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A Bit About Me[edit]

I started playing D&D a couple of years ago with my cousins(Fifth Edition) and have enjoyed playing it since. My interests include video games(I mostly play pubg and Battlefield 1 atm), board games, anime, and of course D&D. I would do more but I work full time nowadays so I tend to do things that don't require too much movement haha.

I'm actually also part of a D&D twitch channel that is starting up. The twitch channel is rolewithdisadvantage and I would love to see any of you guys from here watch the show! The show should come out weekly on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on which campaign it is that week. Though I won't promise that the quality will be ideal at first, it should improve overtime as we learn more!

My Contributions[edit]

In terms of contributions I really haven't done all that much as of yet, except that I have given my opinions on a couple of articles(the main one being the Behemoth Character Class). I would like to help more, so I'll be checking around for more stuff to critique! This site is really amazing and I'm so glad that this community exists, the people here can be so helpful!

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