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Uh, hi. I'm Missingno. I am new to this site and DnD in general. I do have experience in Role-playing and I like RPGs. I sometimes have ideas that I can't act on for one reason or another, which sucks.

If something needs fixing, I'll try my best to help. I'm not the best, but I do what I can. If you need some help making a new thing, I might be able to help in the creative parts.


I'm currently making a character for a Fan-Fic (not DnD, so normal rules do not apply here) I'm gonna write. Here's what I got so far.

Name Naomi.

Race Neko.

Gender Female.

Alignment Chaotic-Neutral, eventually turning Chaotic-Good.

Class Moon Scythe.

Deity Fallowed Luna.

Age 14

Flaws Hauntings of the Past, Honest, Magical Hydrophobia, and Necrophobia.

Traits Hunted and Religious.

Theme Song Destiny's Child (arrangement of Wicked Child)

Appearance Naomi is a bit small for her kind. She has medium-length, light blue hair that tends to look messy. Her eyes are green and her skin tone is white. Her tail is thin and long. Unlike most Neko, she prefers to walk, run, and stand on all fours unless she is in combat. She has a small black shirt that is torn in several places, and her shorts are very dirty.

Bio Most Nekos are curious and friendly. Naomi on the other hand, is timid and doesn't trust most people easily. She got strong legs, but she's always on the run. Makes sense when you have a necromancer hunting you down. She doesn't know what she did to piss that guy off, but he's after her blood. She's got a natural cuteness, which makes her good at getting information from others. Whenever she's in a battle, she tends to be evasive, which she is good at. Her strong connection to Luna helps her out, and she frequently asks for her advice. Luna seems to have an eye on her, but the reason is unknown. She also has a severe fear of corpses and zombies for obvious reasons, but vampires tend to be extra aggressive towards her.

Jake Slight[edit]

Name Jake Slight.

Race Human.

Gender Male.

Alignment Neutral-Good.

Classes Healer and Ranger.

Deity Fallowed Azure.

Age 18

Flaw Necrophilia.

Trait Arachnophobia.

Theme Song The Power of Love (Dracula's Castle in Mario Paint)

Appearance Jake Slight is a bit tall for the average human. His skin tone is white, his hair is short and brown, and his clothes consist of a green shirt with short sleeves, and blue jeans.

Bio Jake Slight is a cheery good guy. He tends to have a smile on his face when nothing is going on, but don't think he's laid-back. He is an expert at killing with a bow, and healing others. He prefers peace, but he won't back down if his friends, especially his sister Charlotte Slight, are in trouble unless there's a spider or a dead body around. He craps his pants around spiders, and he drops them around corpses that have decayed. He's an expert when it comes to negotiations, mainly due to his vast general knowledge about politics and his ability to speak almost any language, although he can't speak demonic to save his life. He's got a passion when it comes to healing, and often carries items needed for a resurrection spell.

Charlotte Slight[edit]

Name Charlotte Slight.

Race Human.

Gender Female.

Alignment Lawful-Good.

Class Psion.

Age 17

Flaw Ghost-Warped.

Trait Spiritual Host.

Theme Song A Unique Mind (Invitation of a Crazed Moon remix)

Appearance Charlotte Slight is of average height and her skin tone is white. Her eyes are purple, while her long hair is a silvery gray. She wears a purple long-sleeved shirt with black pants.

Bio Charlotte Slight is a brainiac. She always has a few books with her. She's got a natural talent when it comes to telepathy, psychokinesis, and metacreativity. She can also summon a weapon to her hands at anytime because she has what she calls a "psionic weapon crystal" that makes weapons in a similar way to a Soulknife. She tends to summon a psionic war-hammer, battle axe, or rapier, depending on the situation. She is host to a psionic warrior, and while this gives her great psionic powers, she has a crippling weakness. Incorporeal beings can deliver large amounts of damage in a matter of seconds, and the mere touch of one makes her body incorporeal for a few minutes. She can handle herself well, but she tends to stick with Jake Slight, her brother, because she's a little unsure about her abilities. She does tend to get really angry if she sees a "heartless bastard" which is rare, but it can happen.


(This guy appears later in the story.)

Name Melthro

Race Tiefling

Gender Male

Alignment True Neutral (leaning more towards Evil-Chaotic)

Class Gravity Warrior

Age 27

Traits Hot Homeland and Unnatural Aura

Theme Song Wrath of a Tiefling (Bloody Tears)

Appearance Melthro looks like a tall human from a distance, but close up, you can see the fire in his eyes. He has blood-red hair, which he keeps in a warrior's ponytail, and bright red eyes. His jacket is also red, while his pants are black.

Bio Melthro is a bit of an a--, but it's not without reason. Being a slave to a demon ever sense he was 8, he's built a dislike for demons in general. He's quick to flip the bird at anyone, including his friends. He has a bit of a nasty aura around him, mainly due to being in an evil plane for all of his life. His strategy in combat is simple. Mess around with gravity, and proceed to beat the s--- out of anything that doesn't flee. He tends to bash before asking questions, but he's not evil or chaotic. Deep down, he does have a heart, but he doesn't use it when making decisions. He honestly doesn't give a s--- about good VS evil or lawful VS chaotic. He looks like he doesn't care for anyone, but he secretly has a soft spot for Naomi, although he rarely shows it.

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