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Grand prophesies from all over all the planet tell when The End comes, the birds will gather and feed on the dead. In obscure notions, it is said these same birds may have caused the end to come so they can feed. Regardless the Corvus are crow and raven like creatures that cover their enemies in white defecations, if they choose not to confront or eat them. They are Neutral to evil alignments. The only way a good Corvus is born is if the player can roll 3 legitimate d100s and get 3 100s, only one roll per player, ever. This is how rare a Good Corvus is. IF one is ever born, then it should be well noted and verified via an unedited video and linked here via an edit. This Corvus aught to be carefully played and if it makes it to level 5 it should get the feat "Lucky" as a reward, while at level 7 one stat or skill should be made flawless, and at level 8 that same skill or stat be made one step better. This will show that the Corvus is a Champion of the Creation God who is lawful good. Seven being Perfect and eight being Blessing upon Perfection. Good luck to all players in this endeavor, because all this Goodness, the Normal Corvus's will seek out any weaker or 'different' Corvus and try to kill them off.

Physical Description[edit]

There are allot of variations of Corvus. Some below are examples;

1) Mostly Humanoid; Lacking flight however gaining skill 2 points or intelligence.

3-4) Mostly Corvus; Gaining limited flight.

The influence of these creatures origin are demonic mad mages.


It is said some mad jealous mage started abducting people of all races and doing experiment's on them with crows, harpies and ravens. Apparently he must have don't something to finish his work. Chances are, he was soon killed shortly after by his own creations that now run amok every sea port town and inner village alike. Story's tell of this mad mans schemes and desire to rise in admiration and power...only to recluse and Frankenstein. His base of operations has yet to be found, yet his creations keep multiplying. Chances are its like some deep diablo themed facility. They are in some cases to be considered demon blooded, yet not all. Some are more neutral and simply lack wisdom to be anything better.


Most of these Corvus are likewise jealous, greedy and power hungry warlords, of sorts or they become fodder and a teasing sport of entertainment for the warlords. They have no problem enslaving, their own or the races of others. They often predicate themselves upon the Kenku and other beast like races as well as any other 'soft delicacy'.

They use their natural ability to learn languages, and thus are often hired by adventures and nobles alike to quickly translate languages.

They will go to great lengths to ensure no 'good' Corvus is ever born, even to as eating their own eggs if it seems different. If the other or father has any 'detect alignment' skill, they will use it on the clutch. They will even go to great lengths, to find a person who can know such things to ensure none are born good. Any Corvus who is magically changed to good, dies soon after. This behavior has created a Sub Class Hunter for the Corvus, hired by evil races to stomp out the 'good' of their kind also. This is the general funding of most Corvus Noble families.

The warlords are various in class and personality yet always bickering and squabbling over bits of land and prey. This is their only predictability and otherwise general weakness. They often can discuses themselves as something other than what they are and find ways to take over communities and wreath out the resources before devouring the local populous. They often seek ways to summon the animals to what they are akin to, as a beginning tactic to over run a port side town, as is the case is in the beginners testing stage of my game.


1) Harpy Like Corvus; (Look and abilities like harpies, except Corvus kind)

2) Razor Tooth Corvus; (A balance between Corvus and Humanoid, Stocky, heavy feathered, creatures with Corvus heads filled with tiny sharp 'teeth' on their beaks. They get a +1 to strength, and +1 to their armor class.)

3) Rot Feather Corvus; (A gangly Corvus humanoid, covered in rotting feathers, and irritated skin. They generally become mages or priest of Discust as mentioned below.)

Corvus Names[edit]

Names among the Corvus are perpetually challenged and evolving in a 'better than you' contest, with names supposedly purposed to be overly intelligent sounding, or intimidating.

Male: Garticulious Storm Stomper, etc

Female: Tiverally Eye Puller, etc

Corvus Traits[edit]

Evil-Neutral Race, Never good...Unless... Corvus Humanoid, Look up what Corvus means if you don't understand.
Ability Score Increase. +1d4 Intelligence
Age. Depends on Species.
Alignment. Neutral to various evil alignments...Unless...
Size. Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 15, Limited Flight 30 for the More Corvus and 30 feet for the more humanoid.
Meta Cunning. They are exceptionally cunning creatures. Once per long rest the player can get ideas from other players or the DM can 'suggest' a more appropriate cunning solution. In case the player fails, where the 'character' would not.
Profound Molting. Corvus have unusual feather growth. They grow and regrow feathers profusely. Crow feathers will often be left behind. In some cases this can be useful or a bane. Razor Tooth Corvus gets the +1 to armor class, with or with out armor. Harpy Corvus have better nest than regular Harpies. Etc.
Mimicry, Linguistic Memory. They are able to imitate any language and have advantage on learning other languages.
Corvus Magic Ring. Once a day a Corvus can create a sudden burst of manna and create an effect of a magic ring around them as seen in some video games where the mage like creature puts up a shield or something. HOWEVER this effect is unknown and so far useless to the common Corvus. An adventuring Corves may exercise this and eventually find out what it does. Suggestions are one spell like ability used once per long rest.
Limited Flight and Slow Fall. The Mostly Corvus Kind can fly with limited duration and must make a short rest before attempting such a feat again. The length of the flight is limited to 3 times the length of their movement speed. All Corvus, except the Rot wing have a slowfall ability that leaves a trail of crow feathers behind them. This ability is mostly annoying as it cant be turned off until higher levels. So reaching the bottom of something is slow going and leaving feathers everywhere can kill any form of stealth in most cases. The only way the Corvus has remedied this is by diving head first and then trying to 'right' themselves before impact. Still the feathers trail behind. Not many have mastered this Difficult challenge. The slow fall makes them a target for other flying creatures that would prey upon them.

Rot Feather Corvus gets neither the flying ability nor the slow fall.
Rot Feather Corvus. When a Rot Feather Corvus cast most magic, it is transformed to Rot Feather Corvus based magic. Shocking Grasp becomes Rotting Grasp, Faming Hands become Regurgitated Spray, Fire Bolt becomes Rot Feather Bolt. Doing the same base damage just changing the descriptor to necromantic type, in most cases.
Scavenger. this trait gives you the understanding that ALL Corvus are scavengers and thus can eat and find what most cant. For the sake of simplification, they get a proficiency in the constitution saving throw OR 'advantage' and 'advantage' in investigation.
Languages. Corvian, Common, 1 Exotic, and 1 ANY other non exotic language.

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