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Hey there ![edit]

Still new and figuring things out.

I make stuff because it's fun and try to do it right.

Please don't hit me when I mess up, after all "I'm not an Idiot, I learn and self-teach, I'm the opposite of an Idiot" ... apparently and according to the almighty admin. ;)

Personally, I think being an Idiot is underrated...


Stuff I Made/Had a hand in Making[edit]

For better and worse, it's all here.


Empath/Heart Mage (5e Class)

Graceling (5e Class)

Bulwark (5e Class)

Spirit Commander (5e Class)

Tentacle Summoner (5e Class)

Spellfused (5e Class)


Concentration Everfliers (5e Archetype)

Succubus Queen Patron (5e Archetype)

Way of Invulnerability (5e Subclass)


Kitsune, Variant (5e Race)


Cursed Ring of Power (5e Equipment)

Blessed Ring of Power (5e Equipment)

Ring of Magical Resistance (5e Equipment)



Critical Role and playing D&D.

Lots of Fantasy Literature (Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Ursula K. Le Guin, Maggie Furey, Brian Jacques, Raymond E. Feist, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Janny Wurts, Patrick Rothfuss, ...),

Lots of Manga and Anime,

People I've met.

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