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Folk Deity[edit]

Through the prayer of few you have been born into this world... you are not really a "deity" but more like a spirit (not a ghost or soul); an amalgamation of the beliefs of your followers and as such can do nothing against said beliefs.

Creating a Folk Deity[edit]

What sort of deity do you aspire to become? How many followers would you like to have? What sorts of powers do you want to gain? What sort of things are you worshipped for?

Quick Build

You can make a Folk Deity quickly by following these suggestions. First, Dexterity should be your highest ability score, followed by Charisma/Wisdom. Second, choose the divine background.

Class Features

As a Folk Deity you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Folk Deity level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Folk Deity level after 1st


Armor: All Armor
Weapons: simple weapons
Tools: any one tool or instrument
Saving Throws: Charisma and Wisdom
Skills: choose 3 that use Wisdom or Charisma


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) One simple melee weapon or (b) One simple ranged weapon
  • (a) One tool set you are proficient in or (b) One instrument you are proficient in
  • (a) Studded leather armor or (b) Scale mail
  • A small Idol of you
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have 4d4 GP in funds.

Table: The Folk Deity

Level Proficiency
Divine Points Features
1st +2 0 Folk Deity, Embodiment of Faith
2nd +2 3 Divine Points
3rd +2 6 Superior Reflexes
4th +2 9 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 12 Lesser Return (Un)Dead
6th +3 15 Lesser Turn Undead
7th +3 18
8th +3 21 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 24 Faith
10th +4 34 Divine Weapon
11th +4 37
12th +4 40 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 43 Minor Demiplane
14th +5 46 Smite
15th +5 49
16th +5 59 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 62
18th +6 65 Temple for the Masses
19th +6 75 Ability Score Improvement, Manifest Divinity
20th +6 78 Ascended Deity

Folk Deity[edit]

You have just been brought into existence in this new form You are not up to the name of deity, but you have some more power than you started with. Enough in fact for you to take on a radiant physical form and spread word of your newly strengthened existence throughout. Starting at level 1 your type is celestial, you are immune to all diseases, and you do not need to eat or drink. Starting at level 9 you are able to go intangible and become a ball of energy; when intangible you are unable to take damage or deal damage, and you are unable to touch anything. You also have a fly speed of 50 ft. It takes one minute to become intangible or to come back into reality. (If you are using this class on a newly deceased character, you may carry over the class abilities of their original class up to level 5 as if multiclassing, but cannot level up any higher into that class)

Embodiment of Faith[edit]

You are the embodiment of your worshiper's faith and as such you gain more power the more you have. Starting at level 1 you choose one of the Domains to take powers from... Disaster, Fortune, Death, Life, Fire, Cold, etc...

Divine Points[edit]

Starting at level 2 you have divine points (dp), as stated in class table. The divine points are used by certain features and regenerate at a rate of 1 per hour or entirely over a long rest. At level 10 they regenerate at a rate of 5 per hour. You have a save DC equal to 10 + Charisma or Wisdom modifier + proficiency bonus.

Superior Reflexes[edit]

Starting at level 3 you are able to use 2 reactions a turn. You may use them for opportunity attacks, to counterattack, or to increase your AC by 2 for one attack. At level 8 you gain the ability to take one extra action, and at level 15 you gain another action once more.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Lesser Turn Undead[edit]

You may destroy the undead... kind of... As an action you may spend 1 DP and emit divine energy in a 30 ft radius centered on you. Any undead in the radius with an Intelligence of 13 or less must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed saving throw they are turned until they take damage or 1 minute has passed. Sadly your powers are unpredictable; you must roll 1d20 every time you do this for each zombie affected. On a 19-20 the undead is destroyed, on a 3-18 the undead is simply turned, and on a 1-2 the undead is enraged and turned around (physically).

If enraged said undead will gain 4 Strength and 25 temporary hit points. It will only attack you until one of you has been destroyed and is immune to the effects of this feature after being enraged.

A turned creature must spend its turns trying to move as far away from you as it can, and it can’t willingly move to a space within 30 feet of you. It also can’t take reactions. For its action, it can use only the dash action or try to escape from an effect that prevents it from moving. If there’s nowhere to move, the creature can use the dodge action.

