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"I SWARE ON MY LIFE!!! THATS WHAT I HEARD!!! JUST CRACKLING LIKE BACON, AND THEN SHE WAS THERE, AND THE KING DIED AND SHE WAS GONE AGAIN!!!" says the terrified Bard turned court jester, in tears and swet as he looks up at the headsman ready to bring down the axe as he notice's the same purple eyes from the woman, as he struggles in vain against his tethers as she whispers "I know", as she brings down the ax to only hear a zap and a thud of her axe burying deep into the empty stump. Several feet away the king stands loosening the bonds of the victim as brilliant bolts of white light shoot out toward the heads man as he boldly proclaims, "YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE BORN THUS!!!" Arcanus...Born from a conglomerate of various arcane and divine energies colliding. Born from the deep wells of the plains of Arcana...who knows, and only a fool dare ask.

Physical Description[edit]

In their natural form, if they are seen in their youth, before they gain True Shape changing, they are vaguely humanoidish with some effect they are more akin to. Their color and effect reflecting their mood and their effect, wispy, flaming etc. They are shorter than humans, and never grow much beyond that usually. They tend to float along rather than 'walk'.


When energies collide in the stock pile hubs of the outer could happen.


They assimilate into various cultures.

Arcanus Names[edit]

We are not sure, why dont you ask one yourself-so says the librarian with almost a frightened look.



Arcanus Traits[edit]

Like the song..."Pure Energy". Song link inside.
Ability Score Increase. +1d4 on both stats for their specific casting class.
Age. As long as there are no dead zones...
Alignment. various. They may be influenced my the manna around them.
Size. Medium
Speed. Your base Hovering speed is 35 feet. This included over water and over other general surfaces as they have no corporeal weight in their natural form. They take the speed of the form they are using.
Level 1 Manna Symbiosis, Detect Magic. 1st and foremost, they are like living pools of manna, they are sensitive to its presence and its diminishing's. They suffer in anti magic zones, and flourish where their are rich sources. Fortunately, they are aware of these energies, obviously.
Level 1, 3, 5. Manna Transfusion. 2nd to their base existence, symbiotic relationship with manna, they need to feed and heal. They can feed and heal from magic items, however doing so drains the item of equal about in charges, or energy for the appropriate duration. They have no control over this until level 3. Heal spells work on them, as they absorb the magic that is burned off or used. Healing herbs and balms placed on them quickly 'decay' as their body naturally absorbs ambient manna. "And that's how to detect one." says the witch hunter. At level 3 They can cease the automatic absorption of ambient magic. At level 5 they can transfer magic into another thing or person at the cost of their hit points/HD.
Change Self, True Form. Thirdly needful to their existence, Yet not necessary. They gain the ability to look like another race. For them this is a whole other school of magic, as they can eventually use like doppelganger and druid like shape changing abilities when they reach those appropriate levels to cast them. This school is based on living things having energy. For them, these forms are true, for that time. They upgrade the doppelgangers ability in a sense, by literally becoming that person. They are so true to alternate forms, that eventually, anti changing/shape changer offensives stop working on them. When they reach the appropriate level to cast that spell, ONE of those type of spells per long rest can become like a cantrip, except takes longer to recharge based on level.
Meta Magic. At the cost of their manna like life force they can Quick Cast, Silent Cast, Duel Cast etc. They literally can use themselves up casting this way. However the story teller may limit these abilities by stating they must be learned from someone first.
Manna Crafter. All things crafted that uses magic, they get a bonus 1d4 and advantage.
Manna Expert. They cast and gain spells as if one level higher per every 3 levels.
Advanced Caster Class. What ever caster class they choose, than can opt to get one ability 1d4 levels earlier if they can convince someone to train them. They will learn it quickly enough, at the astonishment to the teacher.
Manna Rebirth. As long as their is manna to be had, they can come back to life, slowly and eventually. If the party can put up with manna leaching from their spell list and draining magic items...
Languages. Arcane, any race that uses magic, even if exotic, is common for them. The non magical race languages must be learned, including common.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Their height are almost the same for each ont that is 'born'. And their physical weight in their true form is 0.

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