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Arcana Robot[edit]


Physical Description[edit]

Standing on two legs with the general shape of their creators of any size and weight due to their creators desire or their own duties; covered head to toe in a magical fake skin that has the properties of the strongest metals known across the land, this skin makes the robots look lifelike to the simple men, it is due to the high amount of magical energy coursing just below the skin giving them touch that makes them unable to wear anything but simple clothes. Unfortunately the Wizards that have created them have no way of making them fake skin or tans as such they are bold and a bleached paper white in skin colour.


The first Arcana robot was first created a way of getting strong labour but as the spells used to created gets refined so does the Arcana Robots artificial Intelligence, the spells have gotten so refined that they have given the Arcana Robots conscience, at first the creators were afraid for they have created living being not through sexual copulation, it soon became the norm for powerful wizards for which their own arcana have made them barren created a Arcana Robot to become what would be their children and their aids.


While the Arcana Robots are created that is a major way that the robots interact with their surroundings and other creatures. They first and foremost see their particular creator as a form of parent as they want to become as close as a living organism as possible so that includes having a mother or father. Additional while they were first created as simple labours they have become extreme helpful towards anyone that treats them kindly,

Arcana Robot Names[edit]

The way that the naming system works is by having M or F first for gender then abbreviated of the subspecies than a identification number

Male: MH759 MRA3950 MW375

Female: FP657 FRE837 FH129

Arcana Robot Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Due to being made of resilient metal you gain +2 Constitution
Age. The Moment you were created you were considered mature and as long as there is magic within the surrounding you will live almost endlessly until your metal shell is broken
Alignment. You can be of any alignment however you will mostly stray towards your creators alignment
Size. Your creator can make you any size from tiny to huge however you gain both advantages and disadvantages for being on the extreme sizes
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. You speed mostly depends on your size if you are medium it is 30ft but you lose 5ft for each size category below medium and you gain 5ft for each size category above medium
Enchanted Armour. The magic used to create you reinforced your metal body. Due to this you are unable to wear any armour or shields but you gain a AC of 10+CON+ Subrace Ability score increase (IE Researcher=INT)
Artificial Senses. Your internal magic provides you with information about your surroundings, you know the position of all creatures within 10ft of you and you can see in any condition except magical darkness like it is bright light up to 60ft
Empty Body. Due to your magic sustaining you, you don't need to eat, drink or breath,as such you gain a immunity to poison and gas effects
Storeage Unit. Your Creator made use of the empty space within you to help with your job, Your creator created a Undetectable storage space within your chest area that require a Arcana check DC:20 to find, It has Infinite space and can fit any object of any size due to your in built size manipulation magic and that any non living things within your storage wont experience any passage of time.
Living Magic. Magic is a mysterious thing for when it created you, you've become a living entity, as such normal magic's that wouldn't effect you normally like healing magic, will effect you like you are a normal creature
Soaked in Magic. Due to so much magic being within your body holding your essence, it interferes with any harmful magic, you gain advantage with all magic based saving throws and resistance to all magical damage
Endless Endurance. Creatures require to sleep to rest their minds, however you cannot sleep this means that you relax while fully aware of your surroundings making your long rest takes 4 hours and become immune to any magic that tries to make you fall asleep, Furthermore you cannot gain any levels of exhurstant due to lack of sleep
Languages. You can read,write and speak common and the language of your creator, Furthermore you can spend 48 hours looking through the surrounding magics to learn one language
Subrace. Each Arcana Robot was design with a specific purpose, each one of them have a special program that helps them with doing their job


Ability Score Increase. You gain +2 STR
Enhanced Armour. You were built intended for battle as such you needed better protection you AC has been enhanced to 13+CON+STR
Combat Programming. When dealing damage with a weapon that you are proficient with, you deal additional damage equal to your proficiency bonus
Emergency Reboot. Once per long rest. If you drop to 0HP but not killed out right, you can roll a CON save DC:20-Character LV (LOWEST DC=10). On a fail save you go to 1HP, on a success you go to half HP, On a critical fail you are permanently dead, on a critical success your are brought to full HP


