titans are unimaginably powerful creatures, whose presence upon any plane beyond their own, is more than enough to tear magic asunder, and rend the worlds like damp parchment. Unless they hid most of their power and control it well.
Ability Score Increase. Gain +50 to 3 stats and +30 to the other 3.
Age. Few natural Titans are younger than the Universe itself, meaning the youngest is near 14 billion years, and the eldest is many times beyond reckoning. Ones who ascend to will live as long as they wish never ageing and can only be slayed by those strong enough.
Alignment. Normally tending to Evil. Under 1% of Titans manage to stay good or neutral due to the acts they have committed to ascend, or those who have been around since the start of the universe. Are twisted due to the acts they have seen. (Note: Titans are not mad, just care little for those below them, except a select few)
Size. Your size can change as you wish. Making you a Tiny to Colossal creature. (Or even larger if the DM will allow)
Speed. Your base walking speed increases by +40 feet.
Eternal Sight. Titans can see through obstacles for a range of 100ft.
Primeval Anger. When struck by a critical hit, the Titan adds an additional 40d10 damage to all attacks until the encounter ends. This effect stacks. So if stuck by 2 critical hits the damage goes to 80d10
Resist Magic. You have resistance to all types of damage from magic, also any mortal/God that casts magic at you has no effect.
Languages. All previous languages and Titan

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