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The Colors of Magic[edit]

Inspired by Master of Magic, this is an attempt to reorder the D&D magic scheme in the Master of Magic Colors. Magic the Gathering also has a similar system IIRC.

Color Magic Schools Class spell lists Other spells Creatures
White Healing, Abjuration, Divination Cleric Good Descriptor Celestials
Blue Illusion, Enchantment, Teleport Beguiler Trickery Domain Illusionary Creatures, Fey
Black Necromancy Dread Necromancer, Cleric Acid, Evil Descriptor Undead, Fiends
Red Evocation War Mage Air, Wind, Fire, Earth Elementals, Dragons
Green - Druid Spells, Animal and Plant Domain Animals, Plants, Magic Beasts

Note: The color of Conjuration (Summoning) spells depends on the creature that is called.

Transmutation spells can be any color depending on the effect. Baleful polymorph is obviously Green, Water Walk is Red, Etherealness is most likely Blue, Virtue is White, Corrupt Weapon is Black.

The above attribution is not perfect, not all Druid spells will be Green, and not all Divination spells will be White.

The colors are mutually exclusive in that one spellcaster only has access to one color of spells, unless he multiclasses. On the other hand, some spells can belong to several colors, or exists in versions of different colors. (Detect Magic).

The goal of this rules change is to replace class spell lists if possible. With Beguilers (Blue), Warmages (Red), Druids (Green) and Dread Necromancers (Black), sample classes for spellcasters of one color exists for 4 of the 5.

Bards use Blue Magic, Rangers Green, Paladins White, Blackguards Black. Assassins Black or White.

It might be interesting to leave the Wizard more or less as it is, with the ability to use all colors or to specialize in one (with one prohibited color).

I'm unsure what to do with the cleric, I might rewrite this one separately.

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