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The Forgotten Times
1492-2028 UY


The Exploratory Years
6128-7512 DY


Discovery of Hesjing
7513-8743 DY


The Tidings of War
8743-8800 DY


Modern Day
8801 DY


Ancient Cataclysm

Sample Single Timeline Navigation[edit]

Timeline - Lost Age
<<<Innocent Age

671 Dragons retreat from the world. Halflings create their own "kingdom" of independent city-states.
680 Use of coins becomes prevalent throughout Dragonslands.
691 With Titans' blessing, the Goliath Cyr founds the City of Artifice and the Middle Empire.
674 Emperor Cyr adopts copper halfling's system of coins.
710 Emperor Cyr forces Nebu to retreat into Dragonseye.
711 Nebu dies. Middle Empire annexes Dragonseye.
● Humans allowed to return to Dragonseye.
● Emperor Cyr commemorates victory with creation of First Throne.
721 Emperor Cambis succeeds Cyr.
728 Empress Daria succeeds Cambis.
730 Daria formalizes Imperial control over the Western Lands.
740 Goliaths make first sausages.
760 Empress Daria invades halfling territory.
764 Emperor Waros succeeds Daria I.
770 Waros invades halfling and sparti free cities.
● Deva develop first pasta.
771 Dragons return and destroy the Middle Empire.
● Goliaths and humans become subjects of the Dragons lower than base races.
800 Dodecon first written down.
807 Dragons bar humans from Dragonseye.
810 Elves develop archery.
819 Halflings begin Rebellion against dragon rule.
849 Halflings invent the lyre.
850 Goliath develop flavored ice from snow in the Ochre Mountains.
860 Shinigami army sacks Aerie.
881 Loyal halflings create the silver coin to commemorate centennial of Dragons' return.
894 Lucinda born to Phillip and Persa, the leaders of the Halfling Rebellion.
900 Loyal halfling banker Pasion establishes standard interest rates.
905 The Immortal's orcs master the art of brewing ricewine.
907 Sparti assassinate Philip and Persa. Lucinda escapes with her human tutor, Aris.
914 Lucinda declares herself Queen of the Eastern Kingdom and vanquishes Dragons.
● The Lost Age ends.

Chaotic Age>>>
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