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My Open Letter
My name is Jeeves and I recently arrived here at D&DWiki and adopted a few pages that I felt were far too powerful implementations of good ideas and I toned them down to my own personal idea of scaling balance that would possibly fit well with the theme. Although there were some negative lights shone on my edits by certain people, I have no hard feelings against these people. But, rather; this open letter is about something else.

I am leaving this wiki and I am putting the articles I adopted back up for adoption to whoever wants them. Why you may ask? I have been trying to keep up with various politics that have occured since I've arrived (and possibly since before I arrived) and I do believe I have understood what has happened. I also understand that this Open Letter will most likely be deleted and I will be banned for voicing my opinion on this subject, but I am willing to take that because I feel that my opinion is one that is, at least, worth considering in the grand scheme of things.

I am leaving this wiki not because of the various users from this apparant "other wiki", but rather because the users of this wiki itself. Not just the users, but the administrator: Green Dragon. I am used to running websites and such with only small to medium sized userbase (I don't know how you'd rate yourself for frequent userbase sizes) and in these instances where I was holding a position of power I believed everyone should be treated equally and fairly; no-one should be above the law. I understand that others may feel differently on this, but how can a community exist when the judge refuses to adhere to his own laws that he sets forth?

Yes, that's right: I feel that Green Dragon has become a tyrant. He is trying to rule his wiki (I know it is his and I know that he may run it however he likes (just a note; saying that is not a good way to keep users)) with an Iron Boot (Although fist is the usual word for the phrase, I believe boot is more appropriate due to the synonym "kick" for removal of person from the website, or some such idea). He even has his own propaganda machine (names will not be named) that slander others for him. He has "blackbagged" (banned) people for doing 'capital crimes' (contradicting him), but not actually breaking the wiki's policy at all.

Let us take an example. The User Ghostwheel was banned for "spamming external links" [SIC]. He posted a single link to the "other wiki". The link was to a page that the person whom he was posting to had created. He was posting it as reference material for the person, not to promote the "other wiki". For this grave atrocity against the face of the Tyrant, he was banned for a time that I cannot currently recall. And then Lord_Dhazriel was recently banned for trying to be civil and the great Tyrant misinterpretted one of his statements (due to the lack of great english on both parts, I can only assume) and banned him immediatly for 3 months. Or TK-Squared who was banned for contradicting Green Dragon (note the information he posted was actually true; at the time of deletion, the deleted articles met the criteria set down by the Category For Deletion pages (The articles were up for deletion for over two weeks and were not adopted)). which leads to the reason why Surgo was banned; for following the deletion policies to the letter.

Does this seem like the work of someone who's being rational about their position as leader of a community? To me, it does not. It seems like someone being petty and vindictive against people who he wronged. Someone who can't accept the blame for all the problems he has caused. Someone who is lashing out at the world. This is not someone who should be in the position of authority. While Green Dragon is the leader of the community, most likely forever, I will not be returning here and I will not advise anyone else to do so. Infact, if I am banned for voicing my opinion; I will go so far as to actively tell people not to come here if they are considering it. That is how badly I feel upon this matter. Green Dragon has abused his privilidges extended to him as a community leader, even if he does own the server. Brandishing that around and claiming you can do what you want is not a justification for your own actions.

If you plan to stay here, then so be it; I do hope you will be happy and contribute further information for the good of people who visit the place. I would say Wiki; but I fear that there is no good to be given to the wiki, only those unfortunate enough to come here to only find rather copious amounts of drama. As noted, I will not be staying here.

This is my open letter to you, the users of D&D Wiki. I thank you for the environment, nevermind how inhospitable it may have seemed to be. I bid you farewell.

- Jeeves

P.S: On a lighter note, perhaps Green Dragon should consider renaming himself to Green Beholder. A bit of pun humor, for those that thought tl;dr.

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