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Clean D&D[edit]

Clean D&D is an attempt to create a set of house rules. Actually, I do think that the D&D designers made a pretty good job, and D&D works as written. What I try here is fine-tuning. Instead of usual houserules, that end up in a heap of complicated details that only come up once in 10 years, what I try here is to come up with the opposite:

Clear D&D of superfluous weight that is left over from old editions, or that was though necessary when the current edition was written but after all wasn't. The result is (hopefully) a faster game that's more fun to play.

Player's Handbook Simplifications[edit]


  • Hit points are fixed as per LG rules


  • Elves lose their ability to detect secret doors.
  • Races no longer have a favored class (unnecessary since there is no multiclassing XP penalty anymore)


  • No XP penalty for multiclassing.
  • Monks and Paladins can multiclass freely.
  • There is no more alignment restriction for choosing classes, except for the Paladin.
  • No unnecessary class niche protection: Trapfinding is no longer a class ability. Any character that can beat the DC can disarm a trap.
  • Cantrips / Orisons do not need to be prepared in slots. Paladins and Rangers cast their spells spontaneously from the full list. Reason: Speed up the game by reducing the time players spend choosing memorized spells.


  • No more class skills. Always buy 1 rank for 1 skill point.
  • Fixed skill points per level (as if everyone had a +4 Int bonus)
6 Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Sorcerer, Wizard
8 Barbarian, Druid, Monk
10 Bard, Ranger
12 Rogue
At first level, your gain double skill points, plus a number of bonus skill points equal to your Intelligence or Wisdom score (whichever is higher)
  • Hide and Move Silently are merged into one skill: Stealth
  • Open Locks is removed, Locks can be opened with Disable Device
  • Spellcraft is removed, all relevant checks are made on Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (religion) or Knowledge (artifice)
  • Psicraft is merged into Knowledge (psionics)
  • No synergy bonuses


  • Dodge grants a flat +1 dodge bonus to AC. As does any ability that works like Dodge (Psionic Dodge etc.). For any effect that is based on dodge but not a +1 AC bonus, you still have to select an opponent that it applies to (namely Elusive Target and Epic Dodge)
  • Toughness grants either 3 hp flat or 1 per character level, whichever is higher.
  • Weapon Finesse has no prerequisite


If you apply a metamagic feat, that feat changes the actual spell level, not just the spell slot used, with all consequences such as a higher saving throw DC. This makes the Heighten Spell feat superfluous and cleans up some confusion.




  • Death from massive damage is removed



  • All material components with a cost of less than 100 gp are ignored. The Identify spell has no material component.


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