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I am relatively new to wikis, so I will appreciate help.

Stuff I made[edit]

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D&D Stuff[edit]

My campaign[edit]

My campaign that I am working on is based around Kalazan Tu'noth, a blue half-dragon (or maybe blue dragon bloodline) human sorcerer/fighter/eldritch knight who is taking over the world. The characters will battle his armies, his officers (dragons) and eventually, after going through his trap- and minion-filled lair, Kalazan himself. They will also be freeing lands currently under his rule, but will also go on many side adventures I will make up as I go along. Please say if you think this is a good idea for a campaign. If you do not, please keep your mouth shut.

Daggerspell *Something*[edit]

I am working on a 4th faction for the Daggerspell Guardains in my campaign, after Mages, Shapers, and Psions. It would be a class for clerics who chooses to use dual daggers. I can't think of a good name, please let me know if you have one!

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