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My Things (4e)[edit]

My Class: Wyvern Lord + powers, Explorer + powers (Unfinished).

My Paragon Paths: Wyvern Master and Ancient Wyverneer (Wyvern Lord), Divine Weapon (Paladin), Fell Wyvernborn (Wyvernborn racial), Dream Reaper (Wizard)

My Races: Wyvernborns, Rulkores, Tratumms, Drawy.

My Monsters: Deathling, Darkflier, Usarion, Drawy, Nerothab, The Scorching King.

The Scorching King is a villain from my campaign, but you can hook it everywhere using all the information in the page.

That's all for now.

My Things Mk. II[edit]

After a long hiatus I am now back, having studied game design, read a bit about D&D, and improved my English (hopefully). I'm opening a new leaf and trying to make more in-depth content now, rather than things that popped up in my campaign and hardly had anything behind them.

My current project is turning the Plane of Zendikar from Magic: the Gathering into a fleshed-out 4e Campaign Setting.

Races (4e):

  • Twili: I took the idea of the Twili from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and tried to give them more backstory, and also to make them fit better in the world of D&D. (Progress: Paragon Paths);
  • Kor: Wizards' Plane Shift: Zendikar mini-campaign setting inspired me to start converting Zendikar into a 4e campaign setting, an idea I had for a while now. The Kor are the beginning. (Progress: Paragon Path)
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