You may use this feature up to your Charisma modifier + 1 times (minimum of 0).

Lesser Return (Un)Dead[edit]

Starting at level 5 You gain the ability to restore a recently dead creature near you with a touch. As an action you may touch a creature of medium or smaller size, and spend 5 DP to resurrect them. Upon doing so you must roll a d20. On a 20 any small (or smaller) creature raises to 12 Intelligence permanently, and any medium creature is resurrected (and has at least 12 Intelligence) without flaw; This also cuts the wait time before using this again by half. On a 3-19 they are brought back as they were and on a 1-2 They are revived as a zombie with -5 to Intelligence (minimum of 1). You must wait 7 days before you may use this again.


Starting at level 9 the people around you seem to have more faith in your existence. You have a +2 to 3 of your ability scores that can go above 20. You are also immune to the poisoned, charmed, and frightened conditions from anything with a lower level, or a CR below your level.

Divine Weapon[edit]

Starting at level 10 you have the ability to call upon your divine powers and bring forth a weapon made of your own divinity. As an action you may spend 5 DP to create a weapon of choice in your hand you are proficient in. It is magical and has a +2 to hit, and may look however you wish it to when you make it. It also does double the normal damage dice in damage (1d4 ---> 2d4). If you create a ranged weapon you may create ammo for 1 DP per shot. In this case it deals 2d4 + ranged weapon damage dice in damage. Whatever you create can be dismissed and resummoned for free, but you may only create one divine weapon. Changing it requires 10 minutes of concentration.

Divine Demiplane[edit]

Starting at level 13 you may use an action to create a small demiplane. In a 50 ft radius sphere around you all creatures you choose are dragged over into your demiplane on a failed Wisdom saving throw. It is a 500 ft radius by 1000 ft tall cylinder that looks however you wish it to. While within the plane you can manipulate anything inside of it (except for creatures you did not create). While within the area any creature that is killed stays dead, but upon leaving is reverted to how they were before entering but knocked out. Things you create cannot exist outside of your demiplane. If you are slain within your demiplane you are dead and it collapses over the course of 10 minutes. You must complete a long rest to use this feature again. At level 20, any creature that dies inside is dead upon exiting, and your demiplane is now a full godly domain and you dont need to complete a long rest.

Creating within the Demiplane can be infinite, and is without real cost (as you create things that are not real, in most cases) to you. Things you create in your demiplane stay after you leave.

Small or smaller object/creature - It takes one bonus action to create anything (related to you) size small or smaller. Medium... - It takes one action and 5 divine points to create anything medium sized in the demiplane. Large and Huge... - It takes 10 divine points and a whole turn to create anything large to huge sized. Gargantuan..... - It takes 50 divine points and a whole turn to create something gargantuan in size.


Starting at level 14 you have gained exponentially more power (or enough to kind of count as a god). You may use all of your actions to hit an opponent with divine energy and deal 2d10+5 damage per 10 divine points spent on it. This looks however you wish and can be ranged (with a max range of 30 ft) or melee. If ranged the targeted creature must succeed on a wisdom saving throw (DC=15 + Wisdom modifier + Charisma mod) or take damage. for ranged you must make a successful melee attack, and it will deal 1d10+5 extra damage.

Temple for the Masses[edit]

You can finally be considered a deity due to a sudden influx of worshippers, and have gained much power. Starting at level 18, whenever you die you are banished from the plane you are on to your demiplane. If you die in your demiplane you are still dead. Additionally, when intangible you can move to any of your believers if they exist in the area you want to go to.

Manifest Divinity[edit]

Starting at level 19 you can manifest your divinity. When manifesting divinity you change shape into a form fitting that of your embodiment of faith (if fire, something reptilian, if catastrophe a mass of dark tentacles or teeth, etc... You describe it in detail.) In this form you have all of your stats, except for what your embodiment of faith states is different. This form lasts for 30 minutes and after that you revert automatically. You must wait 1 week and complete a long rest to use this ability again.

Ascended Deity[edit]

You have finally ascended, reaching heights never foretold by your original believers. Starting at level 20 you are now considered to be a deity and you have amazing abilities. You have unlimited divine points in your form from Manifest Divinity form and you can go 15 rounds in that form. You also have a teleport speed of 85 feet. All of your abilities have a DP limit of 100 DP.


