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"Dont ye dare be makein ner comment about me! Ya hear me!? Tis the way i am and fer good reason! What be yer excuse!!!"-so says the brownish green over sized....dwarf....with little tusk comming out from his lower jaw as he wildly swings his duel headed hammer/axe combo. This is my personal improbable race 001. They only exist by some wierd other worldly, ultra dimentional fluke. Some make excellent paladins and noble fighters.

Physical Description[edit]

I have only seen one good picture of this combination, and now, it seems its no longer on the internet. SO here is the jist. They are on adverage a height between a dwarf and an orc but not as tall as humans. They range in color and variations from dwarven to orcish.


Through muddled minds of word play of insane wanna be gods these poor souls pop into existance. There can only be two in existance at one time. One female and one male. All others fail to spawn. They have a secret pull toward each other and never knowing what it is till they see each other. Its like something comforting when they see each other...most of the time. They learn very quick if they hurt each other, they soon feel it too, well after the other dies. These wounds only apply if they injure each other, and only after one dies. If one dies, do does the other. None so far has made it to reproduce yet. They cannot have offspring except with each other. They tend to search out treasure that can help them augment their extreem karma offsets.


There is no society. They wink into existance and are an outcast generally by whatever race they run into. Some creature raises them, good or bad and they are what they are. If the two are of good alighment or together they are more good than bad, there should be a massive Blessing type perma bonus if the two ever wed/unite. Some of these suggestions are:

What do you call a cross between a dwarf and an orc? Well whatever it is you better not say it to their face disrespectfully.
Ability Score Increase. (each one augment by 2d4)
Age. (Both have some sort of age blessing)
Alignment. (Both alignments coinside toward goodness perfectly and cannot ever be changed)
Size. (They both can alter thier size from tiny to gargantuan at will)
Speed. (various as they can true polymorph/shapechange now at will as long as they stay with in 1d4 miles of each other.)
"Blessing of Nature, Harmony". Natural creatures and plants no longer act aggressivly with out cause to the couple. Nature tends to help them.
"All Gods Blessing". All the Gods are suddenly compeled to help them in some positive, and truly helpful way. No stings attached
"Societal Favor". Various classes(fighters, bards, etc), nobles and poor alike are drawn to them, and shower them with favor at least once each.
"Quantum Dimentional Blessing". Creatures from other rhelms are drawn to assit, in some truly helpful way...angels and demons alike. No strings attached.
Languages. They now have a perminate 'toungs' or speak/comphrehend/write any language now.

Dorcen-Orf Names[edit]

The Green Dwarf, Outcast, Outlander, Orc Runt, Half-breed, Cursed, Dwarven no beard, Orcish tiny tusk etc are a few derogatory names given to them.

Male: (As per any race that raises them.)

Female: (As per any race that raises them.)

Dorcen-Orf Traits[edit]

abilities: +2 constitution, +2 Strength

age: Unknown

alignment: Various

size: Medium

speed:Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

trait: Developing Mind As they level they have more opportunities to increase their wisdom and intelligence.

trait: Dark Vision 60' As per the races.

trait:Stone Cunning As per the dwarf

trait:Relentless Endurance As per the Orc

trait:Poison Resistance As Per the Dwarf

trait:Menacing As per the orc

trait:Extreme Karma Their rolls are more modified as they level. Becoming worse and better. 19s and 2s act like 20s/1s respectfully and this increases every time the level perks a stat/feat choice IE at 4th it becomes 18s/3... So choosing Lucky as a feat is almost a have too for survival.

trait: Grand Linguist For some unknown reason they can pick up languges far better than most common kind. (Storytellers improvision here.)

languages Dwarven, Orc, Common +1 other language of their parents. This can be an exotic or rare language.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4' +1d12 inches minus 1.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a Dorcen-Orf character, you can use the following table) of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these table in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Forgiving, like any good paladin.
2 Impulsive like any normal orc.
3 Hard headed like any dwarf
4 battle hardy like any good fighter.
5 Religious like any good cleric.
6 Spiritual like any druid.
7 Oddly even tempered for both races.
8 roll twice ignoring this roll
d6 Ideal
1 Dispite everything i am going to be the best me i can. (Good)
2 I will not put up with bad mouthing from any one. Not sure what side i get that from. (Chaotic)
3 I really really like my beers...but i am trying to quit.
4 I do try to help out my companions. (Lawful)
5 There has to be a balance to everything, so i choose carefully. (Neutral)
6 I like to eat, even if i dont gain weight...dont know where i get that from...probably both.
d6 Bond
1 I relate better to my dwarven side.
2 I relate to my orcish side better.
3 I relate to both sides almost equally.
4 I the !expletive! i dont...i dont relate at all!!!
5 I feel like i have a clearer vision...of someone...just not sure who...but i will wait and look for them.
6 I think im going crazy, i keep dreaming about some other i tend to avoid areas that make me feel crazy.
d6 Flaw
1 Im a dwarf, i have no flaws.
2 I am an orc I am FLAW!
3 I am forgetful, what is a 'flaw'?
4 I am a bit over focused and extreem on everything.
5 I am very zealous on what i believe.
6 I am very passionate, about everything.

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