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Goblin Lord[edit]

"What happens when a simple kobold or a goblin is born with a bigger spirit than his body? Yeah your right, they usually die. What were saying, what IF they don't!? Yeah I know that means they escape and sometimes change alignments...Besides all that...what if...they are the things to make some dynamic changes, to the small goblinoid world? What if this goblin hero finds a dimension where all goblins can live and be goblins like a goblin plain of existence...that's what this goblin desires..."

"Goblin Lords are generally born from the smallest goblin kind, and usually killed I know, we been through this already. But this one survived, somehow...lets see you come up with a back story if your so good! Now anyway you might say the egg rolled away and flopped to some under ground river and ended up being a Moses for the goblins....Come on you can do better than that. This is your story for crying out loud LOL."

Physical Description[edit]

"The young Goblin Lord starts at the bottom of the food chain of goblins, your probably thinking kobolds right? WRONG, it gets worse than that. These are the tiny rat/ parasite goblins that feed from the left overs of the giant kobolds. You start off like a goblin mite. A tiny TINY gobliniod parasitic like a flea, a leach.......what? what? You don't like me describing you, well your here to prove your a capable player arnt you or do you wanna just chicken out and go play something easier? God you whine like a Kobold, you'll do nicely. Fortunately you get to play a Goblin Mite for 1d8 days before....well you will see. Enjoy it while it last."


There is only one way to skip to the end, and that is described at the very end....


"Whats the history of any goblin? Get born, eat your siblings, bite your mother, kill your father, steal some stuff, poop in your superiors hat, raid some silly humans and make a train on the farmers daughter. You mean there is something else that goblins do or have that is history? Well you must be the 'special' sort arnt ya? I take it back, you aint going to last that long. You and I are born, that's it, we get moving before I decide to eat you myself!"


"What part of the history did you not understand. Its the way it is, nuff said sunshine cupcake."

Goblin Lord Names[edit]

"Names!? NAMES!? You wanna be a goblin lord and you cant even figure out that we don't get names like that!! Go kill rats in the basement a hundred times and get yourself 'rat killer' or something."

Goblin Lord (mite) Traits[edit]

"Wow your still here, impressive, now go kill THAT stole my worm! You not even worth mentioning in the monster Manuel. Your roughly twice the size of a tick, and about as simple. "

(A very tiny goblinoid you are. There is NO history, it was like you were hatched and you began to survive by eating your sibling mites.)

(Suggested Play is that dm gives or the party a mini side story where you can come into play somehow, while they are adventuring level 1's. You are only a little bigger than ticks, and yes you can eat the ticks.)

From Goblin Mite to Goblin Lord, the Journey ends....erm begins here....fool
Ability Score Increase. -4d6 to all stats. (if a stat is lowered to a negative number, then the number remains at 1)
Age. 1 week.
Alignment. Chaotic Friggin evil, defend yourself you vile parasite!
Size. Miniscule.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 1 foot. Climbing is 1 foot.
Ultra Diminished. You have 1/4th of a hit point and the worse armor class possible. Minimum stats as possible. You are a miniscule parasitic type of are more useless than a sleeping kobold... everything about you is the lowest base possible.
Overlooked. "Not even the kobolds even care to waste their time on you. Now go kill something and grow up some."
Feed, Blood. "Since your so small you can feed on the side of a rat and probably not be seen. Feeding causes you grow per long rest, and during this process you shed your outer husk. After shedding your over all size has increased by a trace amount. After feeding 7 times or gaining 7 exp on your own, you can progress to becoming Goblin Vermin Greater, cause your lesser now. So go find a worm or something. You gain double growth for feeding on a gobliniod at least the size of a kobold. It doesn't have to be alive to feed, just semi fresh."
Uncanny Luck, Temporary. "Since you cant hurt anything significant, it is understood that you have uncanny luck to just be missed by that fatal blow of my Goblin Vermin greater foot you lucky mite. You wont die unless you do something terribly stoopid."
Mites Itch. If you can crawl on something much bigger than yourself, gobliniod perferd, you can make it itch like crazy, if they fail a constitution saving throw of 8. For some reason this seems to help you grow in ability. (during each molt, stats go up by one.)
Languages. "Your talking to me aint ya, so there ya go. Gobliniod."
Subrace. After you grow some Go to Greater Goblin Vermin.