You are a god of disaster and catastrophe and so are usually hated by all but the most evil or chaotic of worshipers. You gain a +4 to your attack rolls as your opponents seem to have two left feet...

Bad News Bears

As an action you may spend 4 DP to summon forth a random creature to attack anyone in the area. It is hostile to all creatures within a 100 ft cube centered on you. What it is depends on what the DM chooses.


As an action you may spend 10 divine points (DP) to inflict a target creature with misfortune. The target creature must make a Wisdom saving throw against your save DC and on a failed saving throw they have -3 to all rolls. You can increase this to -6 by spending an extra 10 DP.


As an action you may spend 45 DP to bring absolute misfortune to everyone in the area. Roll a d100 and take the results off of the following chart.

1d100 Result
1-10 Everyone within a 100 ft radius sphere centered on you is inflicted with misfortune (including you) as stated above.
11-15 Everything in a 100 ft radius sphere centered on you is plunged into magical darkness. No light may pierce more than 5 ft into the darkness, and all creatures in the area are blinded, deafened, and frightened without light.
16-25 The area starts to shake within a 50 ft radius centered on you. All creatures in the area have a -5 to all Dexterity checks. All creatures that start or end their turn on the ground in the radius must make a dexterity saving throw against your save DC and on a failed save are knocked prone.
26-60 10 swarms of locust arrive and proceed to attack everything in the area together. If they kill something 2 more swarms are spawned. They all act on the same turn and are considered one entity.
61-80 A massive storm brews for miles around you. Flight in these areas is no longer possible and all ranged attacks are made at disadvantage. If making a ranged attack more than 20 ft away from your target the attack misses.
81-89 Massive amounts of magic gather in the area. For the next 3 rounds no magic is possible, and if you do not flee you WILL die. any tangible creatures within a 100 ft radius sphere centered on a point you choose within 10 ft of you will take 500 damage from a massive explosion of wild magic. Any surviving creature is permanently polymorphed into a creature CR 1 or lower losing everything but their memories and nonliving nonmagical equipment. Any magical equipment in the area is no longer magical.
90 Any creatures, not including deities, within a 100 ft radius sphere centered on you drops dead, excluding you of course.
91-99 The ground starts to crack open and reveal a portal to the underworld. All creatures that die in the area are sent to the abyss or nine hells (roll a d2 to decide) and 2d20 demons/devils (based on which place it is linked to) rise from the ground. The DM will roll to see what types of demons/devils they are (from imps to balors).
100 A different catastrophe happens for every creature in a 50 ft radius 100 ft tall cylinder centered on you, including you. If you roll another 100 this effect repeats again till you dont get any 100.
Manifest Divinity

You take the form of a chaotic mass of doom. You have +10 to all attacks. You are now considered gargantuan in size. Any creature in your area is engulfed and takes 2d10 acid damage per turn as well as being slowed. You may make a melee attack with your tentacles and on a successful hit you deal 3d10 acid damage.


You are a god of fortune, or business in most cases, and so strive to be successful in life and grant success to all of your avid followers. You gain a permanent +2 to Intelligence and to Charisma.

Divine Powers

Alliance by GOLD! (10 DP) - You can spend an amount of your gold to force a targeted creature to ally with you. It cannot attack you or your other allies unless it is attacked first, and it will obey your verbal commands. The amount of gold increases by 100 gp per cr over 1 with a base cost of 50 gold pieces. The targeted creature will stay your ally for up to 1d10 days or until you, or your allies, harm it.

Get Rich Quick Scheme

You have had a stroke of genius! You have a plan to get rich quick. Starting at level 2 you may spend 10 days working on your scheme to start raking in the money. After ten days you gain 1 gold piece per day spent on this. At level 6 you gain 10 gold pieces per day spent on it.

Small Business

Starting at level 9 you have the ability to expand your get rich quick scheme; This replaces that feature. You may spend 150 gold pieces (or whatever your DM says) for a new company to be started. You are able to make money a lot faster through your brand new company! You gain 5 gold pieces a day from your company, and you are able to spend 8 hours a day for 7 days doing work to get and extra 50 GP. If you put in more time you get 5 gold pieces per extra hour each day.


