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Physical Description[edit]

Abominations are tall constructs,aberrations,monstrosities,elementals that are made inside volcanos.Their skin is black and builted from hard rock and lava.Instead of veins you can see the lava flowing in their bodies which glows.These two headed creatures are the worst nightmare for the most.The two Orc heads that look like Goristro's but with fangs and horns heads are always aware of their enviroment.Instead of eyes there is lava that glows.Their hard claws are so sharp that they even can cut through diamond.They have a Magmin with them as a translator and companion.The Magmin follows only the orders of his Master.While they are walking they leave a trace with small fire inside their footstep.As a demon you can call other demons as explained in Monster Manual.


Abominations are demons created inside volcanos.Due to their lack of knowing the common language the have with them a magmin as a companion and as a translator.Magmins always obey the one and only master they have and do not do something if they aren't told by them.Magmins are always saying the truth to their masters because they are affraid of them and respect them.Many of them are willing to give their life in order for their master to be saved.Magmins level up like their masters and attack on the same turn.Thus they have the same stats with their master.

Abomination Names[edit]

Actually because they are constructs there is no name to call them so they choose any.




You were created inside of a volcano from it.You live untill you are destroyed.When you "die" you explode in a 60ft radius.Every creature must succeed on a Dexterity Saving throw.On a successful save the creature takes half damage.On a failed one it takes 3d8 fire damage.


Abominations are mostly Chaotic Evil and rarely Neutral.Every time you enter in a town or village you must succeed on a Charisma check of a 13 DC.


Your size is Large starting from 3 meters but you can also be Gargantuan it depends from the space provided in the volcano.As Large you weigh more than 5 tons.As a Giant 15 and as Gargantuan over 200.


Your speed is 40ft and hard terrain has no affect on your speed.


You have truesight for 10ft,blindsight 10ft and you can see perfectly in dark as your normal vision for 200ft.


The Abomination makes two attacks.Or one if you want to use FIRE BREATH.


Your heads are your friends.You have advantage on perception checks and on saving throws against being blinded, charmed, deafened, frightened, stunned, and knocked unconscious. When one of theheads is asleep, its other head is awake and you can't be surprised as your heads are totally aware of your surroundings.

Fire Breath[edit]

As an attack you can choose to spit fire from your mouths.You spit fire in a 30ft cone from each head for a (1-5:2d4) (6-10:2d6) (11-15:2d8) (16-20:2d12) for each head .Every creature must succeed on a Dexterity save with a DC 8 + Constitution mod + P.B.You can choose also different enemies and directions or the same.


If the Abomination moves at least 15 feet straight toward a target and then hits it with a gore attack on the same turn, the target takes an extra (2d10) piercing damage (every five levels add 2 dice more). If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 21 Strength saving throw or be pushed up to 20ft away and knocked prone.

Labyrinthine Recall[edit]

The Abomination can perfectly recall any path it has traveled.

Living Construct[edit]

Even though you were constructed, you are a living creature. You are immune to disease and poison. You do not need to eat,drink or breathe, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish. Instead of sleeping, you enter an inactive state for 2 hours each day. You do not dream in this state you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal.

Fire Elemental[edit]

Abominations are considered elementals, and are immune to fire damage but you are healing instead (you can touch fire or lava and heal).Due to glowing cracks on your rocky skin, you have disadvantage on any stealth check.You can use your self as a lamp due to the lava inside you glowing it can produce light for a 15ft by 15ft area.

Fire everywhere[edit]

Everything that can be lit does it when you touch it.Even your weapons as you level up you deal more fire damage.(1-5:1d4) (6-10:1d6) (11-15:1d8) (16-20:1d12).Also you deal the same damage to someone who tries to touch you.


Your skin is made by rock and your AC is 12 + strength mod + constitution mod + 4 (your rocky skin).You can also wield a shield and still have this benefit.

Volcano Strength[edit]

You have advantage on Strength checks and Saving throws.You can wield a heavy,two-handed or oversized with one hand.If you hold it with two you have advantage on the attack rolls and you add your P.B twice.Your carrying capacity and your strength for pushing,pulling,lifting,lift counts as a gargantuan.You deal double damage on objects and structures.You have resistance in bludgeoning damage.



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