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items to add from outside sources[edit]

Beholder Bob/ Enworld

  • Withstand Magics Tide (General, Magic)
  • Usurp Authority(General, Magic)
  • Countermand (General, Magic)
  • Eye of the Storm (General, Magic)
  • -maybe all the specialist wizard feats?-

Frukathka/ Enworld

  • Scorching Spell [Metamagic]


  • uses technology - guns, explosives, alchemy.

gets along with:

  • gnomes
  • alchemists
  • chaotic? chaotic neutral? explosives enthusiasts? insanes?
  • partly fills the role of a blaster - probably will carry around a lot of ranged explosives for other people to use in a pinch. alchemists fire, flares, black powder, etc. support class!
  • should be happy with medium or heavy armour. dex requirements shouldn't be ridiculously high for shooting a is a _gonne_ after all.
  • Gonnes should reduce max dexterity bonus while firing, just as heavy armour! they are very hard to aim. gonnes do piercing damage against non-magical, steel plate armour, and everything below, as well. remember - a gonne is not a small pistol. It's almost a portable artillary peice.
  • Gonnesters outta have an "out" for dealing with close-in troops. Is it use their gonnestaff as a defensive weapon? so a rank in fighter? or maybe a dimension door-able item? or a rank in cleric? is this part of how they will fit into a party as a whole?
  • do mages respect the gonnesmith for his scholarly? approach to explosives, or dislike him because he is tech-heavy?
  • Dex and Int check to use firearms created by gonnesmith - unless trained by gonnesmith who made the weapon? no dex and int check for gonnesmith to use his own weapons. Requires skill points in alchemy (and possibly know natural sciences) to lower Int check??
  • alchemists fire.
  • signal flares. (does this exist somewhere already)


  • hand-to-hand + 1 shot ranged.
  • long reload.
  • exotic - needs staff proficiency?
  • craft as staff, anyone can use as a regular staff.
  • gonne on end is crafted into staff as a class feature - NOT normal weapon. can't have everyone having gonnestaffes...i don't know.
  • if the damage is not peircing, then it's just un-typed damage.
  • gonnestaffes require gunpowder of some sort. homemade gunpowder with coarse grains is preferable. fine grain gunpowder does not exibit the same properties (ie the fact that coarse grain powder transfers heat throughout the entire mixture via adiabatic process allowing a second flame front to be created simeotaneously (almost) within the entire mixture. fine grain powder does not exibit this feature as readily.) powder requirements vary with chamber size.

should differentiate between "light" gonnes and "heavy" gonnes.

  • light gonne - 50 caliber or less. can penetrate mild steel, but nothing stronger.
  • heavy gonne - more than 50 calibur. very large (more than 5g) quantities of powder may qualify a gonne of lower calibur as a heavy gonne. I suppose it depends on energy of the bullet.

light and heavy gonnes should be able to penetrate 3-12 inches of the following

  • 5 hp/in - 5 hardness - leather, hide
  • 10 hp/in - 5 hardness - wood, darkwood
  • 10 hp/in - 8 hardness - alchemical silver

light and heavy gonnes will crack or shatter both stone and crystal up to a depth of 1-3 inches, cracks may carry farther into the formation.

  • 10 hp/in - 8 hardness - stone
  • 25 hp/in - 8 hardness - mundane crystal

iron and steel are not the same thing, though one is composed of the other. (mild steel - hardness 9?) heavy gonnes should be able to punch through either of these up to a depth of 2 mm. will crack deep crystal, depends on brittleness.

  • 10 hp/in - 10 hardness - dragonhide
  • 30 hp/in - 10 hardness - iron, steel, deep crystal

no penetration.

  • 30 hp/in - 15 hardness - mithril
  • 40 hp/in - 20 hardness - adamantine

no penetration on magical armors (+1 or better).


Abilities: A Gonnesmith's primary attribute is Intelligence. A high Dexterity is also required to use the gonnesmith's creations (does this fit??). A high Strength is a benefit to any Gonnesmith, as all those creations can be heavy (reword) Alignment: Any Hit Die: d6

Class Skills Appraise, Craft, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge (), Profession, Skill Points: 4 + Intelligence

build ideas[edit]

  • half-giants! they gain +2 on saving throws to resist fire effects and spells. they gain +2 to strength. they have low-light vision. +1 LA is a downer.


  • dwarves might like this due to the technical aspect. dwarves can use heavy armour and carry a heavy load. good Str. darkvision is good for shooting at night. +2 bonus on crafting metal - that's gonnes! dwarves are a good choice.


  • gnomes might like this because it's a bit techy, and definately "fun". a gnome might be a good choice due to the +2 on craft (alchemy), low light vision also helps shooting at night. -2 Str is a downer though, since travelling light is not your thing.


  • half-elves are good due to the +1 to spot checks. good for ranged. low-light vision also helps.


  • tallfellow halflings gain +1 to attacks with thrown weapons. could be useful for a grenadier. +1 racial bonus on all saving throws is also nice. +2 dex is nice for scoring hits with thrown weapons. +2 bonus on spot checks is also nice. -2 str and Small size are a bummer, though.


  • bring a lot of long-duration fuse. it can smolder all combat long.
  • some sort of sanctuary-ish spell during reloads.
  • "handy" powder magazine that always disperses the amount required for the gonnestaffe?
  • dimension door to get out of melee quickly.
  • alchemists fire early in combat before melee
  • create "speedy hot bags" for archers. you'll almost always have a lit flame (probably via a smoldering long-duration fuse), so it's easy to add a small bag of wax or bitumen for archers to dip in - instant flaming weapons! even front-line combatents could do this.
  • moving around the battlefield quickly is your friend. you aren't a healer, you have to be up close for things to work. invest in a recharging dimension door item, or some speedy movement.
  • boost your strength so you can carry around all that heavy weaponry
  • staff proficiency. also, maybe sling proficiency. hand crossbows are also a nice backup weapon taht ammo is (more) readily available for.
  • is the guy who is always lit up more of a target?
  • torches are probably a bad idea considering your considerable reserves of black powder. everburning torches generate no heat, though.
  • invest in something that provides resistance to fire. talcum powder?
  • scrolls are cheap and your high Int will put you in your group's favour.
  • true seeing does not penetrate natural smoke. You're going to be hard to hit in combat as long as you're shrouded.
  • could wear some sort of fire-resistant cloak. something that absorbs fire damage and resists it as well. $$++ ?


organ gun
alchemists fire
hand cannon
volley gun
signal flares
flash powder
"corned" powder
hand culverin
Danziger Handgonne

The Liber Ignium, or Book of Fires, attributed to Marcus Graecus, is a collection of incendiary recipes, including some gunpowder recipes. Partington dates the gunpowder recipes to approximately 1300.[26] One recipe for "flying fire" (ingis volatilis) involves saltpeter, sulfur, and colophonium, which, when inserted into a reed or hollow wood, "flies away suddenly and burns up everything."


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