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About me[edit]

Real Name: Anne Marie

Favoured version: 3.5 Favoured Race: Elf Favoured Class: Dragon Shaman

I'm an English Major, aiming to become a professor at a top college. It's my dream to have my book of short stories and poems published, and to teach a class on Edgar Allen Poe. Obviously I like role playing, I spend a lot of time on forums as well as playing D&D. My characters are known for being mentally unstable.

Currently I have two characters, an elf copper dragon shaman (who I made the Binge Drinker Flaw for,) and a copper dragon. If you can't tell, I like dragons, particularly copper dragons. I may also soon atart a third campaign. I should really be spending this time working instead... I could get a part-time job if I just stopped playing D&D. Anyway, that campaign will be a level 10 or more vampire campaign, since I've been wanting to do one of those since I first started to play D&D.


Binge Drinker (3.5e Flaw)

Working on a template for a made-up type of dissociative disorder which causes the character to lose control when presented with certain triggers. The character also suffers from amnesia of the "fits".


I intend on making this class playable ASAP.


Concept developed based on nocturnal wicca.

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