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Can Be Pronounced (Bah' th) as the 'O' is pronounced short.

There can only be one BOTH at a time in this completing conundrum. They are the combined force of Karma of all that which is good AND evil. However how THEY deal with evil is often far reaching and too complex for simple minds. In this station, they are very adaptable in their perspective to reach the end goal by any means necessary, feeding on anything that gets in their way, consuming it to non existence as if never was in the process. They are what can consume the very essence of evil, even to the very momentary notion, consuming that as if it was never there.

When in the mode of cleansing evil from a source, they are considered VERY evil themselves having a very Machiavellianism mode of thought, that the end result is the bottom line. They are formed to fulfill that purpose and once that purpose is fulfilled they to, in this aspect of evil are consumed and winked out of existence by the innocence remaining to make all things good and new once more.

BOTHs are the god eaters, and devourer of men and demons alike. They cannot be possessed as they feed on such as one that would attempt possession, gaining strength. Once a BOTH of evil is winked out of existence, a small child replaces the BOTH in question, and this child is well protected and survives well in nature, before nature was corrupted and became 'survival of the fittest'. The child can live and survive indefinitely in the newly remade Garden. This child is not a god nor GOD, yet not with out power or authority. For all the evil that was eradicated, this child is connected to all that is good.

Physical Description[edit]

BOTHs look and function like most other races, with the exception to mental skills that surpass their peers and adults even before they learn their native language. They are born with Psionic abilities and one being empathy and another being a form of telepathy where they can understand who is saying what long before they can even talk.

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When the world has ran amuck long enough, a BOTH is born.

It starts as the essence of Righteous Vengeance, that seeks to devour all that is evil, leaving only the innocent. It starts off like a version of Ghost Rider, until it evolves once again. The hunger is ravenous and impatient. The hunger is too impatient to wait for any fickle god to take 10 years to answer. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and all must pay the RIGHTIOUS PRICE.

When a soul has seen too much! A BOTH is born, in that soul, and growing with each travesty. It is like a shapeless, formless beast of primordial bitterness and vengeance folding in on itself till the weak mortal mind gives it an image or an idea of its own individualism.

The BEAST is caged till a set time, hidden deep with in the dark forest or wastelands of our subconscious. So the brighter the light shines in contrast to the worlds darkness, so too darker the shadow, and this shadow now evolves to the apex, to devour all that is remotely corrupted and evil, while seemingly being evil itself.

The answer for all transgression is eradication and extinction. So that the world may be born again, and maybe this time, sinless and faultless.

Weather or not the soul becomes a vigilantly is only a very small part of the bigger picture. If any soul gets stuck on one aspect, the BOTH will leave them to their own devices, and seemingly wink out of existence. Sure the person feels free, yet also the righteous indignation turns into acceptance, tolerance and even participation, making them no better than the ones who do the crime and travesty, as they and the millions of others settle into a "Grand Delusion" as it is written. 2 Thessalonians 2:11 as mentioned in/on

The BOTH does not...It hungers and thirst after those things much holier than itself yet itself is consumed in grief and travesty of the evils of the world.

If the individual of the BOTH becomes godlike, and stays there, again the BOTH will abandoned the host like unto the aforementioned.

The BOTH has a task to do, and this task it must do or it has no purpose and with out its purpose, it does not exist.

When the BOTH has cleansed the world of all that is false, impure and unholy, it too knows its time draws to a close, and for once in its lifetimes of existence, it sighs with a relief. When it is the last 'evil' to go, It goes willingly remembering the innocents of youth.

Return to Innocence: I was trying to send a link so you can listen to the song and see the actual video, it wont let me and I am not going to reroute anything so I can, your a smart boy look it up.

Thus in so doing, it releases itself from the soul that endured and the soul is restored, and becomes one of the Eternal Children of Twelve; The forever innocent nature loving child forever and preciously protected divinely by all that is HOLY and Nature based alike.


There is no Society except for the host.

The host is often the outcast, who takes things very seriously while his peers joke foolishly about things that should never be token lightly.

They are often the locked up extremist who seek to save by any means necessary.

This is BOTH in waiting, like a bride before her groom.

If one BOTH encounters another BOTH greater than itself, with more discipline, focus and determination the lesser BOTH will communicate once more with the host, and in this moment, the endless hunger will cease, as the BOTH tries to ready the host for what is to come. If the host fails their moral check they may end up fighting a pointless battle or attempting to flee. In either case the BOTH "may" leave the host to their own consequences. If the host fights for the right reason the BOTH will fight also. When the higher righteousness of the BOTHs have been confirmed, the other will submit willingly to be purged and the soul in question, judged.

After the judgment the soul may live free from any other BOTH or corruption, seemingly blessed divinely till their dyeing days. This is considered like a conversion like experience where someone does a 180 in their life over night and then becomes a pillar of their community with out spot or blemish, as it is also written, even if they live in poverty.

These people are like the ones who build soup kitchens in the worse neighborhoods, or stop a young gangster from making a tragic mistake with their life as the redeemed in their last dieing breath forgives the youngster for fatally wounding him/her.

