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DM Note: These changes only apply to the D20 system games - those playing in the QCO Mutants & Masterminds, QAGS System, or Serenity games should see the forums for any M&M changes.

House Rules[edit]

  • Maximum HP for the first three levels (Note that all opponents and combat encounters will assume that the monster/opponent had max HP for first three levels too)
  • Paladins may choose to be CG, much like the UA's Paladin of Freedom (must role play appropriately)
  • Unless specifically an evil campaign, no character may be evil.
  • No Drizzt Clones (i.e. if you come to the table with a CG or CN Drow we reserve the right to burn you at the stake)
  • If the DM views the situation as appropriate, a character may utilize his/her strength score for an Intimidate check in lieu of their Charisma. This is usually reserved for melee/martial characters. Must be roleplayed appropriately.


  • In appropriate situations (DM's decision), player's may use bluff, diplomacy, and other similar checks against each other.

D20 House Rules[edit]

D20 Modern[edit]

D20 Future[edit]

  • The player who has the character who is the "pilot" of a starship must keep up with all information on the starship sheet.

QAGS House Rules[edit]

  • Must fill out a character questionnaire before beginning character creation.
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