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Hey, my name is Jared. I go by Malaclypse, from Malaclypse II, co-founder of the Discordian religion. I play and DM a bit at DnD Online Games. I read webcomics as well. My favourites are Order of the Stick, 8-bit Theater, Cyanide and Happinessand Ctrl+Alt+Del.


Webcomics, D&D, Mankeys (Made/Created by me!), Pizza, Video Games (especially Xbox), The 'His Dark Materials' Trilogy (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass), The Series of Unfortunate Events, The Inheritance Series (Eragon and Eldest), X-men, Spiderman, Marvel, Odd D&D Characters (like my Half-Orc Rogue/Cleric of Olidammara), parodies, Olidammara, and much more!


Eragon the Movie (horrible compared to the book), Dora the Explorer (don't ask), female half-orcs (*shudder*), phobias, Disfunctional video games, No Pizza, Captain America, 50 Cent, Paladins, Strict Clerics, Lawfulness in General, Authority Figures, Police, and much more...

Books Owned[edit]


My Creations So Far[edit]

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