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(Born from my game just recently, i introduce with limited permission.)Small and apparently semi reptilian, they are long lived and breed and reproduce almost more than necessary. However thier form varies. Thier Origin Shape can change, however thier size remains.

Physical Description[edit]

In their common form they seem like reptile people, like a small lizard folk or a kobold. They stand between 1d4 feet tall with smooth semi iridescent/ metallic frosted silver white skin. They don’t have any gills, frills or horns. They are smooth and semi newt or gecko looking. They may have slight differences, very feint not noticeable to most, yet very much so to themselves. Under close inspection, it’s almost…as if they have nano tech flowing through their veins…they look like a simple race, mildly advanced made for a simple time. They smell of wet snow…of course.

This is one of the many shapes they may have.Use this for a starter before making them more squidlike, or dragon like. I see you there comming up with ideas. LOL


Not a lot is known of their origin. However there are some lore masters that have gain understanding and visions of seeing these creatures wink into existence only for a moment in time to fade away for a long supposed rest only moments later. However, they are here now, and no longer hide, like they used to. Only those lore masters who spend years in study get to know their secrets of their world. (Their world full of life, flora and fauna, light and life, Thousand of light years apart in some sort of dimensional worm hole where they live like any free animal almost set by some grand order to keep life alive my their assimilation and shape shifting processes. It’s as if they are a seed race to help populate or add balance to various planets.


They are asexual only when there is none of their kind around to help produce perfect replica offspring. They general focus heavy on mating and producing a large clutch every 1d4 months. The clutch will be about 20-100 give or take. So a d20+d100 are standard. These clutches are sometimes well guarded or well hidden and abandoned, as needed. These clutches will have ‘seeds’ of life of various flora and fauna that will grow from them as well as 1d8 offspring from the original parents. These fauna offspring will be exceptionally smaller than the original, while the flora will grow to be much larger. Their main focus is to ‘taste’ mate and reproduce. They are to seed the planet their on, in most cases. If a player character comes from these clutches, then the creatures will be more tribal in nature to support the advancement of their kind, so better ‘seeds’ may be found. They are fascinated with simple things and are quite child like. They will taste evil things, and creatures, and produce a kinder gentler kind as well at a cost to themselves…unknown to them. It eventually shortens their long life down to that of a common kobold.

They will not eat by normal means, instead they 'taste' a creature, if possable with out harming it, much until they gain the ability to assimulate its genetics into thier being, usually in 1d4, per HD. They will and can store this information for thier life time, and thier clutches can be quite varied, yet very balanced. So from their clutches could spring forth a small Oasis, and enviroment of its own.

Assimuling, The Pale Kindred, Ethral Hoppers[edit]

Male: Mah, Rah, Doh, Kra, Kre, etc.

Female: Phe, Lyn, Sta, Mie, Lay etc.

Assimuling Traits[edit]

