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Oh say, can you see...


My name's Quincy and I'm an administrator here on D&D Wiki - the newest one, in fact. If you need my help or want to strike a deal of some sort with me, then my talk page is the place to go. I'm big into 5e D&D, although I'm also a fan of many other games, such as GURPS, Arduin, Champions/Hero System, Spawn of Fashan, World of Synnibar, and Rifts.

Meditations and Reflections

It's morning again in America.

War is the father and king of all: some he has made gods, and some men; some slaves and some free.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is His name. (Exodus 15:3)

You are my battle-axe and weapons of war: for with you will I break in pieces the nations, and with you will I destroy kingdoms; (Jeremiah 51:20)

Whoever sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man. (Genesis 9:6)

Deleted Content[edit]

For sentimental reasons, I've saved copies of a very large number of 5e pages that have been deleted from this wiki. You can find some of them by following this link.

My Contributions[edit]


Futuristic Items: Devestator (5e Equipment), Energy Shield (5e Equipment), Exoskeleton (5e Equipment), Gatling Icer (5e Equipment), Icer Pistol (5e Equipment), Icer Rifle (5e Equipment), Idiot-Proof Pistol (5e Equipment), Stealth Armor (5e Equipment), Wide-Bore Laser Rifle (5e Equipment)

Magical Items: Alabaster Puppy (5e Equipment), Banewand (5e Equipment), Battle Armor (5e Equipment), Belt of the Grappler (5e Equipment), Boomstick (5e Equipment), Bottled Bees (5e Equipment), Cleveland's Giant Sword (5e Equipment), Contradimensional Wand (5e Equipment), Darkhunter's Spear (5e Equipment), Dreamstone (5e Equipment), Elixir of Skeletonization (5e Equipment), Elixir of Zombification (5e Equipment), Gem of Power (5e Equipment), Glowstaff (5e Equipment), Guardian Drone (5e Equipment), Hellforged Sword (5e Equipment), Memory Orb (5e Equipment), Quicksilver Gauntlets (5e Equipment), Raven Ring (5e Equipment), Ring of the Tree Whisperer (5e Equipment), Rod of Swaying (5e Equipment), Saint's Ring (5e Equipment), Staff of the Seven Seas (5e Equipment), Truthseeker's Rod (5e Equipment), Valiant Helmet (5e Equipment), Wand of Confusion (5e Equipment), Wand of Conjuration (5e Equipment), Wand of Crippling (5e Equipment), Wand of Heaven's Fire (5e Equipment), Wand of Hydrokinesis (5e Equipment), Wand of Misfortune (5e Equipment), Wand of Resistance (5e Equipment), Water Shield (5e Equipment), Whistle of Bodyguard Summoning (5e Equipment),


Battle Shouter (5e Feat), Bigfoot (5e Feat), Blaster (5e Feat), Blessed Healer (5e Feat), Bughunter (5e Feat), Chuckster (5e Feat), Close Quarters Shooter (5e Feat), Evolution Savant (5e Feat), Gentle Giant (5e Feat), Headless (5e Feat), Machine Gunner (5e Feat), Nuisance (5e Feat), Ritual Sacrifice (5e Feat), Rock Solid (5e Feat), Rubbery (5e Feat), Sacrosanct (5e Feat), Sapper (5e Feat), Scope Adept (5e Feat), Spooky Scary Skeleton (5e Feat), Telekinetic Poltergeist (5e Feat), Toughened (5e Feat)


How to Quickly Roll Large Numbers of Dice (DnD Other)


Charisma (Heckling) (5e Skill), Intelligence (Warcraft) (5e Skill), Wisdom (Dreaming) (5e Skill)


Afterburner (5e Spell), Aura of Victory (5e Spell), Ballistakinesis (5e Spell), Blazing Smite (5e Spell), Blade Bane (5e Spell), Calamitous Strike (5e Spell), Call Guardian (5e Spell), Chaos Blade (5e Spell), Chaos Hand (5e Spell), Chaos Storm (5e Spell), Compel Suicide (5e Spell), Conjure Bladestorm (5e Spell), Conjure the Crimson Claws of Night (5e Spell), Coral Blast (5e Spell), Crushing Wave (5e Spell), Danmaku (5e Spell), Dark Force (5e Spell), Dark World (5e Spell), Desolation Aura (5e Spell), Diluvian Wave (5e Spell), Dodgeball (5e Spell), Dragon's Skin (5e Spell), Fantastic Arcane Contraption (5e Spell), Fiery Twin (5e Spell), Fire Volley (5e Spell), Fountain of Night (5e Spell), Generic Off-the-Shelf Multipurpose Power Blast Spell (5e Spell), Glacial Armor (5e Spell), Gravity Sphere (5e Spell), Greater Harmfield (5e Spell), Harmfield (5e Spell), Heavenstrike (5e Spell), Hell Smite (5e Spell), Hellhole (5e Spell), Illusoid (5e Spell), Investiture of Green (5e Spell), Investiture of Sand (5e Spell), Investiture of Water (5e Spell), Kiss of the Petals (5e Spell), Kraken's Tentacle (5e Spell), Magic Talisman (5e Spell), Magic Warship (5e Spell), Mass Blade Bane (5e Spell), Mass Dodgeball (5e Spell), Mass Immolation (5e Spell), Mass Traumatic Teleport (5e Spell), Megascale Flight (5e Spell), Nexus Weapon (5e Spell), O'Bannon's Siege Missiles (5e Spell), Poison Matrix (5e Spell), Power Bolt (5e Spell), Power Word Forget (5e Spell), Power Word Pacify (5e Spell), Prayer of Protection (5e Spell), Prayer of Strength (5e Spell), Quincy's Epic Hammer (5e Spell), Rain Blast (5e Spell), Sandcast (5e Spell), Shadow Axe (5e Spell), Shining Force Blast (5e Spell), Sky-Fury Bolt (5e Spell), Spell Mastery (5e Spell), Spellwise Aura (5e Spell), Steelcurse (5e Spell), Sun Ward (5e Spell), Talisman of Summoning (5e Spell), Transfer Ability (5e Spell), Traumatic Teleport (5e Spell), Twin Bolts of Demonfire (5e Spell), Vampiric Aura (5e Spell), Wall of Tentacles (5e Spell), Wall of Wonder (5e Spell), Warclaw (5e Spell), Water Bolt (5e Spell), Water Volley (5e Spell), Watery Twin (5e Spell), Whirligig (5e Spell), Wild Winds of Chaos (5e Spell), Witchfire (5e Spell)

See Also: Spells of Legend (5e Reward)


Mob of Creatures (5e Template), Sped-Up (5e Template)

Variant Rules[edit]

Explosion (5e Variant Rule), Jumping Speed (5e Variant Rule), Radiation (5e Variant Rule), Roll With a Punch (5e Variant Rule),

See Also: Overkill (5e Sourcebook)

Pages I Personally Recommend[edit]

I didn't make these but they're still awesome. I encourage you to read them if you have the chance.

Animated Armor (5e Race), Anomalous Human (5e Race), Chaos Knight (5e Class), Cyclops (5e Race), Demon Hunter (5e Class), Fully Customizable Backgrounds (5e Variant Rule), General (5e Class), Gunslinger (5e Class), R'lyeh Spawn (5e Class), Robot (5e Race), Skeleton (5e Race), Soldier (5e Class), Zombie (5e Race)

My Plans[edit]

  • Some sort of superheroic D&D spinoff
  • Mercenaries Campaign Setting
  • Buried Kingdoms
  • A military-themed "total conversion" D&D spinoff with entirely new races, classes, etc.

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