Greater Goblin Vermin[edit]

"Now your the size of a rat, a small rat. And don't get any ideas about taking me on, as I grew up too. I ate your mother. Im half as big as a kobold and your looking mighty tasty."

Ability Score Increase. 1-7, depending on how your Goblin mite transition went.
Size. Tiny 1d6 inches
Speed. 5, climb 4, Jump 4
Goblin Mite Might. You can gather 1d4 goblin mites up and sling all of them at your enemies to feed on them, and then you can feed on the mites. If in the party this is effective because you can possibly help by causing an itching distraction. This can be done one a round and you generally can always find goblin mites, because remember, you once were a mite feeding on Goblin Vermin like yourself.
Low Light Vision. This is limited to 15' as your eyes are still developing.
Diminished. You still are quite small, however, at least your not a mite. You at least have 1 hit point and a base of 1 in all your stats. You almost have a direct attack, if you only a bit bigger.
Rat Rider. You can ride a rat as a mount provided you can latch onto one. Using the mites you can control it for one week before it dies from the mite itch sickness, at which time you must replace it.
Friend of Pest. You can leave bits of treats out for pest like roaches and such and they will feed offering you some degree of protection as you sleep. Or you can use them as food. Ants and spider types would still rather feed on you. You are limited to roaches and other related pest.
Voracious Appetite. Do to you growing so fast and becoming the goblin that you are, you must find food after every 'combat' and every hour or suffer the symptoms of starvation AND dehydration. The list of symptoms SHOULD be in the DMG. Fortunately, you can eat almost anything organic as long as it has been recently slain.

Greatest Goblin Vermin.[edit]

As strange as it is, you find your hands are now able to grasp things better, and whats this, a sliver of bone in your hand...that you just plunged deeply into the chest of the Greatest Goblinoid Vermin? Guess he didnt MEAT his quota and you just met yours. Well it was nice of him to invite you over for lunch, you know you will be eating well this day. And oh whats this, your developing a tail, a fat juicy tail!

Ability Score Increase. Here your stats should be between 1-10
Size. 1/2 the size of a kobold.
Speed. 15, climb 10, Jump 9
Low light vision/ Dark Vision 15'. You know have decent low light vision and can see in normal subdued colors, and you have dark vision 15'
Natural Attacks. You now can use, your claws and bite attacks. This can be in any combination for one attack; clawed foot, or clawed hand or bite doing 1d4 damage.
Improvised Gear. You are learning to make use of what ever is around you for armor and weapon and cooking pots. This will give you a +1 to ONE of the following that you must state before each round provided you have collected enough to actually find something useful; +1 attack OR +1 Damage OR +1 Ac OR +1survival OR +1 Stealth, OR +1Animal Handling (pest)
Voracious Appetite II, The Sequel.. Your appetite now grows and now you almost must eat every half an hour, even if it isn't as much...So keep something handy.
Friends of..... You must choose ONE if you are to have this trait. Friends of Pest, Greater OR Friends of Goblin Vermin. Friends of Pest, Greater, are those pest from the past and now can include ants and spiders and the like. Even a scorpion, if you don't get poisoned and die.
Growing Mutation, Feast description6= Your form is starting to mutate. There is one appendage that is looking mighty tasty, your tail. It can store food giving you 3 free meals worth of nutrients. It takes 3 days to a week to grow back provided you been eating well. Your overall form is beginning to change and it is up to you how you want to look, at least it feels like you had a part in this. Hairy, scaly, smooth...bigger or smaller ears etc.. {{{description6}}}

Goblin Lord, The First Mutation[edit]

From so many choices, these are a few so you can get the idea. It is suggested STRONGLY by other moderators that you limit your minor abilities and major abilities accordingly. I believe they said 3 minor and one major. What is minor and what is major? Seems to be some inconsistencies on what that is. If it was my game, I could tell you based off nature. I simply go off of total number of hit points vs offensive and defensive capabilities. and if they balance out like in nature and are under a set limit, then fine.