Ability Score Increase. You gain +2 DEX
Enhanced Senses. Your creator designed you for tracking, as such your impressive senses have been improved,you now know the position of all creatures within 20ft, furthermore you can see in all conditions except for magical darkness like it was bright light up to 120ft as well as seeing through magical darkness like its bright light up to 60ft
Shooting Program. You have been programmed to maximise the effectiveness of your ranged attacks, you increase your maximum range by 10xProficiency bonus, furthermore you cannot get disadvantage on attack rolls with a ranged weapon due to its ranged boundaries
Lighter Metal. Sometimes it is better to be faster than to have protection. During a long rest you can lose any amount of AC points, for every point removed you gain +5ft of movement, however if you gain AC points using this feature you lose 5ft for every point gained, furthermore when you do any DEX Checks while having extended movement you gain addition amount to the checks equal to the amount of AC points lost, you can only remove or gain AC during you next long rest and you cannot exceed you maximum amount of AC using this feature


Ability Score Increase. You gain +2 INT
Crafting Program. Your creator has given you the secrets of cutting corners without effecting the final quality of what you were creating or research, as such when you create or research something you reduce the amount of money and time needed to do it by 5xProficiency bonus gold and hours
Experiments yields Experience. You have done enough experiments with certain skills that you have become proficient or a expert in them at LV1 5 9 13 17 you can gain proficiency with a skill or saving throw or gain expertise or double proficience bonus with a current skill or saving throw you are proficient with.
Armour Chink Spotter. When you see a foe get hit by a friendly creature as a reaction you can call out to any friendly creature within hearing range, the creature has to make a perception check DC:20-Character LV (LOWEST DC=10), if they fail nothing happens but on a successful check they ignore that type of foes AC equal to their proficiency bonus for the rest of that encounter


Ability Score Increase. You gain +2 WIS
Healing Program. You know how to maximise the effectiveness of your healing, you heal an additional HP equal your proficiency bonus
Inbuilt Defibrillator. Once per long rest you can attempt to bring a recently killed creature back to life as long as the soul is willing, roll a medicine check with a DC:15+Minutes dead on a success the creator is brought back to life, but any wounds on the body are not healed due to the act of bring back the deceased creature
Healing From Within. At LV 2 you have learned how to heal a creature using their own energy,the number of uses for this is WIS+Proficiency bonus and are restored during a long or short rest. As a Bonus action when you are touching a creature you can roll any number of their hit dice and add your CON and heal them of that amount. You use the same number of usage as the number of hit dice rolled, the range of this increases by 5ft every 2nd level up


Ability Score Increase. You gain +2 CHR
Communication Program. Sometimes you have to perform to people who speaks a completely different language, however for you a language barrier was never a problem you can read, write and speak a number of languages equal to 2xProficiency bonus
Bargain Hunter. You exclude Charisma to the point that anybody that could offer you a service will want to try and help you, Once per week you will be able to buy things 10xProficiency bonus% cheaper and sell things for 10xProficienct bonus% more gold than any other players, however this will only effect 1 person per usage for a hour
Voice of Angels or Tongues of Devils. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, as such you have learnt how to inspire people from the best and worst of bards, Once per long rest you can try to inspire any allies within 30ft of you, roll a D20 and the roll determines what dice they get:

Rolled a 1: Kept and used at the DM discretion, when used what ever roll the player was going to do will be considered a natural 1

Rolled a 2~4: The player gains a D4 Inspiration dice

Rolled a 5~6: The player gains a D6 Inspiration dice

Rolled a 7~8: The player gains a D8 Inspiration dice

Rolled a 9~12: The player gains a D12 Inspiration dice

Rolled a 13~19: The player gains a D20 Inspiration dice

Rolled a 20: Kept and used at the Player's discretion, when used what ever roll the player was going to do will be considered a natural 20

To make this Race more feasible you might like to implimate the 3 laws of robotics:

1: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

2: A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3: A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Do note that theses law only include humans not any other races within the campain

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