The BOTH isn't only a vengeful type of Alpha Spirit, it is also, in moments of time when the opportunity presents itself, a very kind and generous soul being only a small portion of the host with the deep buried child like heart. This is very similar to the metaphor of the Neverending Story. The NOTHING and the Child Like Princess are ONE. At least as far as I am concerned.

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BOTH Names[edit]

As per the any normal name until reputation precedes them.

Vengeful Spirit, Bringer of Doom, Death Reaper, Ghost Rider, The Devil, Avenging Angel, The Antichrist, The Savior etc (all relative to what side your on at the time)

BOTH Traits[edit]

BOTH: When of all things have come, you have come to eat them all. Even THE DEVOURER, himself till all is purged in Righteous Indignation.
Ability Score Increase. +1 every 1d4 levels
Age. Non- They don't age, nor does their host. Nor can they be magically aged.
Alignment. Bi Polar Extremes, dependent on what the situation calls.
Size. Based on Shifting Trait
Speed. Based on Shifting Trait
Insatiable Hunger, Knowledge and Wisdom. The person has never ending appetite for learning. It is so strong that the player will suffer a penalty to all rolls starting at a -1 per day culminative until the player has learned something useful, even if it is almost trivial. So the player can sate this by bringing a book or some sort of crafting tools and having some down time to read or work if nothing is learned during the day that is useful.
Empathy/ Psychometry /Spirit Travel. This can be used as many times a day/Long rest as the person has in wisdom modifier points, minimum 1, +1 per level. This is an instinctive reflex in perilous times and does not act in the following ways, instead it acts like a "Spidey Sense" tingling. This skill can be used when item is touched, or if someone close to them is far away to gather rich details about the person place or thing. This is exhausting and the person needs nourishment and a rest after, minute per minute. The person is in a meditative state and needs to concentrate, as well as being vulnerable to attack. Being touched drains the player and the ability ends as this is a EXTREEM focused ability. Sometimes they can get 'lost' and may need to be 'woken' up and then require a long rest several days in a row to be effective once more. While in this state they can do basic functions of self preservation, just not much more than that.
Spiritual Authority. When someone or something supposes that they have dominance over the player, demonic or otherwise, the players level plus the wisdom modifier plus the proficiency bonus total is the saving throw the enemy must beat or the enemies knows that their attempts at charm, fear intimidation or even bribery (mind altering)will fail from this point forward. This is a bonus saving throw to be made even before the attempts are made. This can be done each time the enemy attempts some mind altering state on the player. Granted it IS weak at first, that is the price to pay.
Devour, Aura. When fighting evil, and only after the Spiritual Authority has been established, the player can attempt to spiritually devourer the enemy. The enemy clearly knows this is a possibility once the Spiritual Authority has been established and a moral check may need to be made or the enemy may react in fear accordingly. Once devoured, there is a strange emptiness, as if the creature never existed...even non psionic players can sometimes feel this. The creature cannot be resurrected or reconstituted in any way, even something similar suffers penalties in the players presence from this time forward that acts like a curse equal to the level of the player.
Purposeful Shifting. This is both a curse and a blessing. At least once a day the DM can opt to turn the player into whatever creature or humanoid they desire as long as it supports the BOTHS end goal. The player MUST play according to that race as there is strong influence to do so.
Purposeful Porting. Like the shifting, the dm can opt to 'teleport' or phase, a character anywhere the dm desires as long as it fits the purpose of the end game of the BOTH. HOWEVER the dm can opt also that any and/or all items are left behind leaving the player naked and in a strange place is acceptable as the BOTHs end goal creeps ever forward.
The Undying. Regardless how suicidal the player may get, the BOTH will not let the host die. It will encourage and even willfully weaken the player or even use the hunger to drive the player to seek answers. The BOTH will have better understanding than the player will about situations and will cast spell like abilities on the player to get the player to move away from the area or not engage into whatever situation. It will see like the player is being cowardly or whatever, however that may not be the case. If the character takes mortal damage and dies, the BOTH is connected to something greater than itself and somehow the character is brought back, either a rift in time (Reverse Time)or reincarnated or something else that brings the player back to the endless journey that is there to grieve till the end of all things.
Psionic. This player has spell like abilities that are psionic instead. It can be used the same way except requires no components. The level at which they have their abilities and what kind is up to the Dm, however a simple mechanic fix is to say it is like a multiclass function for the purpose of casting with out all the other class abilities.
Balance of The Hunger. The hunger to consume and do away with evil is great. It draws you to conflict and to resolve on a daily basis. The hunger to annihilate your enemies, to gain understanding, and to do good when you can is never ceasing. It can drive you mindlessly act with out you even needing to be awake fully or conscious of your actions. Its like you watch the screen from an empty movie theater as the final conclusion marches on. This hunger, never ceases...almost like a barbarians blood rage it pushes and swells. Like a rage of the werewolf it stalks. Like creeping vampire, it drinks...So seemingly parasitic, yet not at all. It is there to purge the impurities with the white hot furnace that is your soul.
Languages. Its odd, the player will know one hellish exotic language and one celestial exotic language. Just not directly conscious of it. It will come out in their sleep as will other languages, however upon seems like its all the same language to the player...This otherwise only gives a small benefit to the player, unless he studies languages.

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