There is one rule that breaks the above rule, and this rule is what makes You the Goblin Lord.

Ability Score Increase. Your abilities should at least be on par with,_Variant_(5e_Race)
Size. Small
Speed. Movement is 30, climb is 15, Jump is 12 and swim 8 where applicable.
Improved Dark Vision 60'. Your dark vision is like everyone else's, except you can see in subdued colors.
Natural Attacks. You gain natural attacks what ever they may be, and limited to 1d4 and one attack unless Storyteller says otherwise.
Small Gear and Improvised Gear.. Your gear is now small based and improvised gear is mentioned in the DMG, however you are proficient in improvised gear.
Traps; Detection and Making. Any good goblin should be used to traps by now, especially you. You can attempt to spot traps as passively as a bonus action or actively search for more complex traps as an action/attack slot. If you have the materials you can also spend half an hour setting up simple traps and increased time for more complicated traps.
Friends With.... Again like noted above, except this time you can include lesser goblins smaller than you and up to your size with diminishing results. The smaller goblins in number will be based on how many you can keep fed and your highest attribute modifier. This is where you get your Lordling name such as "Gril the Smart", "Pokie the Quick"...Once these 'friends' are used up, you must wait at least another week to even find another one unless your in the underdark. Different campaign rules apply here.
Uncontrollable Shapes Changing. When your sleeping or when in emotional distress like fear, confusion or below 2 hitpooints, you shift to various forms of goblin kin, while maintaining your own size. So you could look like a miniature bugbear and function, as a miniature bugbear while retaining your own stats and equipment. Since there are so many goblin kin, the form should be random and not limited to less than 4. A full round of concentration is needed to begin the sift back. The shift back takes 4 rounds, minus 1 per point of wisdom modifier.
Goblin Lords Appetite. You have learned to control your appetite to a point. You still must eat more than others, and you can still eat almost anything organic. However now it seems some mineral based foods you handle in small quantities. You must at least eat 5 times a day, as it fuels your abilities, like shape changing. You are now gaining minor poison resistance.

Goblin Lord, True[edit]

As a Goblin Lord, your form is now up to what you have chosen as your base "Security Blanket" Form. However you are at least a head height taller than your similar 'cousins'

Ability Score Increase. +1d4 Wisdom OR Intellegence
Size. Various, generally medium.
Speed. Movement is 30, climb is 15, Jump is 12 and swim 8 where applicable.
Shape Change, True Form Revealed. You can shape change into any goblinoid you have ever eaten. This form can be used once per short rest, last as long as you need and cancelled any time, leaving any excess matter no longer usable behind. You must eat after each form is taken or be shaken by hunger. Even eating a handful will tide the hunger till after battle, where then you can eat a decent meal. The form you have chosen will grant you the NATURAL abilities of that form, dark vision, etc. Any specific learned abilities of that general race are not gained, however they will get a +1 to those checks. They are not proficient, and they just have some lingering notion. If anyone with true vision looks at you, they will see a conglomerate of goblin forms overlaying your base form. For that is your true form, from all those that you have eaten, from all those that linger, YOU ARE a Goblin Lord.
Lingering Traits. You still retain the Trap, Improvised Gear, Goblin Lords Appetite, Friends With... traits with the exception to the Friends now some goblin kins loyalty's toward you may occasionally be tested...They want to BE you.

They MUST be a FIGHTER or ROUGE type. They can Multiclass if the class allows it.

Were you looking for the exception? I think I missed placed it...or maybe there never was one!






OK the exception to skip to the end is to...




Kill a goblin lord or be latched into feeding on a Goblin Lord when he dies. Any other aspiring goblin lords attached/feeding and you are now in a contest to who can absorb the most from the dead/dieing lord. This is mechanically based on what phase you and the other Goblin Lords are in, verses yours and theirs strongest traits in a leaching battle to be the next Goblin Lord. The losers also get absorbed into the feeding frenzy and once the feeding is over, there is a quick crystals forming around the winner which will explode in a 30' radius doing 1d4 damage to everything in that area that is not protected by at least light armor or equivalent density. The gory mess is everywhere. The winner gets 1d4 +3 gobinoid forms and now is 'A' Goblin Lord.

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