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Add Druid Player's Guide:

Hero class
  • gains 1 temporary Action point per encounter (1st level)
  • can spend an Action point to gain a feat from the fighter bonus list to gain that feat until the end of the encounter
  • Duel / Engage enemy: Hero and Enemy can't attack other opponents (will save), others can't attack them / only withdraw/surrender possible
  • dramatic abilities
  • dodge bonus to AC
  • light armor
  • light weapons / weapon finesse
  • Cha-based save bonus
  • Acrobat abilities
  • spend action point to reroll
  • distract enemy
  • ability to protect / rescue others
  • inspire courage as long as he is up and fighting
Missing conditions
  • drunk (talky - curageous - aggressive - unconscious)
  • stoned
  • pregnant
  • in love
  • distracted
  • missing arm
  • missing leg
  • Changeling Domain
An Allurin-like race based on the balor
Cultist Cleric variant
Illusion spells

Lesser Shadow Evocation, Lesser Shadow Conjuration

Magic Items for Her
  • Ladies Handbag of Holding
  • High Heels of Speed
  • Enchanted Chain Bikini
  • Amazon Bow
  • Rod of Sale Detection
Cleanup, format etc.
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