As a small lizard like seed race, they have higher endurance than most.
Ability Score Increase. +2 Constitution and dexterity, +1 intelligence, +1 wisdom, -4 Strength,
Age. Maturing in about 30 days to reproduce, they continue to grow untill they get thier full stat bonus's befroe adventuring and living the seeding life of about 100 years, give or take a few years. It is speculated that some live among the elves and have prolonged thier life and developed great scocial skills.
Alignment. They tend towards good, as the evil ones tend to die very young as if being evil is like a constant poison to them.
Size. Tiny to small, 1d4 feet as adults.
Speed. 35, Swim 30, climb(Vertical smooth)20
Trance. Very simular to the elves, however can only be done once a week per level.
Druidic Attunement. This grants a bonus of various sorts to the druid class. IE 1d4 more shapes per day, more spell slots per level etc.
Purification. Having an innate ability to purge. 1)evil, 2)poison, 3)undead, 4)(etc/other)
Adaptive Awareness. They can see in different spectrums and pick up heat signitures, magnetic fields, and even eventually see invisiable etc until "True Sight" is obtained. However once 'blinded' on a cellular level, they need at least full rest to recover this ability. Their abilities start off at birth like humans, and grow as they taste.
Keen senses. They gain a bonus vs being supprised, as well having a bonus on any sensory based perception checks.
Stunted Health, Resistance Development. They can never gain more than 4d hit points naturally. Instead they start developing resistances to help them produce better and more reliabel offspring. The resistances also give them a very poor flavor to any creature that tries to eat them, and the resistance will rarely be immunities, only buffers to reduce damage with the exception to spell like abilities immunities, sleep/charm etc.
Assimulation Regeneration. At around level 4 they start developing the ability to replicate their surroundings. Some learn chameleon like abilities, literally turning into the substance they are hiding near. While some focus more on creating those substances, and this includes flora or fauna they have tasted. They can create one such fauna once a week after level 4. However the one produced will be much smaller. Flora can be produced every 3 days (and will be considerably bigger) per 2 levels after the 4th level. Unless the storyteller opts for more of the common plants to have less wait times. All this is indicated when their regenitive qualities kick in, being able to regenerate lost limbs and such like a troll, except a bit slower and more consistant throughout. This is to help their travels in in inhospitable areas and if the storyteller so deems it, may only activate in those horriable times, just to keep the creature alive and eventually set free.
Languages. Assimuling, Celestial, and sylvan are options from the start. They have to spend a point to learn common, for the obvious afore mentioned reasons.


Ability Score Increase. Offspring of two level 4+s (mostly restricted to players) have one bonus trait from each parent that develops soon after birth. This does not replace, this is in addition to. This can be continuusly done till the offspring becomes 'unplayable' and becomes a New Genisis Seed for a new planet or enviroment.
Offspring Traits. Offspring of two level 4+s (mostly restricted to players) have one bonus trait from each parent that develops soon after birth. This does not replace, this is in addition to. This can be continuusly done till the offspring becomes 'unplayable' and becomes a New Genisis Seed for a new planet or enviroment.
Story Impregnation. The Genisis Seed ofspring can be planted in places most inhospitable to the players, say, main boss layer devoid of life and nature. They can become like the Tribbles mentioned in Star Trek, causing new flora and fauna to start taking over dispite all efforts of decimation. This can add funny twist and tweeks to a poorly planned story where logically, the players will not beable to logically, overcome. The price of this is that the loot becomes swallowed up or being used by the offspring, flora and fauna. Finding an invisable plant may mean there is a ring being used by the plant via a tendril. Etc. Funny things can happen.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a Assimuling character, you can use the following table) of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these table in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I love to taste everything!
2 Picky Eater, i only choose the best of the Species!
3 I love to explore getting myself into all those secret places.
4 I have this yearning to make countless offspring!
5 I am inexplicably drawn to learn new languges!
6 I love to play, play, play.
7 I am more serious and contiplative.
8 i have 1d4 of the afore mentioned traits! Lucky you!
d6 Ideal
1 Goodness means life and health. (Good)
2 I like protecting my clutch. (Lawful)
3 My clutch needs to be well hidden and left alone. (Neutral)
4 I might use my own clutch as a resourse for development. (Chaotic)
5 There is a clutch nest i am very fond of i long to return. (Lonly)
6 Its my job to produce the best offspring. (Genisis Seed Goal)
d6 Bond
1 There is a clutch nest i am very fond of i long to return. (Lonly)
2 Its my job to produce the best offspring. (Genisis Seed Goal)
3 I owe my existance to a party member, and they dont even know it.
4 I have a symbiotic relationship with the nature around me.
5 I want to have an offspring with the Most holy party member.
6 I want to sample taste each of my party members.
d6 Flaw
1 Sometimes, and often,i just like being left alone.
2 I am terrified of non divine arcana! (cept druid)
3 I have an odd facination with chasing chickens.
4 cant resist a good mate
5 I am obsessive about producing offspring.
6 I cant help but to use silly catch phrases..."am i leaking?"

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