Starting at level 17 you have the ability to increase your companies power again. You may spend 100 platinum pieces to buy more buildings and some employees and expand the ability to make money. You earn 100 gp a day after this investment and if you spend 8 hours working you earn anther 80 gp.

Manifest Divinity

You change into pretty much what you were, but you are now wearing a snazzy new glowy suit and tie. You have +10 to your Charisma modifier and +2 to Intelligence. You also have the ability to hit a creature with your new suitcase (or other fancy business apparatus) and on a successful hit deal 5d8 magical bludgeoning damage. The target of your successful melee attack must make a Wisdom save against your save dc or be garbed in a magical suit and tie. If it fails it is now considered a part of you for the next 10 minutes and will act as you wish on its initiative. If it dies you can choose any other creature similarly affected to die instead and resurrect this minion at full hit points.


You are a deity of death and the afterlife, and so You tend to enjoy pretty grim things. Whenever you kill a creature or one dies near you you gain advantage on your next attack.


You may spend 5 DP to heal 1d8 + your Charisma modifier as an bonus action.

Evil Eye

You may, as an action, spend 10 DP and look at an enemy who has been injured. That enemy must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against your save DC or take the difference in the health (max-current) as magical piercing damage.

Death Touch

As an action you may spend 15 DP to cast finger of death.

Grim Reaper

As an action you may spend 20 DP to create a Black Robed Spectre of Death wielding a scythe. It has 30 Strength, 8 Dexterity and a 10 in all other ability scores; it also has 150+3d10 hit points. As an action it can make a melee attack with it's scythe. On a successful melee attack it deals 3d8 magical Slashing damage. It acts on your initiative. Whenever the Spectre of Death kills a enemy it devours its soul which heals you for 1d4 + your Charisma modifier.

Manifest Divinity

You change into a humanoid with massive black wings. You have a fly speed of 180 ft and whenever you are within 30 ft of a creature they take 1d10 necrotic damage at the beginning and end of their turn that cant be negated.


You are a deity that brings about life to all around, celebrated by all that is good. Whenever you are within 20 ft of any creature it heals 1d6 health.


As an action you may spend 3 DP and create a 10 ft radius 30 ft tall (below ground 30 ft as well) cylinder area in which everything is overgrown with vines and weeds and other small plants. Any creatures other than you in the area treat it as difficult terrain. Any earth/rock based creatures (like elementals) are covered in plants if they end their turn in the area and are unable to make any actions till the area ends. As a bonus action you may spend an additional 5 Divine Points to extend the duration 1 minute or to deal 1d4 necrotic damage to anything but you in the area; earth/rock based creatures take 3d4. The area lasts for 10 minutes

Life Transfer

As an action you spend 10 DP may drain life from a creature you can touch to another creature you are touching. If you are only touching one creature you simply store that health energy inside yourself till you touch another creature. If you wish to heal or drain yourself, you must specify that you do so, you must touch yourself. The drained creature takes 10d4 necrotic damage and the healed creature heals that much.

Gaia's Guardian

As an action you may spend 50 DP and touch a spot on the ground (soil, stone, wood, etc. NOT metal) and impregnate it with a seed of life energy. On round 1 (next one after your turn) a small plant with 5 hit points grows there. Round 2 a large tree with 50 hit points sprouts. On round 4 it becomes gargantuan and has 500 hit points. On round 4 it uproots itself and turns into an elemental with 500 hit points and an AC of 20. It has a move speed of 80 ft, and a reach of 30 ft. It has a 30 in Strength, 23 in Constitution, and a 10 in all other stats. It is also immune to Overgrowth and necrotic damage from any but your features, though it takes triple fire damage. The guardian lasts until it dies, but cannot go more than 160 ft from where it was born.

Manifest Divinity

You glow extremely as you change into a lithe ten ft tall humanoid figure wrapped in plants and life energy. You have +4 to Constitution and you radiate bright light in a 50 ft radius. Anyone within this radius will seem to be wrapped in black as you start to drain their life energy out of their body dealing 3d10 necrotic damage at the end of their turn. You gain half the damage as health. You have halved move speed in this form.

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