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About Meh[edit]

I have played DnD only once, and my next game likely to not be soon, if ever. But I make campaigns and such. I came here to get ideas, and ended up putting up part of my Norman campaign. If I can get my old comp working ill be able to put maps of it up. I’m happy to help in anyway, be it spelling corrections, adding to other campaigns, or killing your enemies(for a small fee). At current, I am a lvl 1-3 cleric, each in my party gained a large amount of exp and the lvls and everything haven’t been sorted out. If there are any online games(like in a discussion) id be very happy to join.

2 do[edit]

Make a musical object.3/10(importance)

Make a set of cursed rings worn by evil king.4/10

Add more minor gods to Norman.3/10

Finnish Karrok.6/10

Add some creatures for the forest and mountains.3/10

Get some NPCs into Norman.7/10

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